Pros: She has a big personality, and very independent compared to my other chickens. Very fun to watch.
Cons: Broodier than my other birds, but not too bad.
Pros: Super sweet affectionate birds and fluffy
Cons: they can be bullied by other chickens
Pros: friendly , good layer, docile, good mothers,
Cons: need to be kept in if its wet, there feet gather muck and dirt easy,
As i first time poultry keeper i found them a very easy to keep and friendly breed of chicken.
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august 2018
Pros: Very gentle and friendly
Cons: Easily caught by predators
I have had cochins for years. They are perfect for the owner who is very attentive to their back yard flock. They are very gentile and almost enjoy being handled. Beware! Everything wants to eat a chicken and these chickens are not good at escaping predation. I purchased mine as chicks from Murray McMurray hatcheries. Highly recommend.
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Pros: They are awesome, they're friendly, they lay a lot, they are the best mothers, they are big and feathery!
Cons: Absolutely none, except their poops are big.
They really are just the best birds every! They are sweet, calm, good with kids touching and picking them up. Standard/LF Cochins from Hatcheries are aweful, like 1 out of 15 is ok in size and leg feathers, so we like breeding our own to get better birds. They lay lots of eggs. Ours are so big that hawks can't take them. They are good mommas and very protective. They like to free range, they can't fly, they really are just great!
Pros: Sweet personalities, very calm, excellent mothers, cold hardy, super fluffy everything
Cons: Don't handle the hot summer as well as other breeds, can take a long time to mature will start to lay eggs between 9 and 12 months
I LOVE our cochins!! Our rooster is HUGE but he is such a sweet boy! The girls are fantastic as well. They are probably the calmest breed we have in our flock. They are beautiful and so entertaining to watch! They are excellent layers once they start laying. The wait for them is completely worth it in my opinion. They tend to go broody and typically make fantastic mothers.
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June 2018
Pros: Good sitters often go broody, lay all winter long. Very easygoing personalities.
Cons: Lays two maybe three eggs a week
love my two Cochin girls. They are natural mommas lil cheeps dive under the floof.
Purchase Price
40$ for two 1 yr old pullets
Purchase Date
Last week
Pros: Affectionate, docile, charming. "A real gentleman" said his vet.
Cons: Not a single thing.
My Ollie, a Cochin Bantam rooster housepet, was a sweet, smart, affectionate, cuddly little fella. It's been six months since he passed, and it is too quiet around here. I'm ready to fill my house with that chuckling and chortling again. I'm just waiting now for the next hatchlings from Dog River Bantams. Two Cochin Bantam hens for our house!
DSC02118.JPG DSC02228.JPG DSC04105.JPG
Pros: Very friendly and sweet. does not wander far. beautiful feathering no matter what color
Cons: Can be very broody for long periods of time
I have one black Cochin bantam. You cannot ask for a more friendly breed.
They are a happy breed that will always bring a smile to your face when you see them running to you as their sight of them is a fluff ball without legs as you cannot see the legs under all those pretty feathers.
They are not skiddish and enjoy company either from a human or another chicken.

The only downfall I have found from this breed is they go very broody. They are determined to be mom.

They egg laying is 4-5 a week in the spring and summer from my Cochin. Small tan eggs.
Once broody no eggs have been laid as she takes my NH Reds Hen eggs.
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April 2017
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Pros: Extremely friendly, docile, tame, calm, quiet, cute little brown eggs 3-4 per week, great for beginners and children.
I have 3 Cochin Bantam hens that I absolutely adore! There like little dogs lol Coco is 1, and when I come to the coop she literally flies up and perches on my shoulder and we will walk around the farm together. They are so docile and good natured. They are great with my toddlers as well. And they actually produce at least 3 eggs per week. All around great bird!
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Pros: Sweet, caring, funny, adorable
Cons: hens are very broody, perfect if you want a hen to raise chicks
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March 2018
Pros: Sweet, very friendly, tough as nails, feisty & all things great!
Cons: Sometimes broody but that can be a good thing for some chicken lovers!
Such a wonderful little chicken!
I have 4 bantam frizzles & a smooth & all are super tough. Frizzles are perfectly fine in rain or snow in my experiences. Mine are always out in it & have gone through -40's winters with zero problem! Tough, feisty little ones! In extreme conditions I keep all my chickens in a protected run & coop with no extra heat, otherwise they have freedom to choose the outdoors.
They are so darn cute, sweet, fun & friendly & would make a great pet for kids & adults alike.
Be prepared for the odd broody spell. They want to be mommas more often than some breeds. I just separate them without a nesting box for 3-4 days & it breaks the broody spell.
Will always have some! LOVE them!!
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Pros: Friendly, eats very little, pretty feathering, talkative (I LOVE talkative)
Cons: cleaning the feet
a little too docile, hens on day one gave him the what for.
I have a silver laced cochin rooster who is absolutely adorable. He giggles to call the girls over to eat. when he runs his legs look like stumps. He puts the ladies first always, it doesn't matter what he is doing.He fails almost every time he tries to mate though. Ive watched him fall off, get dragged, or run into something. He breaks up fights; he hates it when they do and screeches and grabs one of them so they can't fight anymore. Major Chaps is the best rooster i could've hoped for! I love him, he loves his ladies!
Purchase Price
$10 at five months (The people we bought him from found him on the side of the road a few days before)
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Pros: Sweet
Good layers
Roosters are normally not aggressive
Good starter birds for 4-H kids
Good show birds for novices to start with
Cons: None
Love these birds! I have 1 large fowl cochin and 3 bantams. They all love attention, even my really shy one. My one large fowl cochin is a big eater and will rip open bags for food. But, that's just her ;)
I recommend these birds for everyone!
Pros: Sweet, likes to be held
Cons: Sometimes aggressive
I have a white cochin. She is sweet and likes to be held, but she can be aggressive sometimes.

Here is a picture of her at the Utah State Fair in 2016:
Pros: Gentle, Great Egg Layer, Cold Hardy
Cons: None
I keep Large Fowl Cochins
This is the best bird for any kind of chicken keeping setting. While I only have cochins for showing they are the best. They are very calm birds, my younger sister showed one of mine in Showmanship for her first time and she got Reserve with her. They lay very well, better then any of my other breeds. They also get along very well with any other chicken. They are extremely cold hardy also, which is a main reason I like them due to my climate also.
And they are very beautify birds

Snapchat-1379508558 (1).jpg
Pros: Sweet
Great mamas
Eye catching
Not prone to attack
Can be held
Cons: Can be shy
They don't like when I try and pet them
I just love my partridge cochins, we bought five of them, but only two survived (I don't blame the birds, the feed store, or the people who got first dibs because they didn't have school;I think it was the supplier). They are fantastic and currently raising some baby ducks for me. They are by far the most beautiful breed I've owned, but sadly I won't be able to buy more until after I graduate from college. Lastly, I think they might be scared because I didn't handle them enough when they were little. I would, and have recommended this breed to anybody getting into chickens.
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Pros: friendly, funny, super adorable, small and sweet
Cons: Can't really think of any!
I just recently rescued a gorgeous little red cochin bantam rooster and he has been more than a darling! I put him into my flock of silkies and they all get a long so well. He is just a gentleman. I can't help but laugh when I see him run, its very comical watching him waddle around with his slippers ;) He is a little cutie!

'Red' is also such a friendly dude and doesn't mind being held and loves coming up to the house and meeting everybody, including screaming babies which he sits very patiently for. Red is definitely my favourite rooster I've ever owned (not trying to offend the silkies). I am definitely going to get some more cochin bantams :D
Pros: small, interactive, friendly, best bird avilable!
Cons: can be very small-
We "lost" our broody one afternoon who was hiding on TWENTY SIX EGGS, she fit in a very tiny space...
Pros: Friendly, pretty, interesting to look at, and easy to handle
Cons: Roosters can have moody moments, but for the most part friendly.
Cochins make for great brooders or friendly chickens. My mottled cochin bantam roosters only try to spur me a few times and then calm down.
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