Cool-Lite Egg Tester for Candeling Eggs

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  • Easy to move over eggs for long periods. Eggs need not be handled. Has 5 Ft. electric cord. use to check progress of development. After 10th day remove infertile eggs to give more room in incubator.
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  1. Peep_Show
    "Easy to use and works"
    Pros - You can candle eggs without removing them from the auto-turner.
    Cons - Short cord could be a tad longer
    Having done the penlight and then the flashlight with a cardboard cutout for egg checking, I decided to moderninze and upgrade. This Cool-Lite works great, even on Marans eggs. Admittedly you may not get the definition of veining like you would with white-shelled eggs, but you can definitely see blobs in those chocolate eggs. What I really enjoy is that you can place this on the top of the eggs in the turning trays and see the embryos move in the spotlight (do in a very dark room). No risk of dropped eggs!
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