Horizon Structures Mini Chicken Coop

  • Horizon Structures Mini Chicken Coops' 3 next boxes are easily accessible from outside the coop so your chickens will naturally share the boxes.

    Dimensions below:

    10" wide x 18" high chicken door with (detachable) wood ramp. Wooden twist latch secures the door tightly closed!
    2 - 12" x 12" windows - one on each end. Lets in plenty of light while keeping predators at bay
    8" wide x 9" high metal vent on back wall. Allows air to circulate but keeps rain and snow out.
    Wooden roost bar.
    Plywood floor
    3-tab asphalt shingle roof. Plywood sheathing and shingles offer insulation for sound and temperature.
    Pressure treated wood legs and base. Elevating the coop offers a shady spot for your chickens and protects it from moisture build-up and rot.

    Wood siding. Paint or stain - you choose!
  • b2aee220_mini_outside_sm.jpeg

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