Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer w/ Cover 5 Qt.

    • designed for adult birds (Not intended for baby chicks)
    • continuous water flow when connected to a 0.75 inch water hose
    • bowl is high density polyethylene
    • cover is white polypropylene with metal bracket
    • 5 quart capacity

    • Lenght: 14 inches
    • Width: 12.75 inches
    • Height: 10.5 inches
    Ok, I personally give this item 3.5 stars, first of all if you are on any type of municipal water system you will need to buy a RV pressure reducing valve($5-10 amazon) to get the pressure under 50psi before connecting this device to your water source(usually 180psi I learned as a child). I have on numerous occasions found this item dripping water onto my coop flooring when I go to let my chckens out. Getting the leaks to stop required about 5-8 sessions of fiddling with the connectors and hose to ensure it stopped. Now I seem to have all of the kinks out I am no longer seeing these issues. I did not use any plumbers tape on the connections and that may resolve most of the dripping issues. Also now that I own PVC glue should any of the cheap plastic connections leak I will glue them into place to fix that issue. They included a 3 foot long hose that was part of the problem causing my leaks and I have removed that hose from my configuration and have no more leaks. I do like the anti roosting cover as it has prevented so much poop from getting in the water. The poop issue was my fault as I had food and water set up then added a roost directly overhead(now corrected).

    Final thoughts are that this item has worked well for me, and requires only a weekly washout as chicken aren't really able to foul their water. The anti-roost cover has a strong magnetic base and can easily be repurposed.

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  1. AllenK RGV
    Now I am into several months of ownership I wanted to do a minor follow up. With 4-5 pound chickens they are now knocking the anti roost cover off frequently and the thing still springs leaks. My solution was to remove it from the coop as they don't need a water source in there anyway as they mostly free range and currently use the coop only at night. Overall, I do see that they use this waterer on occasion but normally I fill up a 5 liter pan near the front of the house where they usually hang out under the 17 foot tall parking deck(most likely to avoid our daytime raptors). Unrelated to this product, I am so amazed with these Sumatras, they have made it to 6 months without any losses to predation.

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