Little Giant Hanging Waterer

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  • Built-in hooks allow this waterer to hang off the ground to reduce spillage and soiling of water. Saves space on your hutch or coop floor, too. Gravity-feed design is easy to fill and clean. Sturdy galvanized steel has rolled edges for safety. Economical and perfect for the small flock of adult birds. 1-pint capacity.

    •Reduces spillage and soiling of water
    •Gravity-feed design
    •Built-in hooks
    •Galvanized steel with rolled edges
    •1-pint capacity
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  1. Abriana
    "Pretty good"
    Pros - hangs
    holds a good amount of water
    Cons - enough for one bird
    gets dirty easily
    hard to clean
    i got this to hang inside a cage for my rooster. he has a huge comb and gets frostbite so easily, so the vet said keep him in a warm area when its below 32 degrees out. originally that warm place was in the house but finally i got a spot for him in the coop. this hangs in the cage, and is really great for hijm. the only issues are that all the dust settles in the water and its gross by the next day, and its really really hard to clean. also if i want to put a hen in there with him (I had one who got super cold because she had no feathers on her back, thank you napoleon) i have to refill it because its not enough for both.
  2. KrisCVT
    "Great idea, functional, short-term use only."
    Pros - cheap, easy to hang, holds decent amount of water, birds don't knock it over.
    Cons - can't clean up inside it, RUSTS
    I bought one of these when I first got my birds- I have since converted it to an oyster-shell dispenser- works wonderfully for that function in my coop. This past summer, I bought a second one to use for my "house" hen inside- she kept dumping bowls of water. This worked well for her cage setup; easy to hang, easy to fill, she couldn't dump it...but, it RUSTS like crazy. I do not remember the other one rusting like this. But I would go to change her water and the rust spots were everywhere along the inside of this waterer. I do not think it's my water rust issues elsewhere. But I felt uncomfortable having her drink out of it so I removed it. Maybe I got a poor-quality one...because something made to hold water should not be rusting in 1-2 months of use.
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  3. AmericaunaMama
    Pros - inexpensive, stays clean, good size, easy to use
    Cons - NONE
    This is the waterer you have all been waiting for!!! I brood in rubbermaid bins with pine shavings and was SO TIRED for constantly cleaning out my cheap plastic waterer.
    These stay CLEAN!!! No more birds climbing in the lip or on top of it and pooping in the water, No more birds knocking the waterer over and wetting the whole bin. No more constantly checking and emptying shavings and who-knows-what out of the just cleaned waterer. THESE STAY CLEAN, DON'T SPILL, DON'T LEAK and are easy to rinse out and refill.

    I used a piece of fencing to hang these from the side at variable heights, depenging on the size of the chicks. I have 4 brooder boxes going, one with 5 wk chicks, one with 2 2 and 3 week chicks, one with 2 week ducks and one with one week ducks. THEY ALL LOVE IT!!! I was concerned that they may not get the hang of it since I had been using another style, but they all took to it right away. I was FINALLY able to sleep through the night knowing all of my girls would have clean, available water.

    They are twice the price of the plastic waterers we are all used to, but trust me, it is SOOOO worth it!!!!
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  1. KrisCVT
    Good idea- but it's one solid welded piece. Which is why it is so hard to clean too!
  2. FlyWheel
    Hmm, cheap galvanizing, perhaps? Maybe coat the inside with a non toxic paint before using? That is assuming it can be taken apart enough to do so.
  3. AmericaunaMama
    I had a question in messages about where to get them. My local feed store just got them in last week, I'm sure if you ask, yours can too! As far as the size, it's perfect for brooder boxes. The label says for "adult chickens" but my tiny 2 week peeps have no trouble at all.

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