Red Sex Link

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  1. KandJChickenFarm
    "Fantastic layer!"
    Pros - Great egg-layers, love foraging, and friendly to humans
    Cons - Can be quite mean to younger chickens
    We love our Red Sex Link hens. They are excellent layers!
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    April 2018
  2. Manedwolfy
    "Friendly but picked on"
    Pros - Great layers
    Friendlier than my other chickens
    Cons - Easily bullied
    Short lifespans, can die easily from reproductive issues
    My 2 hens are great layers and one is very friendly, the other isn't as much as it was feral most of the time.

    My new one, the one that was feral, is very easily pick on though. The other one is the rooster's favorite hen so she's fine in the pecking order.
  3. alexa009
    "Love their personality!"
    Pros - Great egg-layers, Excellent disposition, docile.
    Cons - Definitely not a show breed, short lifespan, get picked on easily.
    Love my red sexlink! Awesome egg-layer and not to mention would make great pets. Last in the pecking order and seems to get picked on the most. Also, my red sexlink is a 1.5 years and is pretty healthy but you usually hear of these chickens dying from being prone to egg-laying issues. Its sad to hear, especially when you get attached to them. Love the breed and personality though!
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    Febuary 2017.
  4. JudysMuscovy
    "Red sexlink"
    Pros - Great layers large brown eggs. Very friendly love to be pet.
    Cons - I don't know of any
    I just love this breed they are friendly like my Australorps girls.
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    $2 each
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    April 2017
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  5. famerzellman
    Pros - loving, docile, kid friendly, great natured, hardy, big brown eggs, and integration friendly
    Cons - broody
    I absolutely love my red sexlinks.My nephew who is two can walk into their coop to feed and water them and they do not peck at him at all. They have broken my mother who is afraid of chickens because they do not fly up at you at all. Instead squawk to say hello and patiently wait for a pet or a treat. I can handle these birds no problem wether its picking them up or shaking their treat bag to get them back into their coop. They dont mind new flock mates which makes them an easy going nature. I have had a wonderful experience with my ladies even if they go broody when they arent suppose too. They lay wonderful brown eggs and every once in a while a double yoker!! I would highly recommend this bird to anyone! Especially if you are new to raising chickens!! These are hardy and family friendly birds for sure!!
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  6. CrazyHenLady386
    "Also called "Brown Star" Hardy birds"
    Pros - Such a gentle personality! If you want a pet get these! Lay (nearly) every day!
    Cons - Dont live long. REALLY wish they did
    These were our first breed. I got them when I was 12 (now Im 14) and two died from natural causes when they were 1 1/2. I dont get it. they were perfectly healthy then they stopped laying and next thing I knew they were as thin as can be and die. It wasnt worms or anything like that and none of the other hens got it.

    on the other hand these birds are the friendliest, most people-loving chickens you can get. I never could have wished for a better pet. So Friendly!
  7. GertrudeLover01
    "Nice looking, productive chickens"
    Pros - Pretty, productive, sweet to humans, social
    Cons - Can be quite mean to younger chickens
    My red sex link is one of my favorite chickens. She lays a big brown egg daily. She's taken 4 days off in the 5 months she has been laying. She's nice to look at too, with the white feathers under the red! She's very social with me and loves to eat out of my hand and pester me for treats. I'm so glad to have her as a part of my flock!
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  8. PerfectPlumage
    "Good layer, good forager, not too nice to..."
    Pros - Good layers, good foragers, cute, tame to humans.
    Cons - Sometimes aggressive to other birds, never goes broody.
    This is a good breed if you want to get lots of eggs! My hens are my biggest layers and love to forage in the grass. They are tamer than other breeds to humans but mine don't get along with the other birds too well. They never cause real damage but seem to love hogging the food and pecking other birds. They are not fancy looking at all but still cute, and they have such little personalities. One of my Red Sex Links is so chubby and cute, and she doesn't have much of a tail so she looks extra fat! Though, don't rely on these for chicks, the hens never go broody. Overall, good breed.
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  9. Soccerchicken
    "Great chickens, but not very healthy"
    Pros - fantastic layers, sweethearts, good foragers
    Cons - unhealthy, pick feathers
    I bought four Red Sex Link hens for my flock three years ago. One has died every year, and two died this year. It was very upsetting because they had quickly become my favorites. They were all very sweet and loved to be pet. They all presumably died of the same thing, but I'm not sure what it was. I think they just layed so much that their little bodies just gave out.

    The first one that died also had a horrible habit of picking the feathers out of everyone else's bottoms. After a few weeks they all picked up the habit and I was left with a flock of bald chickens with irritated skin. Thankfully they stopped after she died, and are back to normal now.
  10. LucyBO16
    "Red Sex Links"
    Pros - Huge light brown eggs, friendly, and calm.
    Cons - Poops in nest box.
    I absolutely love Red Sex Links! They lay jumbo eggs. My Red Sex Link lays 6 times a week. I have not been let down by her. If I sit down in their big run, she likes to crawl around me and sit between my legs. She is very sweet and is always excited when I come over to the coop. She likes to be picked up. She will jump up like a dog to get food in my hand! I will be getting more soon!

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