Rhode Island Red Bantam

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    Sweet, can be mean when broody
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    Rhode Island Red Bantams are very small, sweet, flighty, tame birds. They love to sit on shoulders and eat treats from your hands! They don't need a super big run, but work better with other bantams. I reccomend these birds for a good little pet!
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  1. specks321
    "Sweet and Lovely Pets"
    Pros - They are sweet, friendly, tame, pretty, hardy iin the winter and sweet-hearted.
    Cons - Don't lay brilliantly.
    If youre considering purchasing one of these birds, do. They make great first-time chickens and are great with kids. :thumbsup :cd
  2. agriley
    "Great Pet Chicken"
    Pros - Sweet personality, very calm, friendly, good layer
    Cons - None
    Ours came from Cackle Hatchery. Beautiful color. Extremely sweet hen wants to be picked up and follows us around the yard. Good little layer. Great pet chicken.
  3. Sagetown
    Pros - Very Friendly - Good Conformation
    Cons - None
    This strain from Cackle Hatchery is very typical of the original standard Rhode Island Red. These are not flighty birds at all. They have short wings compared to other bantams. Feathering is dark and beautifully designed. Roos seem to mature earlier than pullets. Of 16 live chicks delivered I lost 2 within the 1st two weeks. The other 14 are very healthy. Seven pullets / Seven Cockerels. Pullets didn't begin laying until the end of their 24th week. Egg size range from PeeWee to Small. Averaging 3 light tan eggs per day. Of the cockerels, I kept the one with the largest comb and wattles which I favor.
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  1. Rickba
    In January I received a shipment of Goslings and Ducklings from Ideal Poultry. They included 5 free chicks for warmth. I Identified the chicks as Rhode Island Reds. Here it is 6 weeks later and they are fully feathered and only about the size of a youth football. My wife and I Were wondering why? We never heard of RIR Bantams. Well, BackYardChickens comes to the rescue again, here they are.
    Y'all are right about these birds. They are so tame. We can pick them up and they will roost of out shoulders. The only other chickens we have that are like that are our Silkies and our Isa Browns.
    These would be wonderful birds to introduce children to chicken keeping.
  2. specks321
    I have to disagree completely. It is not in their nature to be mean, they are lovely birds and are very kind and gentle.
  3. MichelleVA
    Huh never herd of a Rhode Island Red Bantam.
  4. Pirate my baby
    i have the regular sized RIR's
  5. cgoodloe
    My RIR bantams are more friendly than my EEer bantams. The reds come out of the pen in the morning and follow me around. I handled the EEers more as babies than the reds and yet as nearly grown birds the EEers are very stand offish compared to the RIRs. The reds should start laying within the next couple weeks.
  6. Chicks and Hens
    I have one but it doen't run it just sits and cowars

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