Pros: Friendly, good layers, beautiful, cold hardy
Cons: None
One of my favorite breeds! They are very friendly towards humans and other chickens, and the Speckled Sussex are beautiful birds. They are good layers and cold hardy. I would highly recommend this breed!
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Pros: Good layers, very friendly, Handle the cold well, funny to watch
Cons: Very big, a bit noisy
My Sussex chickens are the same 4 I have had for 3 years. They love going out for runs and are very comical sometimes. They will allow you to pet them and get to know you after some time. Mine sometimes fall asleep in my arms. We get eggs everyday for around 3 years so far, excluding moulting season and some of winter time.

A funny incident I experienced that show how fun they are was when Our small dog jumped up at the side of the cage and endedup getting a peck in the nose.

They have little cons, most of which I don’t mind at all. They get very big, so I needed to extend upon the original chicken house. Sometimes they like to announce to the neighbourhood that they have laid an egg or that they want to be let out for a run, and have a passion for singing loudly in the mornings.9


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Pros: Good layer, docile, not very noisy
Cons: Mine is a bit skittish
I got my SS as an older pullet and I'm sad that I didn't get to raise her as a baby because I wish she was less skittish. I would love to cuddle her because she's so cute and fluffy. She's a pretty consistent layer (about 5 eggs per week) and she's pretty quiet for the most part. She's sometimes vocal when I come out and she wants treats or grass clippings haha. She's a very docile chicken and is unfortunately the bottom chicken because of it. She got picked on when first introduced and has since been accepted in the flock but still avoids the BR.
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Pros: Friendly
Prolific layer
Cons: Nope!
Curious, friendly, companionable. Love this breed! Great size for a backyard flock, willing to investigate new things and keep me company when I'm out in the garden.
Bottom of the pecking order and seems just fine with it, silly things.
Can't comment on meat quality, as we keep them as pets and egg birds.
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Pros: Very gentle, curious, great foragers, good at hiding from hawks, good layers.
Cons: Some say the eggs seem elongated however it does not bother me.
Pros: Regular layer, medium-large eggs, friendly, great with kids
Cons: can and will fly
My experience with Sussex is limited to our single Speckled Sussex named Bear. She is by far my 21 month old son's favorite hen within our backyard flock of 7. Bear was named after a character in a favorite cartoon of my son's - we also have a GLW named Goldie. Bear let's my little guy pet her, comes running any time we enter the coop, and is willing to take handfed treats of seeds and leaves. My son likes to grab a long stemmed weed and let Bear eat the leaves -it looks like he is fishing for chickens. Bear is willing to be held, and is always my go to when guests come over and want to see the chickens. I'll pick her up and she'll let anybody pet her. She'll even let my son pick her up - which I have to be careful of since he doesn't really pick her up the safest way. Yet Bear doesn't squawk or peck. She let's him carry her around. Additionally, we can count a 4-5 eggs a week from her so far. She is still young, but the eggs are bigger than our GLW's (same age and started laying about the same time). Additionally, she started laying at 16 weeks old - early layer for sure.

I noted as a con, that the Sussex can and will fly. This is because our Bear has flown over the coop that stand over 5' tall and I've seen her fly at my eye level (I'm 5'10") a distance of over 10' just because she wanted to get around the garden fence to be by us. The chicken run is surrounded in 6' fence though and she (nor any of our other chickens) has not flown over the tall fence

Lastly, I cannot nor will I ever be able to comment on their meat quality. That's because our Sussex, Bear, has won over our hearts and is part of the family. The Sussex is a great breed for any backyard chicken keeper.
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March 2018
Pros: Beautiful chickens that lay a lot of eggs, and are very hardy and intelligent
Cons: Tend to be more on the independent side
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Pros: smart, broody, good layers
Cons: a little to smart for their own good
This breed is my favorite thus far. We have had Speckled Sussex sine we started raising chickens in 2014.
Speckled Sussex.jpg
They are very docile towards other chickens unlike our Easter Eggers or Aracanas who are just plain bullies. They lay every day and through all seasons. They tend to be broodier than my other hens and did well raising their little ones. My only complain is they always fly out of the chicken lot when we are wanting them to stay in for whatever reason ( usually because we are gardening or planting grass seed.) However, I will say at least they also fly back in on their own and we never have to catch them.
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My Speckled Sussex hens are, by far, the friendliest chickens i’ve ever had. As soon as I walk out the door they come running and they follow me everywhere. Cleaning the coop is a bit challenging because they are always at my feet and want to see what I’m doing. I highly recommend this breed!
Pros: talkative, keeps me company in the yard, big brown eggs everyday, beautiful colors, great mama.
Cons: a bit TOO chatty sometimes
I love my little ss hen "noffy" to death. She loves to sit on my shoulders and chat away while I tend to the flower beds. She also tolerates being held by the children in the house. She's the nicest little bugger!
Pros: Calm, Friendly, Fun
Cons: None so far!
I can only speak for our two SS, but they are my favorite breed out of the several breeds that we own. The two SS are the first hens to run up to us after work and ask for treats. They let our two young boys hold them and even chase the boys around the yard in the afternoon. They are far more friendly than our other hens including the EEs and RIRs.
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Pros: Extremely friendly, beautiful colours, good layers, lovely temperament, sociable and adventurous
Cons: Very talkative and loud (if you don't like that kind of thing), a little too curious for their own good, and can be a little skiddish if they don't know you
My Speckled Sussex, Beatrix, is a sweetheart to her very core. She is talkative, protective and kind to the other hens, and incredibly chatty. She will give you all the coop gossip and more, all the while following you around the garden while you do things. Sussex's have proven to be incredibly lovely chickens to own, and absolutely stunning to look at. She's not aggressive, flighty or in any way timid. Definitely recommend to new chook owners, and owners with kids and other pets (dogs/cats, etc).
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Pros: Great mothers, consistent layers, beautiful.
Cons: Often escape.
I have 8 hens and 1 rooster. "Red" our rooster, will NOT stay in the coop and run. He will come in to eat and service a few ladies, but chooses to spend his time outside the yard, watching things. He does a wonderful job protecting the hens and chicks from predators. I have mixed breed flock, but find speckled chicks in every flock that has hatched. The hens are a medium sized hen, who lay nice sized eggs for their small body size. They lay consistently, but do go broody. When they go broody, they are very determined to keep their nests. I have had to keep each one on a nest, as they will drive themselves crazy trying to brood. When you disturb them while laying, even when not broody, they let you know they are displeased by squawking at you. When they are not broody, they are some of the sweetest birds I have raised. It catches me off guard every time one jumps on my shoulder! They will sit right next to you, allow the kids to pack them around, and even rub up on our dogs. They are very curious, and will jump in your car or house if you leave a window open.
Pros: pretty
Cons: Crazy, don't like people
I have never had a hen, but my friend bought me one, who was crazy, and then all her chickens got stolen. Then she got another one for herself, and that girl is crazy, and then I got one for me, and he turned out to be a roo, which sucks, but he is crazy, too. I would only get this breed from a good, quality breeder.
Pros: Friendly, beautiful, good layers
Cons: None
As a first time chicken owner I did my research and chose the Speckled Sussex. I have never regretted my choice! I absolutely LOVE this breed. The hens are super friendly. They will talk to you but are not noisy. If it weren't for our 2 roosters you would never know we had any chickens. They love to free range but never wander far. Their spots really help them stay camouflaged. We have had a total of 5 Speckled Sussex roosters. Our first is mean. We purchased him because the previous owner had "too many roosters". Personally, I think they knew he was mean and wanted to get rid of him. Our other 4 were great. We have re-homed 3 of them and the 4th one has become the king of the coop. He is great with his ladies, he puts the mean rooster in his place, even going after him when he tries to attack me. I highly recommend the breed, especially if you are a new chicken owner.
Pros: curious, smart, friendly, dog-like, good layer
Cons: A little TOO curious, loud
I love my Speckled Sussex! "Wynnie" is a sweetheart who I hatched in my mom's second grade classroom for a 4-H project and I adore her! She's the friendliest out of my little flock, and she always comes running to the door as I walk in. She is super dog-like, and she'll follow me into the house if I don't close the door fast enough! She's VERY curious, and sometimes pecks at my feet if I'm wearing new sandals or anything shiny. Definitely one of my smarter birds! She's always watching for the dog and runs for cover when shadows pass over head. She can be noisy when she's laying, and her cluck is much louder than the other birds. She's normally quiet, but when she is vocal you can always hear her! I love this breed, and I would totally recommend them to anyone with a bit of space who doesn;t mind noise!
Pros: Beautiful plumage, great personalities, hardy birds
Cons: Sometimes skiddish, lays eggs on the smaller side
I have one hen, her name is Lisma, that will walk right up to door and start asking for treats, she'll also slide past me and run into the hallway where the chick feed is because she thinks it tastes better! I have five other hens that I didn't name because they all look the same and aren't as friendly as Lisma, but they aren't as flighty as some of my other birds. Lisma is also a great show bird for 4-H, she'll stand on the table and let you pull out her wings, feet, move her head, anything! Speckled Sussex, along with Red Stars, have the biggest personalities.

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Pros: Good layer, non-aggressive, beautiful
Cons: broody, Shy
I have 1 Speckled Sussex, and out of all my chickens, she is the most timid around people. I can literally walk up and grab any one of my other hens, but not Babs. She is a good layer, and if I were ever interested in hatching eggs, she'd be a great sitter.

I guess it depends on what you want in a chicken. I prefer more friendly breeds, so I probably wouldn't get another one.
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Pros: Great forager, Passive, Gorgeous, Great layer, Curious
Cons: Too adventurous?
Great birds. Curious is the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe even too curious. They sometimes wander off too far, and lost one to a predator this way.
They run to say hi, I don't handle my birds much and can pick these up no problem, work outside all day scratching, relax and passive with other birds so makes for a calm coop, they are beautiful and lay lots of eggs. I can't think of a better bird.
I've tried various breed and this one trumps them all. Would highly recommend.
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Pros: Gentle, Protective
Cons: slow to mature

My SS Chickadee is the top girl in my flock. She leads with an extremely gentle hand - er, wing - warning the flock, gathering and protecting the flock and rarely pecking or being bossy. She has a pair of lieutenants to do the dirty work. She allows the lowest bird to eat with her separately when the meanies have had their fill and moved on. She is an absolutely delightful bird to look at, round and plump with a delicate small head. I love the speckles and it is very good camouflage for a free-ranging bird. She was a very funny looking chick, way behind her brooder mates in development, so I'm delighted she turned out well. She is not the best layer, unfortunately, I think she had a small deformity or injury to her vent as a chick and her eggs are often misshapen and rough, that's just her and not the breed, I imagine. She is definitely stalwart, stands up to the dogs but has a sweet and gentle manner. She's much more interested in her fellow hens then in people, but she'll let me pick her up.
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