2 weeks

  1. DelR

    Do I Take Away the Heat Lamp??

    I have baby silkies that just reached 2 weeks old yesterday. I’m starting to think about if I should begin taking heat away from them in about a week. They are under the heat lamp 24/7 but I do take them out for about 15-20 minutes every day. They walk around just fine and love being out! I am...
  2. Tylerblockbuster

    Baby chick with eye problem

    My baby chick is 2 weeks old and developed this eye problem last week. I have been trying to heal it since it happened and has sense worsened I dont know what it is or how to fix it so any advice would help. It is very crusty and he keeps scratching it
  3. L


    Hey all. I have four baby chicks, all about 2-3 weeks old. Starting about a week ago, I’ve been having frequent diarrhea, cramping, and fatigue whilst handling my chicks often. We are thinking it is salmonella since I’ve never gotten sick like this before and it would be quite a coincidence. We...
  4. madgeroonie

    Broody hen - can I give her day old chicks after just 2 weeks of sitting?

    Hi there, I have a broody hen who has been sitting well for 10 days on a rubber egg and I know someone who is having a hatching on Tuesday. Can I give her day old chicks when she has been only sitting for 2 weeks or does she need to have sat the whole 3 weeks and should I therefore get her some...
  5. NineChickens

    Duckling check in

    I just wanted to make sure my two 2 week old ducklings were doing good so far. They are a blue Swedish and black cayuga. They are sort of losing their down? Some parts will be off just floating around? Is that anything to worry? There isn't much. Here are some pics: please ignore the poop:sick
  6. Wagnit09

    Chicks and growing onions

    Can I begin to introduce the chicks to the outdoors now? Or should I wait for them to feather out a bit more? They are 2 weeks old; although they have been kept in the house, our heater in that room is broken so it gets chilly a night. They seem to like the temp cooler because they rarely go...
  7. Wagnit09

    Baby Chicks ...mass casualties

    I had 14 two week old chicks. About 30 minutes ago, we heard some high pitched peeping and went to investigate. A couple chicks were lying down with their beaks in the bedding. Within minutes, more were looking poor and went into death seizures. In the last 30 minutes, 9 have died, 3 are looking...
  8. NineChickens

    Breed of bantam?

    What breed do you guys think she is ( brown one)? I was thinking maybe a belgian because she's brown and sort of speckled wings? She has feathered feet too and seems like a good flyer (she flew from an object about a foot and a half or more away from me onto my arm once). She's about 2 weeks...
  9. R

    HELP! 2.5 week old chicks bloody from pecking

    Ill try to lay this out the best I can.. I bought 10 chicks from tractor supply plus another 2 from same batch. aug 13th 5 isa browns 1 rhode island red 1 plymouth rock 3 silver laced wyandotte aug 14th 1 silver laced wyandotte died aug 16th bought 2 plymouth rocks (only 2 Left) They are...
  10. J

    Chicklings chirping loudly need HELP

    Hello community and thanks for looking at my issue right now I do appreciate any suggestion. Here's my problem when it's getting night time I want the chicks to be asleep but when ever I turn off the lights one out of the two chicks start chirping loudly and I'm not sure why I cover there place...
  11. WRXFamily

    Barred rock Plymouth gender - What am I??

    I have one single barred rock Plymouth at 2 weeks old, so i dont have anything to compare it to so I'm curious as to what gender this little guy is??
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