1. malpomme

    Age of rooster *with pictures

    Hi! I recently acquired a rooster when he wandered onto my property on a 120° day. He’s been great and I’m going to get him some hens very soon. Is there any way to tell how old the fella is? I’m thinking he’s pretty young since his legs are so skinny and spur is small but I have no prior...
  2. B

    Oyster shell question

    My girls are 17 weeks. RIR, Barred Rocks, speckled Sussex, and Orpingtons. I have them on starter feed still. No one has laid yet. Is it ok to put oyster shells out for them at this age? I know they say when they are laying but I assume they need them when they are getting ready to lay?
  3. Fallenone05

    Eggs soon...?

    I have three, 4 month old Cayugas. Hatched the day before Valentine's. Two hens and a drake. Today I saw my drake actually breed one of the hens. They did their little necking motion and he got on top of her and did the thing. She didn't fight or fuss and just let him. I feel like 4 months is...
  4. Rynoranch

    Age of Guinea keets

    Can anyone take a guess at how old my guinea Keets are? I bought them from someone who didn’t know their age. I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now. Also, I promise their brooder is a lot bigger than it looks. It was the best picture I could get. For reference is a 10 week old standard partrich...
  5. P

    Egg candling!

    any estimates how old this egg is??
  6. lafinestra66

    Barred Rock ~5 weeks old - male or female?

    Hi, everyone! Chicken newbie, here. Is Henrietta/Henry (?) a male or female? I purchased her from a local feed store sexed as a female Barred Plymouth Rock, hatchery stock. I believe she is around 4/5 weeks old. She is the only Barred Rock in my chicken crew, so I don't have a sibling to compare...
  7. M

    Random Chickens

    Hi all, I have a few more random chickens that I have acquired no idea on the breeds or the genders Thanks
  8. C

    2 week old Dark Brahmas - same age, very different size?

    Hi everyone, first post here! I have some questions about two Brahma chicks. I have acquired my first brooder chicks - two Dark Brahmas. One is considerably smaller than the other. I was told they were both pullets, 2 weeks old and it is definitely too early to tell, but I wanted to post here...
  9. danielle2003

    How Old Are These Guineas?

    Hello, so I made a post when I got these keets, and had no idea how old they are. Never raised guinea fowl before. I've had these since September 8th, and they looked about a week old maybe when I got them...maybe 2 weeks? Now they've gotten big, and am not sure if their exact age. What do y'all...
  10. SarahandDucks

    Mallards laying eggs

    Help- Every few years we get some mallards through the DNR to raise & release. My 7 current mallards are about 3 months old. Today my neighbor and I found FOUR eggs: two in her backyard, one in mine, and one in our actual (tiny) duckpond. We have never found duck eggs before. What should I...
  11. katie_94

    Are these what I think they are?

    Once again, my mom has randomly brought home two chickens so now we have a total of 12. I currently have them separated in a large space underneath the coop attached to the run. Looking at them and hearing them chirp, I can assume they're 6 weeks old? My knowledge of breeds only goes as far as...
  12. TheBirdBabe

    What age do you thin out your roosters?

    I have raised 2 "flocks" of chicks, I'm currently on number 3. Each time, I've waited FAR too long to get rid of roosters (in fact, I made a bachelor pad for some I couldn't stand to see go!) I think this go round I have at least 4 out of 10. 😥 What age do you cull your roos? Do you do it as...
  13. AmberLittlejohn

    At what age can i put my ducks with my drake?

    I have two 12 week old silver appleyards I'd like to put In with my drake in the main flock. Are they old enough? If not, when would it be safe to do so. I do have 2 other ducks as well. So hopefully it will be an OK ratio.
  14. katie_94

    Cute little pullets...or are they?

    My mom randomly brought home these two girls(?) and she says the guy she got them from claims they're a year old and laying eggs already. I have them separated for now. They're pretty small and their combs make me think they're less than a year old but I honestly don't know much about chicken...
  15. chicken 5978

    Is my chicken 8 weeks old?

    Is my chicken 8 weeks old? I’m suspecting she is a little older. Thanks.
  16. R

    Determining age?

    We found this girl about a month ago, she had been dumped at a local park inhabited by lots of wild chickens. We took poor Thick Chick home with us and she has laid a beautiful big egg every single day except for the last week. This last week she has stopped laying and then laid fairy egg...
  17. M

    What Gender are my Birds

    Hi I’m just hoping for some clarification on the genders of these four. Thanks
  18. QuailsAreSmallDinosaurs

    What age are my quails? (+taming them, incubator)

    Three weeks ago I bought my first button quails, both females. They had bald spots in the store, but luckily the feathers grew back in a week. I was wondering how old they were and whether they were mature or not, since I am really looking forward to eggs. I made some mugshots of the birds...
  19. TheBirdBabe


    I posted yesterday asking about some eggs & never got any replies, but I really need some help! I need to know when I should take the egg rotation device out of my incubator. How far along are these eggs? What am I looking at in the first picture? Any help is appreciated! 💕
  20. G

    What age should i hold me baby chicks and ducklings??

    at what age should I be holding my ducklings or chicks I haven't held them in quite a while because of one of my pekins dying and when I do hold them they freak out and act as though I'm a predator. what can I do to make them like me better?? And once again thank you guys for all of your help...
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