1. M

    What sex and breed are my chicks

    Hi, I was wondering what breed and sex these two are ? We think they may be barnevelders!
  2. N

    Silkie sex

    Recently got 2 silkie pullers. I’m certain that the white one is a pullet, but unsure of the black one. Also am unaware of their age, but thinking 3 months
  3. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    When should female Guinea Fowl start laying eggs?

    Hi all! So I have some guinea fowl that hatched on May 24th. They ended up all being females, which was a blessing. I've owned Guineas for a few years but I've never had females- only males. So I'm super happy to have these. :D But my question is- when should they start laying eggs? They're...
  4. C

    Barred Rock & EE; gender and age?

    Any thoughts on age? What about gender? My barred rock seems a bit older. They were both straight run but I read up on traits to visually sex a barred rock and tried to go with a less “flashy” EE. I know it’s still early but hoping for some guesses. I can’t have another cockerel.
  5. Brooke_R

    What age is my duck?

    I recently got two ducks. One is a Rouen and I’m assuming she’s on the younger side. However, I’m not so sure about the other. I think she is maybe a Blue Swedish mixed with an Indian Runner? I’m really not sure about her age, though. The guy I got her from said they were both one year old. That...
  6. F

    What Breed/Gender? Did the Gods give us a Roo???

    We bought these chickens from a local tracker supply 5 weeks ago. I believe they were only 1.5 weeks old when we got them. They told us they were all sexed female Golden Comets… As chicks the two looked extremely similar, but one was always larger and became significantly larger in short...
  7. L

    Silkie gender guess? 10 weeks approx

    Can anyone with experience with silkies gender guess? What should I be looking for? Thank you
  8. Cluckcluck2000

    Black Copper Marans?

    I'm a new chicken mama looking for help identifying the breed and sex of these chickens! They were in rough shape when we brought them home, missing feathers in some places. The lady we purchased them from told us they were Black Copper Marans, but I'm not too sure. We're also not 100% that...
  9. Granny Gwenda

    Does anyone know what breed my chicks are?

    So, a day ago a got three lil’ chicks, however I don’t know their breed or age, but I was able to guess their genders. The black is named Mocha and she’s a girl, the one with a brown stripe across her head and back is Michu and she’s also a girl, and the last one, the yellow one is named Chichi...
  10. ThatChickenLady708

    Mystery Chickens

    Hello, As you all are fully aware, TSC chick days are in full swing. I went one day to prepare for chicks & ended up getting some "bantams" that were sick. Thankfully I nursed 14 out of 15 back to full health & they're doing spectacularly! My only concern is, do you think these guys are actually...
  11. How old are these birds??????

    How old are these birds??????

    I purchased these birds from someone and they said the stock came form a show breeder in North Carolina. I was told that they were a year. Old but the hen isn’t laying yet, I drove an hour to buy them at a decent price so I didn’t question it. But. When that is one and hasn’t laid yet...
  12. A

    Ameraucana Egg Laying “Schedule”?

    Ok so my chickens are a couple weeks overdue according to the usual 6 months egg laying age. There’s only one girl with a less predominant waddle but all their waddles are bright red. I have provided them oyster shell grit, regular grit, and egg laying feed. They aren’t hanging in a specific...
  13. C

    Age (& gender) guesses for this Ameraucana?

    We were told this chick was 4 weeks when we got it so would be 7 weeks now. It was sick in the interim (so maybe slow development?) but also wondering if it was actually <4 weeks on arrival. Any gender guesses always appreciated!
  14. Show Sebright

    Age of chicken?

    I don’t know if this is supposed to be in here or if there’s some other place for this, but.. does anyone know how to figure out the age of a chicken. My silver Lace sebright “Lace” i have only owned for almost 2 years now. She is old i can tell that but I don’t know her age. Her eggs don’t...
  15. Simimaus

    9 week old Easter Eggers

    I have five 9 week old Easter Eggers. My Silkie hatched them out and raised them. Trying to figure out which ones are boys and which ones are girls. I’m pretty sure the darkest one (black with white speckles) is a boy. It has the darkest comb and started little red wattles. Not sure about the...
  16. liacul

    Need help identifying chickens

    Hi! I got these chickens a week ago and I’m not quite sure what breed they are. My aunt rescued them from the side of the road and I decided I wanted to take them in. I’m a first time chicken owner and I’m not that knowledgeable about the different breeds. All I know is that the mom was black...
  17. S

    Amber Sex Link Rooster?

    Hi everyone my friend gave me this fella cuz they didn't want another rooster. But I was wondering is he actually a rooster? The rest of his flock I got him from were eaten. I'm glad I took him in my other 8 chickens are about 4 months old and they peck him so I keep him in house for now. He...
  18. bantiemomma7

    What breed is this bantam??

    Somebody gave me this chicken in exchange for an EE that I gave them. They said they don’t know how old it is but it’s almost full grown. And they also don’t know the breed or gender! It’s pretty small. About the same size as my Old English Game Bantam. Any guesses as to how old, gender, and...
  19. chickenchicklady

    Different aged chicks, same brooder

    I found a thread similar, however, the replies for some reason would not load. I got some chicks on the 7th, I’m picking up some chicks on the 13th, and my main batch of chicks will arrive in the end of May/beginning of June. I’m assuming that given the specific temperature needs and the pecking...
  20. nszrmch

    Age of new chicks??

    Hi all! We just got some lovely little additions to our chicken family today! Two amberlinks, one production blue, and one rhode island red. Got them at the local feed store. They look bigger than I remember our last chicks from a couple years ago were.. I could be wrong but wouldn’t mind some...
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