1. Simimaus

    9 week old Easter Eggers

    I have five 9 week old Easter Eggers. My Silkie hatched them out and raised them. Trying to figure out which ones are boys and which ones are girls. I’m pretty sure the darkest one (black with white speckles) is a boy. It has the darkest comb and started little red wattles. Not sure about the...
  2. liacul

    Need help identifying chickens

    Hi! I got these chickens a week ago and I’m not quite sure what breed they are. My aunt rescued them from the side of the road and I decided I wanted to take them in. I’m a first time chicken owner and I’m not that knowledgeable about the different breeds. All I know is that the mom was black...
  3. S

    Amber Sex Link Rooster?

    Hi everyone my friend gave me this fella cuz they didn't want another rooster. But I was wondering is he actually a rooster? The rest of his flock I got him from were eaten. I'm glad I took him in my other 8 chickens are about 4 months old and they peck him so I keep him in house for now. He...
  4. bantiemomma7

    What breed is this bantam??

    Somebody gave me this chicken in exchange for an EE that I gave them. They said they don’t know how old it is but it’s almost full grown. And they also don’t know the breed or gender! It’s pretty small. About the same size as my Old English Game Bantam. Any guesses as to how old, gender, and...
  5. chickenchicklady

    Different aged chicks, same brooder

    I found a thread similar, however, the replies for some reason would not load. I got some chicks on the 7th, I’m picking up some chicks on the 13th, and my main batch of chicks will arrive in the end of May/beginning of June. I’m assuming that given the specific temperature needs and the pecking...
  6. nszrmch

    Age of new chicks??

    Hi all! We just got some lovely little additions to our chicken family today! Two amberlinks, one production blue, and one rhode island red. Got them at the local feed store. They look bigger than I remember our last chicks from a couple years ago were.. I could be wrong but wouldn’t mind some...
  7. A

    What breed of Duck is this & how old could he be?

    What breed is this duck? How old does this duck look? How do I tell the gender?
  8. kaylafaith8

    Possible Polish Roo?

    Hey guys! I recently got this little bantam from a friend of ours and was wondering 1. If you could confirm the breed, and 2. If you could tell if it was a roo or hen just yet. I’ve never had good luck with bantam hens so I’m kinda leaning toward roo.
  9. Tre3hugger

    Help identifying cockerel breed & age?

    This is my cockerel, Cliff. I got him a couple weeks ago, and he has just really started coming into his manhood, lol. Any ideas what he may be? Got him from a local farmer. Think he is about 4-6 months old? Any input much appreciated.
  10. MotherOfCluckers

    Latest Point of Lay?

    I have 9 pullets, all raised from day old chicks. The oldest were born around 5/25 and the youngest around 6/30. One of the first group is laying consistently as of 12/5, and one from the other group is starting to squat and act like she may lay an egg soon. My question is, what is the latest...
  11. Kikilemons

    Arthritis in Hens

    Does anyone know at approximately what age hens can develop arthritis in their joints?
  12. C

    Brahmas & Buff Orpington's. Pullets or cockerels? (Pictures)

    Hi all! We've got 5 Brahmas that are 3 months old and 5 Buff Orpington's that are 2 months old. I've attached some pictures and wondered if anyone wanted to play the guessing game with us? Or is it still too early to tell? Here's the gallery, I've uploaded two photos of each chick at the same...
  13. luvcrafts2day

    What are these hens help

    Purchased these at an auction. They said 3 hens, but didn't tell us breed. They are molting right now and look pretty ugly. Can anyone tell what breed they are?
  14. bernie131

    Found an egg,..???

    I have 2 duckling that were born June 22nd (1 is female and 1 is a drake)and I found an egg. They are half Pekin and half Mallard and mom is Pekin about 8yrs,..??? Don't know but I was feeding her at the college pond for 5yrs until she got attacked while sitting on her nest and some of her eggs...
  15. angie_02

    Bunny Age/Breed ?

    Hey all, Once again my time spent researching has given me no answers so I turn to the experts here on BYC. This time, however, I'm asking about my bunny. Oliver is the newest addition to our family and I picked him up at Rural King. The most they new was he was at least 10 weeks. (That's all...
  16. outsageous

    information on wood ducks needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been raising a Wood duck for almost 10 weeks now, & I’m a little confused about some things. I’m really trying to figure out how old it is & what sex it is. I was waiting patiently for the yellow ring to form around the eye, but I have yet to see that happen. I thought it would...
  17. Blazegglo

    Oegb egg laying age?

    My oegb is about 21 weeks. When can i expect her to start laying eggs?:idunno
  18. M

    1 month apart chicks

    I have 27 3 week old chicks, and in 10 days am getting another batch the same size. Does anyone have advice/tips for combining the two groups? The coop is large enough and more.
  19. C

    How old are these ducks??

    Hi I got these baby ducks a few days ago at a flea market and I never found out how old they were. I don’t know if they are siblings or are from two different ducks because one is a lot bigger than the other but any input would be helpful!
  20. WildCHILD400


    Please help identify breed age and gender! I think it is about 1 or 2 months old, came from auction:) hoping its a she!
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