1. H

    8 month old EE not laying/aggressive

    I have two EE who are 8 months old. Neither are laying and they are my most aggressive two. The lighter one will act like she's going to attach me when I pick up the other ladies. The brown one will go after our Jersey Giant and peck grab her feathers on the back of her neck and both run and...
  2. Backyard Dacks

    Rooster Admitting Defeat?

    Is it normal that upon being caught, realizing the game is over, and obediently sitting down a rooster will cause the feathers on the back of his neck to stick out? What does he mean by that- is it a sign of surrender?
  3. A

    A bit of an emergency

    There was recently a fire at my house and we have only 4 surviving birds. 3 chickens and one duck. Due to the damage to their respiratory systems and eyes we had to move them inside the house so they can be under constant observation. They are in a small cage but there is plenty of room for...
  4. H

    Rooster attacking my hen

    I have 15 hens, and a rooster who started mating a few weeks ago. I noticed that he is stalking one of my hens, and is very aggressive with her. He doesn’t seem to want to mate with her, but attacks her like he would another rooster. It seems like he is trying to kill her. Is this normal? I have...
  5. BigNan

    Biting chicken

    I’d raised a rooster name Bruce along with his 3 other brothers, they were mostly pets and always really got along. But for some reason lately they have been ganging up on him and have hurt him. So I’ve gotten rid of the two that bothered him the most, and that leaves just two. And they seem to...
  6. E

    Introducing pullets to grown hens?

    Hello everyone! I just posted in the chicken behaviors forum about one of my adult hen’s aggression issues, so if you want some more background there, check out that post. I ordered three baby chicks from MPC: a blue easter egger, a cream legbar, and a snowy easter egger. I am nervous about...
  7. R

    Larger duck attacking mallards

    Hello! First time posting on here :) I have a garden with a pond and for several months there have been a couple of mallards (male and female) spending the majority of their time here. They're very sweet and we have no problem with them being here, I even bought some duck food to occasionally...
  8. luckyduck956

    Does my Duckling Hate me?

    Does my duckling hate me? lol I’m starting to figure out that my, what I believe is a Rouen, duckling does not like to be handled. She/He used to lay on me just last week, but the more she grows the less she enjoys it. She’s/He’s also has been biting us when she’s/he’s obviously irritated, but...
  9. Qquails899

    Quail becoming aggressive

    I have two female coturnix quails. They were good friends and they were always next to each other until yesterday. One of them started to act really weird, she suddenly attacked the other one and now she's screaming at her as well. She is also losing feathers and panting all the time, which is...
  10. Q

    Aggressive hatchling - need help

    My family and I have recently started raising ducks, and while we were planning on 4, an unplanned male was shipped to us and we're now up to 10 to allow for 4 females per drake. Our most recent shipment arrived today, all females consisting of a Blue Swedish, a Welsh Harlequin, a Buff, and a...
  11. ChickenIsRwar

    More Aggressive Roo

    So I got a pretty Cochin Too and he has been pretty tame. However we noticed this week that he is starting to get aggressive. He pecked at my shoe but clawed and pecked my 3 year old. Nothing went through the clothing but this his behavior is evolving. Anyway to get him to calm down? ~Chicken
  12. T

    Our Sebastopol gander has become aggressive!

    One of our hens hatched Sunshine in April from an egg I bought from an area farmer. He lived in the house for weeks until the weather was warm enough for him to be outside. We held him, talked to him, and every night, he sat on my husband’s lap while he watched TV. I have read that Sebastopols...
  13. HeatherFeatherFlock

    Chicken went broody now all the others are attacking her.

    Hi. I have a chicken who never got picked on/bullied but she has been broody for about a week now and suddenly most of our other 7 chickens are being very aggressive towards her and attacking her when I bring out of the nesting box to eat. I’ve been having to keep her in a kennel by herself. Has...
  14. Thechickentrainer1999

    Calling out capon owners

    This is a thread for people who own a capon (nueterd rooster) only. I currently have a 20 week old cockerel who is starting to become really aggresive with my hens and there is one he absolutely loves to terrorize constantly, all day literally and it absolutely puts her into shock I'll say and...
  15. A

    Extremely Aggressive Buff Orpington Rooster

    I bought a BO rooster a couple months ago. He just turned one and he is very aggressive. I can’t go anywhere near the coop or run without being attacked multiple times. He just won’t give up no matter what. Any suggestions on what I can do or should I just get rid of him? I attached a picture...
  16. chicksandchores

    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rooster.

    Meet Debbie. We thought he was a girl when he was young because he was a little behind the other cockerels in coloring and such, hence the name Debbie. Debbie is, to put it lightly, a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rooster. He’s the beta of the flock and has, thus far, attacked me (his...
  17. AltonaAcres

    I'm Torn

    Hey guys. I am leaving on a trip for 11 days in a week and a half. My neighbor and a family member will be caring for my chickens. Right now I have 5 separate pens of chickens, which means they would have to fill 5 feeders and 5 waterers daily, and let out tons of chickens separately. I was...
  18. Bettyboop7499

    Why is my Rooster showing aggression towards ME!

    Hello, So, I don't know what is going on with my 7mo.old Sebright Rooster. Just out of the blue he started showing aggression toward me, (now) there is only four hens and him in the pasture. I'll be giving them treats and he'll jump up and flog me! Lizzy use to let me pick her up and so when I'd...
  19. A

    Picking feathers

    I have an Easter egger chicks that is about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks and she has started to peck at the feather of the other chicks and it seems like she is pulling hard. I can’t tell if she is trying to pick something off or is being aggressive. I just don’t want her to be aggressive and I am not sure...
  20. ZeroGShorts

    Aggressive female picking on our new Pekin

    Hello all! My mother's friend had given us her 2 year old Pekin last weekend. She was introduced to a flock of seven ducks: All females, Two 14 months old, Four 5 months old, One 2 months old. She's still adapting to her new home, but I've noticed our other white duck (14 months old, half the...
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