baby chick

  1. selenag

    Baby chick weak

    Hi 😀 we found a baby chick most likely just hatched in our backyard and there was no momma around and we took it in and it seems to be very weak and not standing up straight and keeps tipping over and it’s eyes are closed and won’t open. Also won’t drink any water and feed. The legs are very...
  2. C

    YouTube video chick update

    The chicks are now a month old, I'm posting an update video. They look great. Links to previous updates are listed int he description on video.
  3. ErnieBerley

    8 week old baby all of a sudden ill.....

    One of my 8 week old hatchlings this morning was slow to get out of the coop, and barely walking, eyes closing, etc... I've had mareks in this flock before unfortunately and this is how it goes.....but what would any of you suggest to try? VetRx, electrolytes, anything else? I have to save this...
  4. I

    Are my chicks okay?

    So I put new bedding down for my chicks and when I went to check on them all of the bedding was kicked out of the housing I'm keeping them in. I also noticed they were doing something strange like shaking while laying down then they would kick their legs out like theyre scratching. I tried to...
  5. S

    My chick was choking on a baby worm

    So I gave my baby chicks worms and they absolutely loved them! Anyway, on of my black silkies ate a full worm it took her ages to eat it and the worm kept on coming back up and down her throat. We were very worried and thought she was choking. Her head was up and was trying to swallow it. Now...
  6. CaliChicks13

    Lethargic chick, Not sure what’s going on?

    I received 15 chicks on Friday this week and unfortunately one was dead on arrival, but the other 14 have been doing really well. The chick in question (a Salmon Faverolle) was actually the most boisterous when we finally got everyone set up in the brooder. Unfortunately, this morning I went to...
  7. Katty671

    Help! Blister and swollen leg joint on chick!

    Hello, I found a baby chick in my driveway a couple weeks ago. Other than the fact that she couldn’t walk, she was doing pretty okay until just a few days ago. She’s been “getting around” by using her leg joints. She formed scabs on her joints and now They are COMPLETELY swollen and she has a...
  8. Meggi3mous3

    Need helping determining my chicks breed(s)

    I'm new to this whole raising chickens thing. Would love some help! Any and all is appreciated. And 1st question is: can someone help me with what chicken breeds I have. This is Coco. TSC said she/he is an Amerucana. This is Fluffy. I was told she was also an Amerucana. This is Bella. TSC...
  9. T

    Very young baby chick has overgrown beak

    I have a very young baby chick with a severely overgrown beak. She's a silver laced wyondotte. She's very young, less than a week old. She was obky avout a few days old or less when I got her a few days ago, so she's very young. She's about the size of a golf ball. Despite her overgrown beak...
  10. R

    HELP! this baby chick is too attached to me!!

    I recently bought a 3 week old white sussex chick. When I first got her, I immediately put her in the brooder. note: she is on her own. Whenever I go somewhere, she starts yelping really loudly and then when I come back, she stops. Sometimes I get worried she is dying because of her loud chirps...
  11. Sarah12987

    Light Brahma pullet or cockerel?

    This is Pikachu. (my daughter named him/her). I thought it was a cock but now I'm almost thinking it's a pullet. The hackle feathers are really the only tell I have at this point and nobody in my family has any idea. We got Pikachu about a week after mothers day, so he/she is about 7 weeks old...
  12. themidnightmama

    Moving chicks outside in Texas?

    This is my first time raising baby chicks, though not my first time having chickens. We have had our chicks now for just over three weeks and they are doing great. everything I read says to wait 6-10 weeks before moving them outside full time...but that seems to be because they won’t be able to...
  13. We-love-chickens

    What breed is this????

    Hi guys. I have recently hatched a few breeds together and I know what all my chicks are apart from this. I have two of these and they aren't on my list of eggs that I purchased. Can anyone help please. Thank you in advance.
  14. J

    Chick: 3weeks old, twisted beak, one eye, spins around, very few feathers, 1/2 size.

    My patty is 3 weeks old. 1. She has a twisted beak. 2. One Eye. 3. Her head is constantly spinning and so does she, so I’m pretty sure she has wry neck. 4. Her crop balloons up when she eats and when it’s full she chirps in a panic. So far: 1. I ground all of her food up in the coffee...
  15. S

    Two week old chick with 'injured' leg

    Hi all you knowledgeable chicken types. I have a two-week old maran chick who has developed an injury in the last couple of days. He was fine when born and happily running around, feeding and drinking as normal, but i noticed that he developed a limp which then got worse to the point where he...
  16. I

    Runt chick trying to fly!!

    So for a while he was feeling alot of itchiness I checked for mites or bugs and he has none, so I guessed it was his new feathers. He used to have crooked toes so I have healing pads on for him, so flying is a bit difficult 🥺🙄 he keeps trying to fly and he does then he falls then keep trying...
  17. P


    We have a small chick - about 1-1.5 months old - and we believe she has fowl pox, a bump on her beak and one by her eye and the bumps keep growing. All the information we've found says there isn't much you can do. The bumps keep getting bigger and bigger and everyone says there's nothing you can...
  18. B

    How long do u keep a heat lamp on a silkie chick a day ?

    Also how do u change the temperature down every wk ? This is my set up I am getting her 2 sex link chicks to be with tmrw It reads 95 in her tank
  19. C

    Lone chick

    I’ve just started breeding chicks, I had a previous successful hatch, this time used a new incubator and only one has survived and hatched out of 10, I’ve put her/him in a cage, with heat pad, it’s cheeping a lot but hasn’t ate or drank as of yet (it’s about 12 hours old), I’m thinking maybe...
  20. missypebble

    The heart break moments when I realize Vigi stopped eating and drinking

    I’ve raised days old chicks before, but this time, I had no choice but raising a single Speckled Sussex chick. I believe she was only a few days old. I know it’s a no-no. And I want to let the world know my own stupidity so if someone happens to read my post, they will remember how baby chicks...
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