baby chick

  1. chicken mummy15

    Is this a roo?

    Hi i know this may be a little early but this is a 3-3 1/2 week old cochin. Could she be a he?
  2. AbuDhabi

    First hatch

    So, I got an incubator this year, and here's what hatched: Most of them are about two days old, with a three day old and a four day old (hatched on day 19). That's 17 chicks from 56 eggs. About half the initial number turned out to be infertile (only one rooster, but 10+ hens, making all of...
  3. Chickababie01

    I don’t know if my brooder is any good , any suggestions please ?

    :wee:welcomeI’m reading all over BYC , that brooders are very important to a chicks life , and how if it’s too cold or too hot for a chicks brooder it could die :hit , my chicks don’t make much noise at all , they’re very quiet & I think they’re those island reds .. I need some help on how to...
  4. sstanyon

    2 week old chick: respiratory illness?

    Hi there. We recently picked up two chicks from our local chicken supply store. Had them both for a week or so now, and while one seems very healthy - active, eating a ton, drinking normally - the other has been sneezing, shaking her head and lethargic for 3-4 days now. I’ve given both of them...
  5. J

    Baby Chicks with pasty butt - help!

    Hi everyone, We have 6 baby chicks that are 6 days old (3 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Barred Rocks). We got them from a local feed store and this is our first time owning chicks. We have been giving them regular chick starter feed and water with sugar (we have recently stopped with sugar). Two of...
  6. elimasmz

    Week old rescue chick with impacted crop.

    Hi ! I rescued an abandoned chick that was on the curb yesterday. I took her (or him) to a vet that said she was 4-5 days old and has nasty infection in her eyes (they were swollen shut and crusted over). I have been cleaning them and applying an ointment and she looks way better already, is...
  7. Waterwitch232

    Reusing old pigeon feeder for new chicks

    Hey All! I am getting chicks in the mail this week and instead of going and buying a feeder I acquired a used one. It was used for pigeons, which I know can carry some nasty diseases. I cleaned them with soap and water and boiled them as well. Will they be alright to use for my baby chickens...
  8. horselove

    Sick Chick - not eating, lethargic, (bad leg?)

    several chicks just arrived by mail order, one of them is lethargic and not eating, though drinking when we put her beak in the water. at first she just seemed slightly more cold and dehydrated, and was getting some food and water when we moved the other chicks out of the way, but shes been...
  9. K

    Questions About My Sick Chick

    hi everyone! I am brand new to the chicken-raising life. I purchased 15 chicks from a hatchery and received them yesterday morning. All of them seemed to be fine, and we’re eating and drinking normally. Today, I came out in the morning to check on them and one chick was not looking so hot. She...
  10. 2FishCreative

    Baby chick with bare vent area

    Hi, have a baby chick, about 1 week old, and just noticed her vent area is bare. It is not red or irritated. I sprayed Ventricyn on it and that really bothered her and she began picking at the area, pulling some more down out. Any ideas of what this is and how to prevent/treat it? Thanks!
  11. A

    Sick chick, is she having seizures?

    One of my three week old chicks has started to shake (not constantly) and lose balance, she can’t always keep her head up and opens her mouth a lot. Not sure how much she’s ate or drank today. Will try to link a video as soon as possible. Anyone know what could be wrong with her? Update: she’s...
  12. Macchickenman

    I am brand new!

    Hello everyone, my friend has been raising chickens for years and just got me started with three hens. I’m very excited as are my kids to have these new family members in our family. I have an AuraCana, a buff Orpington and a cream legbar and I’m hoping to get a black Australorp on Thursday to...
  13. My new favorite brooder - Two level dog crate set up! (Picture included)

    My new favorite brooder - Two level dog crate set up! (Picture included)

    Hello Everyone! Having raised chickens in cardboard boxes for the first week, to large plastic storage bins, to dog crates and outdoor pop up screened tents prior to moving into the coop with the adults. I have to say out of all the dog crates we've used for when they're about 1 month old and...
  14. LoriFitz

    Make: feather boa mom for your baby chicks

    My babies love their Pretend mama! I placed a 10” piece of my daughters old feather boa into the new hatchery and my babies just fuss over it. They cuddle in and bury themselves into the mass of fluff! Highly recommend this for your new peeps!
  15. P

    2day old chicks with bloody urine.

    Good morning! I'm new at raising chickens, and am in panic mode. I have 2 day old chicks. Just picked them up yesterday. Today one is lethargic, can barely stand, and her poop is mostly pink urine (blood?) I have separated her from her buddies into a shoebox sized box but have no idea what to...
  16. ChickenLifeYo

    Pictures of my baby silkies

  17. BackyardFarmTMC

    Hatching and incubating

    I recently bought an incubator and put in 6 of my hens eggs that were fertile. They are the brown speckled eggs. Well my kitten found her way atop the incubator covering the air hole and dried up all the humidity water in bottom. I dont know how long it was like this probaly a day or 2. My...
  18. C

    Emergency! Chick may be dying how do I tell?

    I have a mama chicken who would laid 13 eggs and within the last couple days all of them have hatched. The pen we kept her in my Dad was supposed to make safe for the chicks by covering a hole that separates the top level from the bottom and take out the ladder however he did not do that before...
  19. CarrieDee86

    What breed of chicks do I have??

    Posted this Tuesday but the pics weren't working, and then I think it just got too far down on the forum for anyone to see the post. Hopefully this time the imgur will work and I'll get some answers! :-) We just added these five little gals to our brooder. The problem is, I'd like to know if...
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