baby chicks

  1. B

    HELP! Can I put my chicks outside before 6 week?

    I have 3 week old chicks and I would like to put them outside in my coop/run without heat source at 5 weeks. Is this safe/okay? I understand 6 weeks is fully feathered and the customary time to put them outside. I live in Massachusetts and weather can be all over the place in September and...
  2. B

    Integrating chicks to existing young flock

    My baby chicks are two weeks old and have been introduced to my existing flock of 2 Pullets (15 weeks old) with a wire fencing between them. When should I begin to introduce them without the fence?
  3. A

    Chicken poop/medications

    Hello! This is my first time with baby chicks. I bought 4 from my local Tractor Supply a week and a half ago. I have been doing non stop research and found some interesting things about their wastes. Although I got all my chickens at the same time, my 2 black ones seem to be growing a lot slower...
  4. Tarynj


    Second time this week I have seen blood in 6 week old chickens. Just moved them to into old adult chickens coop (the adults are in new bigger coop) which was cleaned but maybe not spotless- so wondering if they caught cocci from them? They have never had any o virus signs but not sure what else...
  5. C

    Baby Chick Gender

    Good day all… I have 8 baby chicks which are 4 weeks old. This is my first time having chicks hatch in my care. They are mixed leghorn and Ernie the dad is a Polish Black Crested rooster. One is a cross beck so I won’t be bartering or giving him or her away. I have 2 Roos already and not...
  6. GigitheBackyardHerbilist

    Playing with my babies trying to guess their sex.

    My granddaughter came out to play for a while too. This is Ellie she watched them hatch and says she's their mama. The one in her lap asleep is Jacko. She watched him hatch and claimed him for her own because he saw her first. The one white one I'm wondering if its a roo. It chest butts the...
  7. C

    Is it time to return broody mom back with her Crew

    Good day… I have a broody Buff. She was sitting on 6 eggs. Thus far 2 have survive they are about 3 or 4 days old. I found 2 dead ones in the crate and I see one egg and dunno where the other egg is. It’s a medium size crate but yesterday she was doing a lot of leg stretching. I have a HUGE...
  8. elephantapple

    hot weather. is heat lamp necessary?

    we just picked up our baby chicks from the post office yesterday morning. we are keeping them in our sunroom which varies a few degrees from the weather outside. we live in vancouver, wa and the weather here has been high 90’s with a low of 60° at night. now i know to keep the heat lamp on for...
  9. H

    Breeds that are easy to identify as baby chicks

    I've never had baby chicks before, but I am picking up 6 meat birds from Meyer in September, and they are also giving me the free "meal maker" layer chick with my order. This layer will grow up with the meaties, but I think she'll be lonely when they go outside before she does. I've decided I'll...
  10. T

    Zipped but not hatched?!

    This egg had zipped all the way around when I went to bed at about 1am. At 7am, my husband got up and it still hadn't hatched... Its now 9 and I have not seen any activity at all this morning. I have another egg zipping and a baby that just broke out about 90 minutes ago... Plus two other...
  11. B

    First Time Chick Mom

    Hello.... We just began our adventure of raising chicks. We are currently are parents (3-adults), grandparents and dog lovers. Our kids have mostly 'flown the coop' and so we decided to add to our home flock, some chickens. My husband grew up on a farm and I'm a city girl. So, bear with me...
  12. OfWolvesAndHen

    Introducing my new babies

    In my most recent incubation, only 2 eggs ended up developing. I was really hoping hatch would go smoothly and I wouldn't end up with a lone chick, or no chicks. Thankfully, both had a fast and smooth hatch! Of my six silkie eggs, only one developed. These eggs were older so I was a little...
  13. S

    Do Roos develop tail AND wing feathers slower? Also, are my TSC “cuckoo Marans” blue Plymouth rocks?

    Hey there, loving all my recent impulse buys from TSC and got a little too excited about some straight run chicks I decided to take the gamble. I have two burning questions. First is breed. They were in a mixed bin labeled as cuckoo marans (the others were salmon faverolles, which I bought too...
  14. Beachyking

    Looking to buy Wyandottes Ocala, FL

    Hello! Looking to buy Wyandottes chicks in Ocala, FL or near by area. Please feel free to message me if you can help me find them! Thank you! :) -David
  15. Chinnant

    Mama hen

    Mama hens chicks have been hatching, well only one is thriving. Two were alive yesterday and doing well, but then one of those two died today sometime. Two also died while hatching ( not sure what happened. ) But I found this one struggling hard just hatched out the egg today and mama hen wasn’t...
  16. FluffyzGMa

    FluffyzGMa iz a n00b

    Hiii!!! We (reggietherooster and out 2 littlez) just got our first chickyz today!!!! Barred rox, GL Wyandottez & RIRz! We are expecting some xtras, bantams & ducklingz next week. Oldest baby is pumped for the silkies. She is naming one fluffy- therefore i am Fluffy's Grandmother. [hence The...
  17. M

    Is my EcoGlow safety 600 working properly? Is it ready for day old baby chicks?

    I will be getting chicks in the mail in a few weeks, so I decided to test the brooder recently to make sure everything was working so i wouldn't be scrambling last minute. The ecoglow safety 600 is the kind where one side can be higher than the other, so after some research most people suggested...
  18. R

    First time Chickie Mama. Best advice appreciated

    Hello everyone!!! My first post ever and first time chickie mama and I’m so excited! I get my chickies on Tuesday. Please give me your best tips to help this first timer out! :D

    8WK old brag photos

    I've been busy with work,life and chickens. I don't think I've been on here since they were 3wks old. I was terrified my baby chicks would freeze to death. But here we are and they are 8wks old. I am in love with these chicks. They entertain me so much. I have a chair I put in the run and...
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