baby chicks

  1. MysteryChicken

    Selling Silkie Chicks This Spring. (Tawas, MI - Area)

    Hello, I'll be hatching a bunch of Silkie chicks this Spring, & will like to try selling most of them if possible. (This is my first time selling chicks to be honest) Payment will have to be face to face during pick up since I can't accept payments from online directly. Local Pick Up Only, I...
  2. FathertoFeathers

    Baby chick not growing feathers

    I have some jersey giant chicks that are four weeks old and all are growing out feathers and doing fine except for one. She is a bit smaller then the rest and only has adult feathers on the very end of her wings. Other than that she only has the little baby fluff unlike all the other chicks. Why...
  3. christatothemax

    Brooder in Coop

    Hello! I am researching how to build a brooder, in the coop, that can be either a) easily removed and stored elsewhere in the barn or b) always there. I was thinking of this one for easily removed...
  4. emmsx3

    Incubating Eggs With a Heating Plate

    Hi Everyone! I had a hen that had laid 3 eggs earlier this month but we realize she has not returned to her eggs and for almost a week and we can't find her anywhere...:( I decided I wanted to save her eggs and I've researched different ways to make a homemade incubator. But the simplest way...
  5. SilkieLover7

    Can I get non broody hen to take care of babies

    I am picking up 7 or 8 silkie/cochin mixes today, and I don't have a broody hen. Is there anyway I can get a non broody to take care of them. I have Buff Orpingtons, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Australorps, Easter Eggers, Speckled Sussex, a Lavender Orpington, Golden Buffs, an Austra White, a...
  6. F

    Coop full of nesting hens

    I keep my roosters and hens separated between two seperate pens. I have four different breeds. I just paired them up last week. Three of the four hens are nesting, they share the same coop(4'×8') the run is a ten by ten if that matters. My question is, Is it fine to have several hens nesting in...
  7. Lavakusa

    My hen eat their baby 'swings

    Still i didn't find what accurate issues she has My hen ate their little baby wings Help me out
  8. BestDiscoMan13

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Watch this video to see more pictures of them.
  9. C

    No heat lamp but Mother hen as heat source for chicks?!

    So my mum decided to raise chicks and two hatched under a mother hen from a flock of chickens that we have to look after for my cousins as they’ve gone on holiday. Two eggs hatched under the mother hen and my mum got 2 extra chicks from the garden centre. We do not have a source of heat for the...
  10. Rammy

    Heat Lamp?

    I went to TSC.....and they had 4 White Rocks left for a $1.00 each....yeah, I know...and two...... With it being so hot outside, and having them in the barn, do I need a heat lamp? I dont use those 250w ones, oh, heck, no! I normally use 60w or 40w depending on the weather light...
  11. T

    Chicks Dying- Need advice

    Hello, My husband and I are first time chicken owners. We were told it should be super easy to raise chicks and we’d have minimal problems. We first bought 6 from a local farm store that the girl working picked out and within the first night one died. Then from then on we had a chick die every...
  12. Tomi witt

    New baby chicks

    Hi all! I will be getting 3 baby chicks within the next 3 weeks. Will I be able to raise my chicks in the garage, screened in porch or spare bedroom ? Is one of the 3 places better? I the equipment to raise the chicks until they are able to live outside. Thank you!
  13. BethanyH

    Egg Incubation Question

    I have a two part question. The 1st is: I have two broody hens sharing a clutch of mixed eggs. It has been 21 days today and there are no signs of pipping yet. Do eggs sometimes take more than the 21 days to hatch? I had two roos and pretty sure they were fertile. I haven't been able to candle...
  14. Audrey Watson

    July 4th Babies

    Hey everyone! This thread is going to be all about our baby chicks that are due to hatch on July 4th! I don’t know if I posted this in the right place so if I didn’t please tell me. The eggs were taken by our broody hen on Thursday, June 13, and they are due to hatch on Thursday, July 4th. Below...
  15. ojust4today

    HELP..First time hatching.

    I am in desperate need of help. When this happens this site is usually the place I end up going. I know here I can get some of these random questions and concerns I have answered. So I have one hen sitting on a half dozen or so eggs and a turkey who is sitting on if I had to guess 30 or so...
  16. Allipockets

    Chick grit

    My chicks are 5 days old, I want to let them out with their mama hen into the bottom of the coop. Do I need to provide grit to them? Thanks!
  17. Janisrose

    Newbie here - 4 week old chicks, too cold outside?

    Hi - i'm Janis, I'm new to this forum and new to raising baby chicks of my own. I have 6 chicks, each a different breed. While they have a lot of feathers they still have some fluff. The brooder is a large dog crate, they're currently in my garage and we have a heat lamp on one side of the...
  18. Svaness

    Live baby chick stream

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share our live stream with you all. We just Recieved these bovan brown chicks today. Hope you enjoy watching these babe's as much as we do.
  19. J

    Heating plate vs heating lamp

    So we just got 15 chicks last week. They are one week old today. They are Easter Eggers and this morning we woke to one suddenly dead. They have all been behaving very good all week, eating drinking and we’ve been giving them electrolyte water and they are on organic starter feed with probiotics...
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