baby chicks

  1. J

    Broody hens in the middle of heatwave.

    I have three hens that went broody all at once. They are in the middle of week two brooding. My concern is that we have a random heatwave going on (temperatures in the mid 90s during the day). I’m really concerned that they are going to overheat in their nesting boxes especially because two of...
  2. spbaz

    Broody Hen hatched chicks in laying box about 3ft off the ground

    We had a broody hen and a rooster in our flock, so on Mothers Day I decided to let her sit on some eggs, and see what happened. We have a rather large chicken coop with 3 laying boxes that are about 3 ft off the ground. I didn't do my research and move her right when she started, and now she...
  3. LadyEpipremnum

    Confirm my suspicions?

    Hello! So I have 6½ week old chicks that I have hand raised as our broody bantam rejected them completely. I have 2 black Australorps, 1 Buff Orpington, and 1 Easter Egger (was sold as an Araucana but I'm fairly certain that's not the case) All were bought at a local feed store and were marked...
  4. Graphichick


    My peeps are growing so fast. (Plus some other family photos) Google, Bing, Yahoo and Raisin (with Momma SweetTea in the background) Daddy Lemonade Every chick needs her own tiara! Bing is so fiesty (Silkie/Australop) Nay-Nay, Bing's mom Bic (Raisin's mom) Bailey (Yahoo and/or...
  5. S

    HELP!! Extremely loud Baby chick noises

    Hi everyone I have two, 2 week old chicks ones a polish bantam ( which doesn’t make hardly any sound) and the others a pekin bantam and makes sooo much chirping constantly and doesn’t stop and it gets so loud . There unsexed we don’t know the genders yet. What could be the cause of it being so...
  6. S

    Baby chicks

    Hi everyone so, my chicks are 2 weeks old and I have school so no one is home, they have water and food and a warm bed bit to sleep in with a hot water bottle, will they be okay till I finish around 2:45? I left at 8:00
  7. G

    New Chicken Lover Colorado

    Hi everyone!! Just got our first chickens 3 weeks ago and I am INLOVE with them. We have 11 chickens but some are straight runs, so it’s a gamble. We have a Brown leghorn, black Jersey giant, black star, blue andalusian, Australorp, silver Wyandotte, 2 gold Wyandottes, 2 black silkies, and a...
  8. C

    When to introduce native soil to chicks?

    Hello, im a first time chicken owner, we currently have 6 chicks in our brooder ranging in age from 8 days to 6 days old. We have them on non medicated starter feed and was reading about introducing them to native soil but am not sure when, there is also an issue with one of the older chicks...
  9. Harmoni

    When is pecking a problem?

    My broody RIR hatched 2 eggs on April 22nd. They are almost a week old. We have one other RIR who is top of the pecking order, 2 Golden comets who just started laying and 4 8 week old EEs. The mama goes after the comets and EEs to make them keep their distance, but she lets the other RIR peck at...
  10. Harmoni

    Sharing cuteness

    Hatched 4/22/21. Dad was a black Maran, mom was told was an EE, but based on pictures pretty sure she was an OE. Adoptive mom is a RIR. They were allowed to integrate immediately. We even had 2 surprise unfertilized eggs left in her hatching nest ( I created it after that lol).
  11. Harun

    Chicks going away from the heat source. Why?

    I now have 3 Barred Rocks because I sadly lost one to unknown events. One thing I realize from my Barred rocks is that they tend to stray away to the heat lamp. They are only 4 days old so they should need a lot of warmth, yet they are going away from their source of heat. I'm thinking my 4th...
  12. C

    Help!! Baby chicks randomly dying

    This is our first time raising meat birds. We ordered Cornish Cross from Myers, 100 of them (105 came in the mail), and got them in the mail yesterday morning (Thursday) at 5:30am.They were shipped Monday morning. We were really worried about how long it took to ship to us. Took them home, went...
  13. floral_chickadee

    Chicks coming home tomorrow!! What to expect?

    I have worked all month long to prepare for these chicks. The brooder is all set up, I’ve already bought food and have the heat lamp ready to go. The chicks are set to arrive TOMORROW!! Which although I’m super excited, makes me a little nervous! This is my first time doing this completely...
  14. K

    Brooder to Coop: suggestions modifying/ integrating

    I am looking for suggestions for my setup. We are raising our second batch of 4 chicks and have 3 adult hens. We have used this plastic bin with heat lamp for a few weeks, then upgraded to our wood deck box (in the house), before moving our last batch to their coop. The adults have their coop...
  15. ChickenWhisperer101

    Need name ideas for chicks

    I have 17 chicks coming in June from McMurray Hatchery and I need some name ideas. I have a few but still need more names. Some of the breeds are Speckled Sussex, True whiting blues, Ameraucanas, and a mystery chick. I also have an Ayam Cemani pullet that I’ve had hopes of becoming a rooster but...
  16. C

    Baby chicks fighting.

    About 8 weeks ago I hatched out two chicks. I got up today to let them out of the pin, and then about 5 minutes later both of them puffed up and ran at each other and started pecking each other on the beak.I have never seen this before so I don't know what to think. Can anyone explain to me what...
  17. I

    Do I have too many baby chicks? Should I downsize now?

    Hello, I’m new here! Kind of! I had chickens for a few years until about 4 years ago, then many life changes occurred. Now that I have my own home in the country and land, I wasted no time in ordering baby chicks. 😂 They all arrived in good shape, however the hatchery I used did have order...
  18. Saaniya

    Month old baby chick suddenly swallowed something unable to eat or drinkm

    I have two baby chicks one month old Moomoo eat something in his box ( I applied sweaters as bedding) he's screaming and shaking head badly with movements I give him oil , water but he's not able to swallow he's not himself not even chirping his sounds any suggestions
  19. G

    New Here!

    Hey Everyone! I’m new to the Backyard Chickens community! I have been reading information on these forums for a few years now and it has been very helpful. We are a small, hobby farm in the Deep South. We started our homestead about 5 years ago with 6 chickens. We’ll be getting a whole new crew...
  20. ChickenMasta1105

    What is the breed of these chicks?

    Can you please tell me the breed of all these chicks? Thanks!
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