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  1. chickenexpert55

    My chickens are becoming a little too attached to me

    A little while back I lost a hen, This was in June of 2020, for a few months the chickens were just using me as a tool to get food. Well later in august of that year the hawk came into the yard. Fortunately I was there and well scared it off, ever since the chickens are coming up to me, letting...
  2. Abbeynormalchickenlady


    Hey Y’all ! I am a backyard chicken mom and I have two human kids too. Just joining this group after having a few questions over the last 3 years of raising chickens. Here’s to healthy chickens🐓
  3. G

    Support a Backyard Chickens Ordinance in Orange County!

    Watch Commissioner and Chicken Rancher Emily Bonilla explain the benefits of keeping chickens in your backyard and share her own experience as a chicken rancher. Orange County residents, the hearing and vote for the Backyard Chickens Ordinance will be August 10th after 2:00 PM at 201 S...
  4. G

    New Chicken Lover Colorado

    Hi everyone!! Just got our first chickens 3 weeks ago and I am INLOVE with them. We have 11 chickens but some are straight runs, so it’s a gamble. We have a Brown leghorn, black Jersey giant, black star, blue andalusian, Australorp, silver Wyandotte, 2 gold Wyandottes, 2 black silkies, and a...
  5. paigeber

    PLEASE SIGN! Petition London, Ontario Chicken & Waterfowl Laws

    Hello! I live in London, Ontario, & im hoping if you all have a couple seconds to sign this petition. I am very actively trying to talk with city council to make them amend these laws as the last time this was brought up in 2017, talks of a pilot project never got off...
  6. T

    Anybody else...

    Constantly finding yourself trying to use BYC emojis elsewhere!? Cause I am. Like... I’ll be on Facebook or Twitter or texting someone and I will literally type out : lau or : love (without the spaces of course). Or I’ll be wanting to use this one :ep or this one :hide because 😱 or 🙈 just...
  7. matchmeadeinheaven

    Anyone else have success with a game camera identifying predators or do something better?

    I came out back early in the summer to check the chickens as we do every AM. I found that overnight something had tried to dig under the coop and appeared to have been successful at entering. We have had chickens for a few years and it continues to be a fun learning experience. The predator had...
  8. GeekAthair

    2 months and $1100 later we finally have our chicken coop built.

    2 months later, our chicken coop is done! Man, what a process. Early in the quarantine, we started to talk about getting chickens to fill our summer a bit, knowing we weren't going to be running around with friends and family. After lots of research and budgeting, we targeted a coop style by a...
  9. S

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi there, New Chicken mom here. We live in NYC and after reading up on backyard chicken keeping, my husband and I decided to try our hand at raising a few. We purchased 4 Production Reds when they were 10 days old. They are now 7 weeks old. We have a coop that is designed for 4 chickens. The...
  10. S

    Don’t let the fox win

    Hello all, Yesterday I woke up to the worst news a chicken owner can receive - a fox made a meal from 4 out of my 6 chickens. I was devastated and am having trouble moving on. I just set up the coop and moved them outside about a week ago. I blame myself for letting them out too early in the...
  11. mandymcg05

    I know I have too many roos, help?

    I have a question for ya'll. This is the first time I'm raising backyard chickens and I have at least 5-8 roos around 6-7 weeks old. Obviously, I can't keep them with my flock, it's not big enough. They are BR and RIR. My question is, should I find them homes NOW or wait until they're bigger? I...
  12. Allcoopedupwith6

    Angry Rooster!! HELP!!

    HELP PLEASE!!! So, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know when we got our little chicks we got what we thought was a pleasant surprise when we found out our Favenrolle was a male. Well we have recently seen the dark side of our handsome boy and I just don’t know what to do 😓. First...
  13. B

    ISO Walk-in Coop Building Plans

    Hello! I’m new to this whole chicken farming fun! We are in the beginning stages of coop design and are looking for blue prints to walk-in coops! While we only have 4, we unfortunately don’t have the option of free range. So I’d like a larger enclosure for them!
  14. L

    Breed and gender

    Hi everyone. We’re new to chicken raising and purchased our chickens from a local farm. I have tried to figure out their breeds and genders but feel like I’m failing 😬. They are 4 weeks old. Can anyone help identify their breads and also their gender? Thank you!!!!
  15. C

    Do you prefer Chickens or Quail?

    I am starting a backyard homestead and wanted to get 4 chickens. I am permitted to have hens only in the area I live and have been building my chicken area. I recently started doing research on quail and am wondering if that is a better/easier route? If you had to choose one or the other do...
  16. ChickeyMama

    Please Sign our Backyard Chicken Petition As of right now Pasco County does not allow any backyard chickens, and this needs to change. Please help us by signing our Petition for our County to change this. Every signature helps! Thank you!!
  17. S

    Treated for Mites but Hens Still Not Laying

    Hello, new here...and kind of desperate to figure out what is going on with my girls. I have 5 hens of laying age (about 8 months) that were all laying steadily. We then added 2 younger hens who aren't yet laying. We segregated them and slowly incorporated the new girls into the flock but at...
  18. themidnightmama

    Can dogs and chickens coexist?

    We have a small flock of 4 chickens (one rooster and three hens, two are small breeds - sumatran and sultana). Yesterday we found an abandoned puppy that we are considering keeping. It seems to be a mix but best guess is that it has some degree of treeing tennessee brindle (which is a hunting...
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