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  1. KHBaker

    Coop Advice!

    Hi everyone! With the horrible storms that TN is supposed to have tonight and into the rest of the week, I decided to move our small flock from their coop into the barn (horse stall). When we bought our coop, we were less educated than we are now, and are worried about it's stability (currently...
  2. Ms Biddy's Cattle Panel Hoop Coop

    Ms Biddy's Cattle Panel Hoop Coop

    Our cattle panel coop was inspired by multiple designs, including several here on BYC. Thank you to everyone who has shared their photos and experience. It's been a big help. Since we combined ideas from several coops, we worked things out as we went and didn't have formal plans. Some of the...
  3. Just4kicks

    What can be raised with what

    I have day old chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, quail, pArtridge and peafowl (and 2 soon to hatch emu) can any of them be kept in same area likes ducks with geese ect
  4. What about Bob?

    What about Bob?

    To start, this is our first year with chickens. The beginning of this summer we moved out of town to our countryside home, something we’ve been wanting for the last 10 years. So all summer long has been moving in and updating the house and barn in some order of priorities. Let's focus on the...
  5. Ash_lie

    Fellow Barn Owners

    Hello! We own a big old barn built in the 1860's. I am currently turning an old animal stall into the chicken's winter vacation home. Anyone have suggestions as to what put down on the floor? What's there now is dirt. The fine dusty stuff that kicks up really easy. I worry the chickens...
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