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  1. W

    Day 23 winter broody hen, candled & accidentally cracked egg!

    So I let a broody hen incubate eggs during the winter, a risk I know. I candled them on day 16 and all was good. I was planning to move mama and her eggs to a private brooder on the evening of day 17. Unfortunately in the afternoon of day 17 she was kicked off her nest by other hens and the eggs...
  2. Emrosenagel

    Mother hen spitting up

    Hello! I have a mother hen (Cochin bantam) with three week old chicks. She acts fine, doing her job well, and her poops look perfectly normal, but I noticed today right after she took a drink of water, she spit it all up and sneezed. I only saw her do this once before the day after the chicks...
  3. Timbers Happy Hens

    Broody hen, temp too cold?

    My silkie hen just decided she wanted to brood some eggs. My question is, will it be too cold once they hatch? Is it too cold for her to even successfully incubate? It’s and 35 degrees Fahrenheit here at night and 50 during the day. On another note I’m not even sure she can brood in the coop...
  4. hrayb

    Help! Cracked egg at day 18

    Hi! I have a broody hen who has been such a good mom to her eggs and has been sitting on them for almost 3 weeks. This is day 18/19 She left the nest and was sitting on another group of eggs today when we checked. Her current eggs were almost cold. So we moved her back and all was well. I went...
  5. ChickenLoverTrin

    Broody hen?

    Hi all, I have a frizzle named Crackle, and over the past week, she has been sitting in her box with the other hens surrounding her. When I go up close to the other hens, they seem like they are in a trance and don't acknowledge that I'm there. I'm getting the eggs out at the moment, after a lot...
  6. J

    Broody Hen and Chick with ear pecked out

    My broody hen hatched out a few chicks so far and we are about half way through the hatch day. So far, 4 out of 12 hatched with 3 more pipped. All are healthy but one. The area around its ear is all missing. It looks like the skin may have been cut and peeled, but I can’t be sure. The hen...
  7. 50-45-1


    My hen Pepper, had only one chick hatch, so I ran to Tractor Supply Store last night before they closed and picked up 2 Blue Plymouth Rocks and 3 Marans The orange chick is the one she hatched. Everybody seems contented and happy today.
  8. C

    Chicks hatching early Day 19 (buff Orpington chicks, Rhode Island Red mama)

    Hello! This is my first experience with a Broody Hen. She’s a Rhode Island Red and in her own “nursery” area attached to the main run. I put the fertilized buff Orpington eggs under her on July 2 morning, so today- July 21- would be 19 days. We had an intense storm last night with tons of...
  9. GoldenBlossoms

    Broody hen (can't seem to break her out if it)

    I have a slikie hen who has gone full broody, more so then she has in the past. She just got some chicks a while back who are basically full grown now. (She didn't hatch them, I bought them for her to raise) and she proved to be a good mother. But now the chicks are older and my hen has gone...
  10. K

    Broody hen rejecting chicks in the am

    Last night I snuck three little chicks day ish old chicks (less than 48hrs ) under my broody hen who’s been broody for a long time. She’s a blue austrolourp Rhoda island Red Cross This am I came and the chicks were running around the coop looking distressed and the mama left them I tried...
  11. A

    First time chick mom - 3 hens broody at once

    Hi there, I have 3 hens sitting in 3 nesting boxes. 2 started within days of each other, and the 3rd started a week late. The boxes are 36 inches off the floor. Should I move all 3 when the chicks hatch to the floor in separate boxes or put them in the shed I. The run? Should I build a ramp to...
  12. N

    Egg eating broody

    Good morning I have a broody who has been broody for way too long - she started with another broody who has hatched her eggs - I had been trying to break this broody bc she will only sit in the favorite box - I’ve named her Baracuda bc she is such a pecker when I’m near her nest😂. After she...
  13. Meme1991

    Lets play! Hen or roo!

    Hi everyone! I have two 7 week old Blue Isbars. I'm hoping someone will be able to tell if they are pullets or cockerels. Their hatch date was 4/21. Their names are on each photo. Let me know what you think. Thank you 😊 💓 ☺️ ☺️
  14. J

    Rotten egg broken under broody hen

    Broody Hen sitting on 9 eggs I check periodically. She is due to hatch any day now. now there were only 5 eggs, that are all covered in gunk and it smells totally rotten under there. Poor thing, it really stinks. this could have been like this for a few days already. Should I remove...
  15. smokeater413

    Pale comb on brooding hen.

    Broody hen about 14 days in, I am concerned about her pale comb and waddle. Anyone confirm or refute my concern?
  16. PlentifulPrairie

    Hen hatching out eggs - need advice

    Hi my broody buff orphington is sitting on eggs. I've been candling them through the process. This is my 2nd time doing this. There are some eggs that are probably 4 days apart, I have 6 total all seem to be fertilized and growing (seem, I'm new to this!). My question should I do anything...
  17. H

    Newly broody Turkey and almost to lockdown eggs.

    So I have a 2 year old black Spanish hen that has just gone broody within the last couple of days. We do not have a tom anymore for fertile Turkey eggs to hatch and I have an incubator full of eggs due to hatch this Saturday (5 days away). If she just went broody, is it too soon to put chicken...
  18. LyddieB

    Letting broody hen hatch her eggs

    This will be our first time letting one of our broody hens hatch out her eggs, so I have a few questions if anyone can help answer. Do we separate the hen from the flock when her eggs hatch? How long does she stay/help raise (with) the chicks? How long before she is laying eggs again? Thank all...
  19. ravensravelry

    Broody hatching advice

    Hello! I have a silkie hen that has been broody over a clutch for just over a week now. I'm checking every day to make sure no one has hatched(I know hatch date is 21-26 days but I'm making sure 😂), but this leads me to my question; when they do hatch, is it better to take them out into a...
  20. D

    Help broody mama left her nest overnight after 28 days, should I try incubating eggs?!

    Hi everyone! My mallard duck has been broody for 28 days and yesterday into last night she seems to be done being broody and abandoned the eggs. It got down to about 50°f last night. Would that be too cold to try to salvage the eggs and attempt to hatch them in the incubator? Thank you
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