broody hen

  1. trumpeting_angel


    One of my Buff Orpington pullets is sitting in the nest box now (dark, 12 degrees, others all on the roost). Is this a sure sign she is broody? Or too soon to tell? One of my buffies spends a lot of time on the nest, annoying the others. It could be this one.
  2. Empress Had Her Babies

    Empress Had Her Babies

    So back in November I noticed Empress--our most stunning Welsummer hen--was really broody. I tried several different times to break her out of it by changing her location, physically taking her off her nesting box and out to the run with the other chickens, nothing worked. Empress wanted to...
  3. SilkieLover7

    Can I get non broody hen to take care of babies

    I am picking up 7 or 8 silkie/cochin mixes today, and I don't have a broody hen. Is there anyway I can get a non broody to take care of them. I have Buff Orpingtons, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Australorps, Easter Eggers, Speckled Sussex, a Lavender Orpington, Golden Buffs, an Austra White, a...
  4. Egg-Cellent Eggs

    Broody Hens

    I would really like a broody hen! But I’m not sure how to tell if a hen is broody. Also how do you make a hen broody? Does it just happen if the hen wants chicks? Please help!
  5. S

    I have three new natural chicks

    My broody hen was insisting on sitting on unfertilized eggs so i went out to my son's ranch and grabbed a rooster. She sat on her eggs like a champ and has been a great Mom so far but I worry (I'm new to this chicken thing). I moved her from the coop with the eggs into an extra large dog kennel...
  6. PennysHennys

    Chick Coop Success

    This is just a post to share my continued amazement of my chickens! Several weeks ago I noticed one of my Speckled Sussex pullets on the nest during my twice daily egg gathering. Then it hit me, she was going broody! This is my second year with chickens and I had not experienced broodiness...
  7. RooandherRooster

    I think my Cochin Bantam Hen broke her leg, how do I fix it?

    Hey everybody! I think I'm just having a round of bad luck this month in relation to my chickens, ahh. Okay, so my cochin bantam went broody (actually if anyone knows this kind very well, I don't know exactly what she is and i would like to know, if no one who answers this forum knows, then i...
  8. ecb4156

    Broody Java Hen

    So my java recently started laying and has gone broody. My thought is either to let her try to hatch two eggs and hope that she will stop being broody once she has them or to try and break her from it. She barely gets up out of the nest. Thanks in advance
  9. P

    Broody Hen red mites

    red mites broody hen. and now she is not sitting on eggs what shall i do?
  10. Australorp94

    Will my hen be a mother?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have some hatching eggs that I was hoping my Australorp would mother for me. I heard they make great mother hens. Unfortunately, she stopped being broody the day they arrived and I placed them in an incubator. Will she...
  11. Laurel09

    What chicken breeds are most likely to go broody?

    Hie guys! I want to add two new hens to my backyard flock but I want hens that are most likely to go broody. Any advice on which chicken breeds that I should buy that are the most broody ones.
  12. R

    My hen won’t stop being broody

    Hey guys, so about two weeks ago the hen I’m taking to fair got broody.. no big deal right? I caught it early. No problem! *wrong! My hen is still broody and it’s a week before fair! She is very determined. If I lock her out she’ll fly on top of the coup! I kinda really need to fix this problem...
  13. P

    Broody Hen pale Comb Help Help!!!!

    Hi i got a broody Hen sitting on egg buh she got pale comb and is weak a bit and i saw red mites on her. My question is she is on day 16 and she is nearly around the cornor to hatch eggs.Now what shall i do?. shall i separate and make a new place for her and yeh i m defint gona treat her buh my...
  14. Wonderling

    Hatching Older Eggs? (Hen and/or Incubator)

    If anyone has hatched some older eggs I'd love some feedback about your experiences. I've been saving up eggs since the day I gave the rooster away (aggressive behavior), googled it and it said a hen can still be laying fertile eggs for up to 4 weeks after the rooster is gone. I was planning to...
  15. P

    Broody Hen red mites

    Hello i would like know what shall i do. i got a broody hen red mites on her. would powder damage the eggs if i powder her. Also what happens if the eggs under broody gets dirty. eggs wont hatch?.should i powder her or what please let me know asap thanks.
  16. P

    Broody Egg Hatching

    Hi i have order fertile eggs and a got a broody hen. does anyone know what i have to do once i receive the eggs. i read somewhere it said that i need to keep it in room temperature and there was more to it aswell. i dont fully understand. Can anyone help me with this please Thanks.
  17. P

    Broody Hen

    Hi i belive i got a broody Rode island hen. I m new to this all broody thing. its my first time i m raising chickens. yesterday i belive she spend more than 2 or 3 hour in nest maybe more than that cuz i dont have eye on her 24/7 . plus today She spent most time in nest under eggs ofcourse. My...
  18. BethanyH

    Egg Incubation Question

    I have a two part question. The 1st is: I have two broody hens sharing a clutch of mixed eggs. It has been 21 days today and there are no signs of pipping yet. Do eggs sometimes take more than the 21 days to hatch? I had two roos and pretty sure they were fertile. I haven't been able to candle...
  19. E

    Should mama be sitting on the new born chick?

    It's my first time hatching eggs under a broody hen! I'm wondering, should the mama be sitting on the new born to keep it warm? It just hatched a few hours ago... Currently, the mama is sitting on the other egg and the baby is next to her. The chick is still wet and not standing up. Just...
  20. Daybreak19

    Hi I am new and temporarily in Central Mexico

    Hi to all! I am new to join and looking forward to reading everything to learn more about raising chickens. I am from Rowlett/Rockwall, Texas but temporarily living in the Querataro state of Mexico since March. I am living in a mountain community in the Varequeries. I love it here, but...