broody hen

  1. Chelsea-85

    Plz Plz Help (eggs left cold in the first day for 9 hours)

    Hi everyone, I have a broody pullet sitting on 9 eggs. I set her up like the following: I put 9 eggs under her on Saturday at 20:00 (23.02.2019) On Sunday (yesterday) morning (24.02.2019), she came out for food at 08:00, but the door of the small nest accidentally closed (I wasn't there and I...
  2. MasterOfAllChickens111

    Please help idk what to do thanks

    I have a 2 Broody hens that’s have been laying on eggs. They both went Broody the same day and will hatch on the same day. Well, the Mixed Cochin has fertile eggs and will be a great mother. This is her first time. The silkie on the other hand doesn’t have fertile eggs. Yeh question I was...
  3. N

    Repeatedly broody hen

    We started our chicken family last spring with 10 chicks - 5 Rhode Island Reds and 5 Buff Orpingtons. We were lucky - we bought a place in the country with a small barn and the former owners had already set up a perfect hen house. Lots of room, 6 nesting boxes and room for at least 6 more -...
  4. Chelsea-85

    What to feed broody hen with diarrhea (Help needed)

    Hi everyone, This is my first time I have a broody pullet that has watery poops. Could you please help me in selecting list of best feeds for broody hen? I appreciate your help in advance. I searched for the subject but couldn't find a clear answer that is why I thought perhaps members who...
  5. C

    Broody hen hatching in shared coop

    I'm new to this site, so hopefully I'm doing this right. I got my first batch of chickens last year. I built my coop (4×4×4 with 4 nesting boxes) and run. Not sure dimensions on the run but it's really big! I currently have 7 chickens, 1 silkie rooster, the rest hens 2 ameracauna, 2 unknown(I'm...
  6. Chelsea-85

    Egg size of a young laying pullet under broody hen (Help needed)

    Dears all, For the first time, finally my young pullet (5 months old) went broody. I have placed 9 fresh eggs of her and another young pullet (the oldest egg laid 5 days ago), she is on them since Friday (3 days ago). But I am afraid of the egg size which is a little bit small. Will the eggs be...
  7. savvychickz

    Moving broody hen?

    I have a Welsummer hen laying on eggs that are supposed to hatch in a week or less. I live in Michigan and it’s currently VERY cold and snowy, I’m scared that if the chicks hatch while I’m away they might fall out of the nesting box and just freeze. I have a little tent set up with food, water...
  8. Jeninoz

    Unhappy broody hen?

    Hello everyone I want my 6 mo old bantam hen to be happy. She went broody 5 days ago (after seeing other chicks) and she’s sitting on unfertile eggs. Can I give her fertile eggs, day old chicks (would she really adopt them) or is it best to try to break her broodiness? Can she really stay...
  9. T

    How cold is too cold for hen on eggs?

    I am new to this so forgive me if I am not posting this question in the correct spot. I have a hen sitting on 11 eggs that are due to hatch Wednesday. Unfortunately, our weather is going to be extremely cold the next 3 days (highs are -16F lows are -30F with windchill of -55F). Our hen is inside...
  10. Vhope77

    Why did my broody hens eggs stop developing

    i candles them 5 days ago at 6 days old they were developing fine I candled then again today at day 11 and only three out of ten were still developing the rest of the eggs the veins had disappeared and the embryo had stopped developing:’(
  11. ourcozycoop

    Chicks and kittens!

    I often hear of broody hens mothering the barn litter of kitties We have had two barn litters but no luck on a broody hen making all that cuteness happen, anyone experience their broody hen mother kittens? Growing up we’ve always had rescue pit bulls, one guy; Oden use to gather the kittens...
  12. C

    Broody hen?

    I have had chickens for 7 months. They’ve been laying for a few months now (I even just finished my first incubator hatch!). The last couple days, I’ve noticed the same BCM hen has been hunkered in the same nest box every time I check for eggs. I know I collected eggs from that box 3 (no more...
  13. Squeak61

    Shipped eggs

    Hi everyone :) I've been getting a lot of conflicting information, so I was hoping to find a clear answer here. I just ordered 6 hatching eggs from My Pet Chicken. I've heard several people say that after receiving shipped eggs, it's best to to let them rest at room temperature for 24 hours...
  14. Squeak61

    Broody hen method

    Hi everyone! My gorgeous silkie rooster and his ladies have started family! I have some fertile eggs, and my hen is sitting on them. I just wanted to ask for any tips and tricks. This is my very first time trying to hatch eggs. Any advice for a hatching newbie? :confused:
  15. S

    What Is Going On With My Hen??

    **Edited the chaos of the repeating post** So I got a 12 week old Buff Orphington pullet back in April. It only took her a couple weeks to start laying and quickly became the head hen of the flock. About a month ago, we went broody. But it started while my husband a I were away on vacation for...
  16. Feather Hearts

    This hatch has been a nightmare! Please help, intestines hanging from chick!

    What was supposed to be a simple hatch, where a broody would do the work, has turned into a nightmare... I'll spare you the details, but now, I need help! One of the chicks seemed a little eager to hatch, broke his yolk sac, and somehow pulled his gut. It looks pretty much the exact same as the...
  17. Feather Hearts

    In a very unique situation, can I have help?

    Yesterday my older sister and I found some orphan ducklings. There are no laws protecting ducks in New Zealand so we took them back to her house(I was staying the night with her). I'm back home and there are three ducklings. When we got them they were probably a day old, so I am now trying to...
  18. Riley Adams

    How far along are my duck eggs?

    Hey there, my duck Lillian is expecting to hatch two babies . She's taking great care of her eggs, and as far as I can tell, the ducklings are in perfect health. My only question Is "When will she become a mother?!" I've been candling the eggs daily, but for some reason I cannot tell which...
  19. Feather Hearts

    Help! Hen Pecked Open Egg On Hatch Day!

    I have a broody hen named Misty who is sitting on a clutch of 14 eggs, all due to hatch over the rest of this week. I thought I had secured her in a cage in the coop, but no. Some other hen got into her cage and pecked a hole in one of the chicks aircells. The chick is still alive(visible...
  20. Chickens4Life101

    Hatching eggs for the first time!! Any tips?

    So I have discovered that our cream legbar, Leah, has gone broody! We have decided to let her hatch eggs. I was a bit delayed posting this, but we are currently on day 6 and I checked and there are 12 eggs under her. I dont have any questions or concerns right now, but since this is my first...
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