1. Carolrich

    Sick hen maybe coccidosis? Impacted crop??

    Hello. Remember Beatrice of the egg bound hen thread? Well If you check back on that, you will see that we had a successful outcome. We put her back with the girls on the 26th. On the 27th we noticed her being lethargic, puffed up and hunching, not eating or drinking. I took her to the isolation...
  2. DarkWater1929

    Chick Failing to Thrive Now Seems Frankly Ill - Hunched, Shivering, Thin, Miserable

    Hello! Our wonderful Cuckoo Marans hen raised two batches of chicks this year. The second batch hatched on Halloween. (Now 2 months old.) One of the babies has always seemed frail. At first it was just that she seemed always to be cold, hunched with her feathers poofed out. As time has...
  3. Kris5902

    Strange poop?

    Hi, I’m on day 5 of treating my chickens for coccidiosis with amprolium. I’m still seeing the occasional bloody poop, and today when cleaning out the roosting area I found a large strange fiberous horrible smelling oval thing. Any idea what this is, and if it’s related to the treatment for...
  4. Kris5902

    Amprol liquid dosage confirmation

    Hi, I’ve got my amprol 9.6%, and wanted to confirm the dosage for water... I am treating a fairly bad coccidiosis outbreak for the first time. I’ve read a few different conflicting dosages here. My vet recommends 2ml/gallon of water for 2 weeks. Does this sound correct?
  5. Kris5902

    Help please, Bloody stools, sudden death 9 week old chicken

    my 9 week old chicks just moved out to their chicken tractor today after the overnight death of my favorite chicken in the brooder box. I hatched them out here on October 13th and was unprepared for how fast they would outgrow their brooder. If I had electricity or it was summer it wouldn’t have...
  6. Carolrich

    Coccidiosis after antibiotic treatment?

    My poor rooster Stanley. We just finished treating him with a round of antibiotics for his foot access (healed now) but he is lethargic, hunching, his legs have lost yellow pigment and I have to encourage him to eat. His crop is not impacted or squishy. His poops are normal. I wonder if a...
  7. L

    Puffed up, low energy chicken

    Help! I'm new to owning and caring for backyard lavender orpington is 10 weeks old. This morning we went to the coop and she was very puffed up and her feathers looked very unkempt. She has had a couple loose stools, little to no appetite, not moving around much. She will drink a...
  8. Tanya22

    Baby Chick around 6 weeks, is very sick! Coccidiosis treatment started but could it be a deficiency?

    We found a baby chick around 6 weeks back lying on the road and brought her back home. She (her name is Tooki) might be of the broiler breed. Not sure. But now for the past 5 days she has suddenly gotten very sick and stopped moving around. We had purchased a baby chick (Brownie) so that Tooki...
  9. ChickenMama308

    Severly underweight - please help! Cocci / diarrhea

    It's been quite a journey with Nani (2 years old rhode island red hen) - it's been about 2.5 weeks of lethargy, no-low appetite, sleepiness, etc. Her poops looked normal in the beginning so I didn't believe it was coccidiosis (I now know that blood doesn't always show in this case) but I wanted...
  10. B

    Intestinal lining, Coccidiosis or other in broody poop?

    So there were a couple giant poops in the run this morning, and I am suspecting they are broody poops from my chicken who takes her sweet time in the nesting box. There seemed to be blood in a poop, but it didn't really resemble what I've seen of coccidiosis online. None of my hens have any...
  11. Citychickengal

    6 1/2 month old lethargic hen - suggestions??

    Hi all, I have a 6 1/2 month old hen (my favorite, incidentally) that is acting very lethargic. She’s in a flock of 11 and all the others are acting normally. I’ve been out of town for a week and have only been back for two days, so I don’t know how long this has been going on. Last night I...
  12. O

    Lost 1 pullet to (maybe?) Coccidiosis, is her sister dying too?

    Hi, We are very new chicken keepers, and we're making all sorts of mistakes so far. We got 2 8-12 week old pullets last Saturday. On Monday, we were worried they would be alone and we bought two more. From a different flock. And ignored quarantine protocols. Now we're chastising...
  13. T

    Coccidiostats in poultry feed

    Can natural coccidiostats contained in commercial poultry feed cure chickens with coccidiosis? Can we eat meat or eggs when natural coccidiostats are contained in feed?
  14. T

    Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter (Crumbles) 25lb Bags!!

    Hey Everyone! I am posting this to those who use medicated chick feeds. I understand everyone has their opinions on whether or not to use medicated chick feed and this is not a post for arguments sake. This is me simply trying to inform those who do use it. So I digress. To those of us...
  15. H

    Yellow Poop

    I keep noticing yellow mustard colored poops in my coop. I’ve just treated everyone with powdered Corid (1.5 tsp/gal) for 5 days so far. I put the Corid water in their feed as well to ensure they are really getting it in their system. Nobody is acting weird at all but this poop is just odd...
  16. SweetTea&Chicks

    Suspected cocci?

    My five week old chicks have been sleepy lately. Just napping or laying down in the middle of the day. Whenever I walk out there they run over and jump out of the brooder. Their normal excited self and get active when I take them outside. I haven't noticed any bloody poops but I'll be on the...
  17. Keeperoflock

    Question Regarding Vitamins and Electrolytes After Corid

    I have finished a 14 day of 1/2 t. Corid per gallon of water which was after a 14 day of 2T. per gallon for coccidiosis. It was a bad out-break. I know you're supposed to give vitamins and electrolytes following such treatment. All I can find right now is Save-A-Chick Vitamins and...
  18. corbyzmom

    Help PLEASE!!!!

    this is copied and pasted from a FB group, but I got nothing on it. I really need help please!!! Read from the bottom up (sorry). Questions please!!! So I’m taking the stool samples to the vet in the morning and they said the test should take about 10 minutes. If it is Coccidiosis, and I pick...
  19. Keeperoflock

    Giving Up... Need Advice

    I have 17 chicks (16 hens, 1 rooster) that are 4 months, 2 weeks old. While taking care of them last week I fell and broke ribs and really injured myself. Hubby has been helping but last Saturday, he injured his back. We've talked together and made a difficult decision. Given our health and...
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