1. K

    Unsure what’s up with our hen…

    Hey all!! I made a post a little while back about my hen having worms. We treated for worms and she seemed to be getting better!! We did the dose each day for 5 days and then we did one more at the 14 day mark just to make sure we got everything. Worms were never present in poo. Now she is...
  2. B

    Urgent help please!!

    Unfortunately my male quail is very unwell. This has happened all of a sudden as he was fine midday but nearer evening time he became very sleepy, tired, keeps shutting eyes, lump near throat area. Not eating or drinking, blood a few times in poo. Very slight redness around backside. I’m...
  3. ChookieChicken

    Buff Orpington

    This is Chip. she’s a 7 month old Buff Orpington. hasn’t began to lay yet. about a month ago I noticed that Chip had stopped eating. Upon first glance it seemed like she was, but she was pretending to eat by picking grains up and flicking them away. her crop was empty. she was drinking water...
  4. Smartbomb71

    Coccidiosis? Pictures

    These poops are from three month old sapphire gems. I’m on day four of treating with corid just in case. I took these photos this morning. Thanks in advance for your advice 😊🦕🐥
  5. A

    HELP! 3 Month old Ameracauna dying!!!

    Hey I need quick answers please, doesnt matter if its a sentence or bullet points, etc. My ameracauana had, had a change of attitude since monday but I thought it was just going at a slower pace since i had started letting them free range, and thought it was looking for bugs. Well today I come...
  6. M

    Corrid question

    Hi all, I’ll be going out of town and have somebody watching our farm. I noticed today on the poop shelf so clear liquid in two different spots. All droppings looked normal. All chickens are acting normal and eating/drinking well. I have 4 days before I leave- should I treat the whole flock...
  7. Relleoms

    Unwell hen-poop pics included

    Hi all, thank you in advance for your help. One week ago I brought in a 10 month old hen after finding green poop on the dropping board a number of mornings. She weighs just over 6 pounds and it’s remained relatively unchanged. She drinks excessively but has only been eating raw eggs and very...
  8. Chickenpapa77

    Help, Coccidiosis? red gel balls in poop

    My 3.5 yr old Silver Laced Wyandotte is just finishing a molt and has pale comb, decreased energy, and decreased appetite. I thought it was just the molt, but then I found poop with red gel balls in it. I would not characterize it as blood. I found one poop chart saying it was coccidiosis, but...
  9. Saraschickens

    How often do chickens shed their intestinal lining? When is it ok and not ok?

    Hello to all, I need help. I've been noticing my chickens shedding their intestinal lining. I'm so confused on all of this. I have 72 chickens (12 of them are 1 & half years old, and the rest are about 6 months old). I see about 6-10 intestinal lining poops per day, and it's been happening for...
  10. A

    Please Help! Quail with blood in her poop!!!

    I have a pet Quail for 3 years now. I noticed it today that she has blood in her poop. I'm assuming it's coccidiosis. We don't have Corid available here. I'm currently using oregano oil with garlic. Is there anything else I can do to help her?
  11. T

    Please Help, I don’t know what to try next!

    My olive egger, Gertie, is about 18mos the old. About a month ago we started having issues with her - lethargic, losing weight, not eating much if at all and excessive thirst when she would drink. She started molting but seemed a bit extreme compared to the others. She was also having diarrhea...
  12. Chickenmother26

    Fluid coming from nose, gasping, smelly poop, lethargic, increased water consumption hen

    Hello! I got a 12 week old hen off of Facebook (I know, not the best idea 😭) and she seems sick. We’ve had her for 11 days now. We noticed bloody diarrhea the second day, which we treated for coccidiosis using CORID for 5 days, and now she’s on the preventative dose. She immediately had more...
  13. Browniethechicken

    Bloody watery Poop!?

    One of my hens just pooped in front of me and it’s bloody and watery. I don’t know which hen as they were clustered together in front of me eating treats. What does this mean? What should I do? They are all one year old. I keep the coop fairly clean and they are well taken care of. They have a...
  14. W


    I have talked to about 10 different poultry experts and this is the Solution that best worked for me! For the treatment of coccidiosis in birds, it is highly recommended to use Corid at the rate of 9.6ml or CC per 1 gallon of water. The medication should be used consistently for about a week to...
  15. TaylorGlade

    Corid: Is a maintenance dose necessary?

    Back on August 6 I started giving our flock 1.5 tsp/gallon Corid. It's time to stop the full treatment dose, but is it recommended that I drop to a maintenance dose? Or is recommended that I give them a two week break and then retreat (like some parasites?) Thanks!
  16. ChickenTenderKesha

    Potential coccidiosis? Or is it something else? Help!

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) Cream Crested Legbar, 14/15 week old pullet, very under weight (judged by prominence of keel bone) 2) What is the behaviour, exactly. Lethargic, puffed up, tail droopy, wings away from body...
  17. Alipete21

    Coccidiosis or Intestinal lining?

    I have 2 possible cases. 1st is a chick in the brooder. She is 3 weeks old. Smaller than other chicks her age, but not vastly different. She was tiny from the start. Is acting a tad less rambunctious but not overly lethargic looking. 2nd is in my coop. Went to clean the poop shelf and it was...
  18. bacibeau

    Bloody poop in day old chick

    I just got two easter egger chicks and they are two days old today. I noticed that one has some blood in her poop. Does anyone know what it could be? Is it coccidiosis? Could they just be some weird poops because she's so young? She hasn't really been eating yet and her sister has normal poop...
  19. PankakeZillA

    Thoughts on what this could be?? Need help please

    Hi there, long time follower of the forum and first time posting. I have been searching and searching for similar situations to what's going on with our chicks but seem to be getting all kinds of results. Some background, we have 2 older hens that are around 5 years old and aren't displaying any...
  20. Farmgirl805

    11 wk old BR suddenly stands like penguin

    This is actually day 2 of my BR pullet standing like a penguin. Yesterday it was very off/ on so I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things. Today I’m sure. So here’s the deal- this is about the end of the first week of the 4 pullets being outside in the run all day. They are segregated from the...
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