1. C

    Coccidiosis or shedding lining

    One of our 4 week old easter eggers had a bloody looking poop this morning. I noticed one other spot in the brooder. They were supposed to be vaccinated per the breeder. Does this look like Coccidiosis or intestinal lining?
  2. Heni Penny

    Natural Immunity to Coccidia?

    Hello - I was reading on PoultryDVM the following "When chickens are exposed to Eimeria early on, as long as there are not excessive levels present in the environment, they will usually develop a natural immunity, without any treatment necessary. However, if their immune system is lowered due...
  3. G

    Bloody poop and swollen crop. Help!

    Two sick chickens, about 10-12 weeks old. 2 have already died. It started with one sick looking lethargic chicken, we I picked her up fluid came out her mouth. I vomited her and then brought her inside overnight giving her only water thinking it was sour crop. She had very watery poop, by the...
  4. fowlplay_suspected

    Approx. 2-3 week old chicks (4 Barred Rock Plymouths) with blood in stool; lining or coccidiosis?

    Title says it all. Last night I discovered some red in their droppings. And today, they have had a bit runny stool and the red is still there (even if it's only a little). I can't imagine how they would have gotten coccidiosis if that's what it is, since I've been practicing good biosecurity...
  5. Michael A

    I have not lost anymore hens after making these changes

    All 6 hens from my first year died 4 from egg yolk peritonitis. Chicken ownership was tough on my chickens physically and me emotionally the first year as I lost chicken after chicken. I had my perches too high and one fell off, a predator got into the fenced in area and got one but the disease...
  6. A

    Sick girl

    I got 5 chickens from the flock swap a month ago 4 Isa brown and one rir. Everyone has been fine although we are experiencing cold weather right now. I noticed she would be hunched up and thought to myself I need to get her and isolate but when I would get out to the chicken yard all seemed fine...
  7. K

    When can chicken with coccidiosis go back with flock?

    Hello. I have 4 backyard chickens. I noticed one had bloody poop this morning and began treating her with amprolium right away. After learning about symptoms of coccidiosis, I believe this is her 3rd day of being sick. She's been quarantined all day and it's only been 6 hours since putting the...
  8. The-White-Elephant

    Is this Coccidiosis?

    Hello everyone! I have a 7.5 month old White Jersey Giant. Around 2 weeks back, she started acting lethargic, but a few days later she was fine. She became lethargic yet again a few days later, but she was ok in a few days. 4 days ago, she became lethargic YET AGAIN, but now it’s even worse...
  9. I

    Quail not feeling well - PLEASE READ

    My 3 mo. old pet California quail, Gumdrop, is usually very vivacious. Just today I noticed signs that he wasn't feeling himself like being fluffed out, not nearly as active or talkative, hunkered down, and closing his eyes. He had no signs of being sick yesterday (making his calling noise...
  10. I

    Raspy Breath, Aspirated?

    Hello, I’m new to chicken keeping and need your help!! I purchased a 13 month old Salmon Faverolle on Friday the 15th along with 4 other 12-14 month birds. I’ve had her for exactly one week. The man I got her from brought her to me hanging upside down by her feet. While he had her upside down...
  11. Diveks

    chick getting worse, amprolium not eliminating cocci

    So my chicks had bloody poop which had resolved by now, although these batch of chicks has had cocci twice and one of them is really lethargic, she will perk up when i give the amprolium the first few days but will detiriorate after. I want to take them to the vet but ive had the vet misdiagnose...
  12. Diveks

    Coccidocis? or did the feed do this?

    My chicks had diarrhea and abnormally smelly poo and one of them seems really tired, so i decide to treat the chicks for cocci (they dont sell corid here but it has amprolium in it). after a week the chick was getting better and no more diarrhea but the chick didn't seem to be fully well. i had...
  13. Selka

    Getting rid of coccidiosis

    Hello everyone. So we got results from the lab today proving we have a coccidiosis infection in our flock. We are starting Sulfacox, taking 3 days, then 2 days off and 3 days medication. I was wondering which day should I clean and desinfect the coop? When do they stop pooping the pathogens...
  14. so_fancy_af

    Not eating post-coccidiosis & mite treatment

    TL;DR: my special needs chicken isn’t eating after a bout of coccidiosis and mite flare-up, nor had she laid an egg in a week. What to do? long version: My girl Mystery has had a rough few months. She’s partially blind to begin with so it’s always been tough for her. She survived the fox bite...
  15. S

    5 week old Easter egger still has questionable poops?

    My chick daphne had watery poop start about a week and a half ago, but had somewhat kind of normal poops in between. I assumed it was cause of heat stress. But now her poop is still watery, not formed well and has kind of white mucous to it I guess? I started exposing my chicks to the dirt from...
  16. 6

    Maybe Not Cocci…?

  17. WhiskeyShadow

    If its not Mareks, what could it be?

    After my first 2 deaths this spring, I've had necropsy's done. Each came back with tumor growths and 'most possibly Mareks'. I had PCR tests done for Mareks & ALV. Both came back negative. I know I've had coccidiosis several times this year, I can't seem to shake it. But I've lost as many young...
  18. kurby22

    Coccidiosis in quail?

    Okay wise quail folks…can Coturnix get coccidiosis? I’m assuming yes? Is there something else that causes bloody poo? I found one tonight and I’m assuming that’s what it is? First time I’ve seen bloody poop. TIA!
  19. F

    Back again - NEED HELP! PLEASE!

    I posted earlier this morning about our girl, Little. We think she has coccidiosis based on her bloody stool and change in demeanor this morning. We isolated her and gave her corid in the hopes that it will solve the problem. I've been watching her throughout the day (so thankful to be working...
  20. agold23

    Feeding a recovering hen from a bad case of coccidiosis

    My hen was diagnosed with coccidiosis last Tuesday from a vet who only found a few possible nematode eggs but was also convinced she was very sick from coccidiosis even though he could find any in the fecal exam provided. Since then she is now walking and drinking on her own, we saw drastic...
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