1. chickenbritt5908

    Cute chicken themed tumblers?

    I know a girl who makes super cute customized epoxy tumblers. I was just curious if anyone has had any made that are really cute? Looking for ideas because chickens have taken over my life. :)
  2. Mark_Khrushchev

    Rhode Island Red chicken

    Shot on Canon M50 with kit lens. I converted RAW to JPG so it is lower quality
  3. Velyash

    Our first winter!

    Today we saw snow for the first time, which was all wet because of the day's rain. We loved it! We followed our mommy around the big muddy puddles and ate snow... We even saw a little snowman.
  4. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  5. HomesteaderWife

    All Grown Up Critters! - Empty Nest Therapy

    It happens with all babies... They grow up! (JoJo, a baby Khaki Campbell we raised a few years ago. Rest in peace dear) Empty nest isn't just for growing/grown children- it applies to our baby animals too. Time passes so quickly, and one minute we'e snuggling with them and the next our...
  6. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s better chickens or ducks?

    What’s your favorite Chickens or Ducks? What’s better chickens or ducks? Comment down below what you think and why. describe in detail why you prefer one over the other. Feel free to vote!
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    Easter Egger Chicks

    Everyone I have four Easter egger chicks I got from tractor supplies. Im intrested how diffrent every Easter egger looks so. Everyone tell me if you have Easter Eggers and what store or hatchery did you get them from and send me a picture? Please! Well thank you if do so. I’m just intrested...
  8. BestDiscoMan13

    Cockerel or pullet?

    Watch this video to see more pictures of them.
  9. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s the cutest chicken Breed?

    What’s a Cute chicken breed that’s somewhat small sweet and nice. It’s because I want a cute chicken that’s some what small sweet and nice and doesn’t fly that much/high. Comment what breeds you think are cute sweet and kid friendly.
  10. Serema Cockerel?

    Serema Cockerel?

    PeePee, same age as Ketchup!
  11. BestDiscoMan13

    Fighting Chicks!

    Fighting Chicks! My four Easter egger chicks that are 4-5 weeks old peck at each other and sometimes even fight over bugs such as crickets. Some times they flap their wings and leap at one another. Is this normal or are they fighting and how do I get them to stop fighting?
  12. BestDiscoMan13

    What are the Best Chicken Crosses?

    What are the best chicken crosses? What mixed breeds of chickens are your favorite and why? What chickens are most broody? What chickens are most quite? What chickens produce the most eggs? What chickens are friendly towards other chickens and humans? What’s your favorite cross breed chicken and...
  13. BestDiscoMan13

    What is the best type of chicken?

    What’s some of the best chicken breeds and mixes to have? I love kid friendly chickens. I love broody chickens. I love caring chickens. I like adorable and cute chickens. I love chickens that lay pretty egg colors. I hate chickens that attack you. I hate chickens that try everything to escape. I...
  14. BestDiscoMan13

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    Pullet or Cockerel? What breed are they their Easter eggers but what mix? They currently are 4-5 weeks old and are growing faster than I thought.
  15. BestDiscoMan13

    Which is the cutest?

    Which chick is cuter? Shadow Becky Goldie Autumn
  16. BestDiscoMan13

    Can mixed chicken breeds reproduce chicks?

    I have 4 Easter's egger and I'm wondering can Easter eggers reproduce? Well they are a hybrid or a mixed breed. It will be adorable to see baby chicks walking around.
  17. DiYMama540

    Back to school- homework time

    My littlest is back to school...the majority of his homework in the evening is reading. He's never very enthusiastic about reading so today I suggested he read to the chickens. We read Duck on a bike by David Shannon.
  18. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Love my chickens!

    There’s nothing wrong with these guys. I just love them and think they are so cute!!! The older Barred Rock is Samantha The Rode island red with the cuts is Rebecca The skinnier Rhode Island Red without the cuts is Susannah The little leghorn is Patty The pullet Barred Rock is Maddie
  19. KikiDeAnime

    Our 8 eight week old puppies (Photos!)

    Our 8 puppies! These photos are from yesterday afternoon. We'll be trying to find them some good homes soon. We gave them their first shots last night before bed. I'm attached to the runt(first photo) but we sadly can't keep any of them due to our 3 dog limit. Both parents are ours...
  20. Momplus1

    Adorable Attempt at a Crow for 8 week old Cockerel

    I just had to share this because it's too cute! "KnotHead" is 8 weeks old. He is from a Crested Cream Legbar Hen and Copper Maran Rooster. My daughter named him this because he has always had a knot on his head, right before his beak starts. All 3 guys are going to be joining their bigger flock...