1. Y

    Any ideas on the breed?

    I’ve had this cute little bantam hen for over a year now and I absolutely love her. I got her from another chicken owner when she was already full grown and laying so she is at least 2 years old. She weighs on average 1.3 lbs and lays off white eggs averaging around 31g on a somewhat irregular...
  2. S

    Hi guys I’m back again with more questions about my chickie sexes

    Hi I recently asked you guys about the sexes of my mixed range of chicks and you told me to wait a while since then two of them turned out to be roos and we had to dispose of them and now we have more signs that we may have more😢😭 i noticed that three of them have bumps on their legs which may...
  3. Peskypigeon

    An uncommon love story...

    I love Hitoko, but don’t always have time to follow him around when he’s out of his tank getting into trouble. So I knew I needed a friend for him. ...but I’ve only ever had bad luck hatching my own eggs, partially due to a garbage incubator. So he’s never gotten a little i don’t have a...
  4. Perplexed Perri

    Perplexed Perri

    She looks kinda confused in this picture! (2018-2020, RIP)
  5. DontChickenOut14

    What kind of music do your birds like?

    So...what kind of music do your birds like? Do they have a favorite musical artist? My two budgies are OBSESSED with The Weeknd's Blinding Lights! Every time I play it they start singing.
  6. Cattt123

    Help Button to walk again!

    Button is a pretty little Coturnix quail, only 4 1/2 months old. I adopted her int on my loving home recently as her owner couldn’t care for a disabled girl. She was hatched with her siblings, grew up living her best life. When she was about 6 weeks old she started walking oddly, which quickly...
  7. DontChickenOut14

    Meet JoJo the budgie!

    I recently got a little budgie that I named JoJo (after Jonathan Joestar). I. LOVE. HIM. He is the sweetest little thing! He is a little gentlebird.
  8. SolarDuck

    Just some cute duck videos.

    I'm just gonna use this thread to post any cute duck videos that I happen to take. Here is the 1st! If anyone else wants to share any cute duck vids feel free!
  9. Kel60

    Pics of the nuggets for everyone's enjoyment

    These nuggets are 11 days old
  10. Aww, little Homie!!

    Aww, little Homie!!

    My Homie deeply sleeping. She still konks out this way even as a young pullet.
  11. Homie are you sleepy?

    Homie are you sleepy?

    Little Homie caught in a biiiig yawn.
  12. How to lose a finger at my house in 30 seconds or less.

    How to lose a finger at my house in 30 seconds or less.

    Peeps gang are growing up and learning how to mug you for food. Imagine, iv'e got ten of these little goblins. Wouldn't trade it :)
  13. D

    Crazy duck

    One of our ducks keeps attacking my husband boot when he goes to put them in for the night! We have lost a lot of new bantams as well. A lot of our flock were given to us and wandering why this duck likes my husband's boots? Just inquiring on what is good for growing around their pen. Wanting...
  14. DontChickenOut14

    Unofficial Chicken Show! All Chickens Welcome (Any age, any breed, etc.)! (Ends September 30)

    Feel free to share any of your chickens for my chicken show! The winner will get a digital drawing of their winning chicken done by me! Just post your entry in the replies, and tell me their age, gender, breed, and name. One entry per person please! Have fun!
  15. Peeps gang 2

    Peeps gang 2

    Homie my "spinner" member of the peeps gang.
  16. Peeps gang

    Peeps gang

    Short gif of the newest kids.
  17. DontChickenOut14

    MY BABIES JUST SHIPPED! HOORAY!! (Follow this thread to see first pics of them!)

    My chicks I bought from Meyer Hatchery just shipped today at 1:01 pm! I am excited to say that they could arrive as soon as tomorrow! I also am thinking about names for the babies. Comment below your best name ideas for two Gold-Laced Wyandottes, a Green Queen, an Easter Egger, and a Speckled...
  18. DontChickenOut14

    Countdown to my newest flock addition!

    I will be receiving 5 more baby chicks on the 25th - 27th of this month (August). This thread will be an exciting countdown to that! I will post a new message for each day counting down, and will update my status on my preparation for them! Also, feel free to comment your name recommendations...
  19. ISA Brown Up Close 1.jpg

    ISA Brown Up Close 1.jpg

    One of two up-close pics of my hens that I took through chicken wire with my iPhone.
  20. ISA Brown Up Close 2.jpg

    ISA Brown Up Close 2.jpg

    One of two up-close pics of my hens that I took through chicken wire with my iPhone.
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