1. D

    Cuteness overload

    Just wanted to share a few pictures of our four ducklings - now over 3 weeks old. These were supposed to be khaki campbells and at this point we have serious doubts whether any of them are in fact that ... probably rouens or some mix of all sorts. One of them has already started quacking a bit...
  2. ecb4156

    10 week old hen..

    I got her out of the barred rock container at tractor supply, obviously is not what they said she was. She is bantam sized and all black. I’m just curious as to what she is. Thank y’all
  3. BarredRockMommy

    Another Freebie Not Sure Of Breed!

    Meet NIGEL! He is sooooo cute! I think its a roo, but not 100%. Fixing his leg also so dont mind the thing around his legs. Same age as my other chick, but a whole lot less feather growth, and apparently that means roo...maybe? Any guesses on breed or gender already? Very chill bird! I was...
  4. BarredRockMommy

    Calling all Lakenvelders!

    Welcome to everything Lakenvelder! Feel free to talk about anything Lakenvelder related! Pictures are greatly appreciated! Let's get started! This is my angel, Road Runner! Yes, like Wiley Coyote TV show! She is our most flighty bird. Yes its a she and she has spurs. She's my special little...
  5. BarredRockMommy

    Everything House Chicken!

    This is not an argument ground! I feel like this topic is very touchy with some people, so please read the following rules. Rules! ~ if it's not nice don't say it ~ have fun showing off your house chicken(s)! With that over. Let's get on, us crazy chicken owners! Here you can post anything...
  6. BarredRockMommy

    Mixed Breed Chick! Any guesses??

    Rescued this little thing yesterday. It is in treatment, so you don't have to comment about it's leg:) any guess on breed from this or wanna take stab at gender and test out your sexing abilities lol! It's only a couple days old and i know its too young to really tell, but though it would be...
  7. SniperGoose

    Sniper's adorable Easter costume

    I like to dress up my Sniper girl a little bit for some holidays. Whether it be something as simple as a themed bandanna, or something a little more elaborate like so: Wasn't sure she'd even let me put her headpiece on, but she was surprisingly ok with it. She even started falling asleep...
  8. Kris5902

    First calf of 2019!

    I have to share this somewhere... and since husband beat me to Facebook, which I’m never on anymore, and got the better pic... I’ve been eagerly waiting for this since mid January. Scratching Rhonda’s bum daily, (you should see the girls “dance” when I hit the good spot near the tail! 1600+# of...
  9. Chicken Coop 001

    Chicken Coop 001

    Finished chicken run. Sides and top all covered in chicken wire with entire perimeter below ground lines in hardware cloth to prevent varmints from digging into the coop. It's been 2 years since this was completed and so far no problems. Yay!
  10. NubbyRyuu

    New Baby Chicks!

    Just wanted to show off these cuties! Cin's trying to get the Ayam Cemini chickens. Although these ones aren't, they're still cute! And this one's I think my favorite.
  11. SniperGoose

    Merry Christmas from Sniper!

    Sniper was feeling festive today and wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas! :)
  12. Stacyoung13


    Just an update to let you know that my babies have names!! they are 4 days old today. Mr./Miss Duckles Daisy Minnie 2 of my granddaughters named the chicks.:jumpy I named the duck. If only they stayed little forever. HAHA.
  13. SniperGoose

    My new ducks!

    The other week my cousin contacted us saying that his buddy was getting rid of his ducks and wondered if we would take them. We've had so many ducks over the years, and love them, so we said yes! Though they never said what breed the ducks were or anything. So I was curious as to what they were...
  14. Stacyoung13


    This is what my hubby left under the tree !! 2 Cornish Rocks and a White Pekin
  15. SniperGoose

    The Goose Train has no brakes

    I was going through old videos on my phone and found this gem! :lol: Taken back in 2017 when my geese were a few months old. They got a little too happy when I refilled their pool and this happened! No one was hurt, but it sure did give me a good laugh! I've since then gotten them a large...
  16. duckymomo

    Odd rooster

    I had a small flock of babies all of which came off a line of dorking the hen is easily 15th generation and only Rhode Island Red mix as far as I know that’s all we’ve ever had and my neighbors bought a rooster and just gave us..this is the first flock that’s stayed around to adulthood and out...
  17. B

    Raising wildish chicks

    I can’t post pictures yet. Anyway this is how the story goes. So I was going to a local town to buy some fish, and there is this 7-eleven I like stopping at on the way over. I like stopping there because there are these chickens running around that are mutts. The other day I saw what looked like...
  18. LoveScovies

    Muscovy Ducklings for Sale in NY

    Hello all. We have 14 muscovy ducklings for sale, approx. 3 weeks old. $5.00 each. Parents are pied, most ducklings look like they will be as well, there is 1 all yellow duckling who looks like it could be an all white muscovy. Contact if interested and I will provide more pictures. Pics...
  19. June Chick


  20. imneva

    My chickies

    i am quite surprised as to how fun chickens are. And seem to be easier than any other critter I have ever had. They are full of antics! My favorite part of hanging with them is when they dust bathe! They nearly disappear into the shaving peat mix. I have a dust bath set up for them but...
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