1. WyandotteH

    How cute are these

    Fresh out of the incubator New Hampshire, Sussex, and a Silky
  2. Goldenrod1210


    Jenny is a buff orpington, 2 years old. I raised her from a chick, she is the sweetest and friendliest chicken I've ever met. She is basically a chicken dog- she follows you around and is always the first to investigate things. She is a bit of a hog when it comes to food- she tries to get all...
  3. Amenbrotherben

    Babies Update

    Hey everybody, Here is an update on my new bantam flock! We have four buff Cochins, two barred Cochins, 2 silver Sebrights, 2 blue Cochins, 2 buff Silkies, 1 black Silkie, 1 black Japanese, 1 red Cochin and what I think is a golden laced Cochin (It was the rare exotic chick so lemme know if...
  4. Bat

    Fun little cross breeds

    we tried to hatch some serama with no luck but our two control eggs did make it. They’re interesting. Father was lavender carrying partridge Cochin bantam. One mother was chamois polish, the other was a frizzle god knows what. I think there might be a touch of lavender in the polish and the...
  5. Nats Chickens

    Come and chat 'bout your Guinea Pigs!

    Hi everyone, I have tried to start a guinea pig chat thread before, but it didn't hit off so I am trying again. These are our guinea pigs. Teazel, Female Abbsinniyan. RIP Buttons, Teazels sister, female. 2 months old, October to December, 2017. Snowy, Teazels other sister, female...
  6. Nats Chickens

    My Chooks!!

    Hi want to introduce you to my flock! Belle, RIRXAustralorp Jewel, RIRXAustralorp Nim, RIRXRIW Leaf, RIRXRIW Sherbet, RIRXRIW Mini, RIRXAustralorp Pip and Tinky (Pip at the front, Tinky at the back), RIWXLeghorn And that is all of them, can anyone guess their personalites...
  7. Nats Chickens

    Baby pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everybody I have 4 12 week old pullets and this morning I found their baby pics!! Mini, 3 days. Nim, 3 days. Leaf, 3 days. Sherbet, 2 days. Unfortunately I do not have baby pics of my older four as we got them as pullets. But aren't these guys too cute?!
  8. ChickenGirl.Cluck

    Where is the best place to get silkies!

    I want to keep silkies along with the laying birds but I have no clue where to get them and I don’t want a straight run I want females!
  9. A Fail

    Spangled Old English Bantams Eastern NC

    Pair of Spangled Old English Bantams 6 months in age. Must pick up, I do not want to ship them. $40.00
  10. C

    HELP!! Introducing new female to flock!!!

    I just got a new female duck for my drake. She was born May 29th. When can I start introducing her to the drake? There is one other female duck and 11 chickens. Someone told me to wait until she is 6 months so the drake doesn't kill her. Is that true? My flock is free range and my backyard is...
  11. Skywarita

    Does anyone know what breed my chicken is??

    Hello! Im new here :) so i got a new chicken yesterday and shes a smaller breed but she acts like an eagle ITS WEIRD, heres a pic of her.. Idk if she has traits of a specific breed! And she also has huge paws
  12. Nats Chickens


    Hi this is a chat thread for guinea pigs, where we talk about or guinea pigs and various other things. So come and talk about yourself and your pigs!
  13. Squeak61

    Baby goats!

    Hey everyone! I have wonderful news; our two baby Nigerian dwarf goats came home yesterday :D They are wonderful (and a tad mischievous :rolleyes: ). We’re so excited. I just had to share some pictures with everyone :) Meet Georgie and Walter!
  14. house.of.ducks

    Just some pics of my lovely Cayuga lol

    nothing serious lol I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures of Sumatra my 2.5 month old Cayuga duckling. There’s many more on my instagram @ house.of.ducks lol.
  15. Squeak61

    Adding to the homestead

    Exciting news everyone!:ya We got goats!!! My family and I were planning on getting babydoll sheep, but after more research, they just didn’t seem like a good fit. So instead, we got two wethered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We went to Stone Silo Farms and picked them out. I highly recommend them...
  16. fangedknight

    2 Silver Ameraucana Chicks For Sale

    Hi everyone, in addition to my rooster I'm trying to sell, I also have 2 beautiful Silver Ameraucana chicks in the brooder right now. These are true blue egg gene Ameraucanas, descended from John Blem's lines they are not easter eggers. Both are around 3-4 weeks old so still tiny and cute...
  17. GertrudeLover01

    Ayam Cemani Rooster For Sale in TN

    Hi all! I have an ayam cemani that was not supposed to be a rooster. I already have 3 other roosters and thus need to get rid of him. His name is Wednesday and he Is located in Murfreesboro, TN but I am willing to travel short distances to meet with a buyer. The price is $20 OBO. He was sold to...
  18. Quackers3211

    New Ducks, What Breed???

    I recently got some new ducks, I don’t know if anyone saw the post but they currently cannot quack as the previous owner did not properly care for them. I’m trying to figure out the breed and gender of them all as I do not need any more males. There is 8 of them and they are three months old...
  19. Baby silkie cuddling with stuffed bunny

    Baby silkie cuddling with stuffed bunny

  20. Baby silkie with stuffed bunny

    Baby silkie with stuffed bunny

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