1. LTQ 01

    LTQ 01

  2. BabySweetsTurkeys

    Spoiled turkeys?

    I think they’re definitely spoiled, especially my female BabySweets! They’ll be turning 5 May 10!❤️
  3. H

    Wyandotte gender? Thoughts?

    8 weeks old!!! Hazel Henrietta (with Frankie photobombing) What’s throwing me off is the red color peaking through? Thank you!!!
  4. HuskerHens18

    How long should I let my broody hatch eggs?

    My Sizzle and Belgian Quail have been dual hatching eggs (isnt that so cute?) for about 6 weeks. I throw a few eggs under every couple days and so the last two weeks or so I've been collecting chicks from underneath them. How long is too long to continue this with the same two broodies? I...
  5. ChickenGirl555

    I got my chicks!

    I’m so happy! I finally got my polish chicks I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of March! I got one of each: Silver Laced Polish, Golden Laced Polish, Buff Laced Polish, and White Crested Black Polish. I was worried because there was a chance I would have to wait until April 20th for the...
  6. GracieJ

    Here’s a couple pics of my duck family :)

    I thought I’d share some cute pics of my nearly 4 week old ducklings and their parents. Please forgive me if I’ve posted this in the wrong place, I tried looking in the duck forum but didn’t really think it was appropriate to just start posting duck pictures amongst people asking questions...
  7. B

    Pastel Springtime Enamel Chicken Pins! Pre-Order now!!

    Description The proofs have been approved are ready to go! This adorable chicken is ready for spring! Inspired by my love of backyard chickens and my own precious hens (especially my sweet black copper marans). You can pre-order one or both...
  8. L

    April 2018 Dog Show

    Hello, I thought it would be fun to have a Dog show. So I having a dog show lol! All BYC rules apply please enter name, age, breed, and if you want to personality. The winner of this contest will get a special edit to their picture. The picture will get judged by healthiness of the dog...
  9. Yellow's first day (No name yet)

    Yellow's first day (No name yet)

  10. Speedychicken27


    I am getting a baby bunny in a few weeks and it will need a name! Pls comment cute boy and girl names! (My previous bunnies name was whinnie she was amazing):love I have came up with 2 names u can vote but pls comment more.
  11. Embden Geese

    Gosling Names!

    So were getting two new goslings, but were struggling to find good names for them our current geese are called Dapple and Snowflake Anyone have any ideas? We'll let you know what we name them. Here is one of them Thank you
  12. 34Fam

    Hey Guess What??????

  13. SpokaneChickenLover

    Aggressive chick

    Reading some forums on here I'm seeing that others have experienced a bit of an aggressive chick. 2nd day alive and my white silkie chick seems to be a bit of a bully to the black silkie chick. Just curious if this is a trait of a male? Seems whitey always has to be in front of the other or eat...
  14. avachickengirl


    I have 3 chickens and they are very cute And that's all I have to say!
  15. Silkie haircut

    Silkie haircut

    BT got a haircut. This is her just after it.
  16. Silkies


    UP (left) & BT (right) My friend and I recently discovered silkies have five toes on each foot instead of four wooooah
  17. BT


    We gave the silkies hair cuts because they couldn't see! Now they can and I'm sure they're happy about it.
  18. Rii Looking Amazing

    Rii Looking Amazing

  19. About me and the birds :)

    About me and the birds :)

    HI! My name is Luke, i am a 20 year-old part time photographer, full time student pilot and now full time papa duck! i first got my chickens as a year 8 science project back in 2012. for the project we had to chose something which grows, then measure and record its growth over like 2 or 3...
  20. Star and eclipsa

    Just random

    Post pictures of your chickens, tell stories, or just talk about anything! I want to know about the cute, weird, and funny things your little feathered friends have done!
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