1. Star and eclipsa


    I downloaded a new app for my chicks
  2. Star and eclipsa

    Chickens and christmas!

    they discovered the christmas tree
  3. Bat

    Beautiful mixed frizzle rooster

    Hey everyone. We have a beautiful frizzle rooster who’s sit-on-lap tame and loves people. He’s mixed bantam from lavender and some other stuff and looks sort of like an old tartan rag doll. Unfortunately we have a frizzle hen and are light on hens so we have to give him up or make him die which...
  4. CourtneyTartan

    Just some photos of my cute new babies.

    Hey guys, just posting some images of my new call duck babies. enjoy :) As they grow I`ll probably keep posting photos here of them.
  5. HalpMeh

    Silkies with Other Chickens

    My silkies are just getting to laying age. I ended up with 4 roosters and 2 hens. (Tractor supply told me one thing, I got another. LONG story,)Would my chickens be okay if I added some other type of hen chickens to the flock? What kinds of hens could I add? What would work the best with my...
  6. Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

    Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer

    Twelve-year-old Sophie Brown feels like a fish out of water when she and her parents move from Los Angeles to the farm they’ve inherited from a great-uncle. But farm life gets more interesting when a cranky chicken appears and Sophie discovers the hen can move objects with the power of her...
  7. chickenlover chickencrazy

    Big'N'Small Poll - Ends 22 August!

    We have had the amazing entries and now all you have to do is vote for the winner! Entries Lupmunk Names: Lupin & Chipmunk Breeds: Standard Cochin & Old English Game Bantam Owner: RoostersAreAwesome AnDo Names: Anna & Dorothy Breeds: OEGB & French Houdan Owner: JaeG Sweetcup...
  8. C

    Sex of chick

    Hi, could someone please tell me the sex of this orpington chick. Thanks!
  9. chickenlover chickencrazy

    Big'N'Small Contest - Entries by 15 August - Poll ends 22 August

    Do you have a Jersey Giant and a Serama? Or maybe you have a Rhode Island Red and a Buff Orpington chick? Take a photo of your cute couple and enter them into this competition! You will need to include their names, their breeds, their joint name and their photo. Anyone can win! The entries end...
  10. TheAngryEagleKiwi

    Fortuna, one tough little chicken!

    I've had chickens for a few years now and almost all of them has made an impact on me and I loved each one of them in different way, but there's some who are more special than others and got a special place in my heart. This thread is for a Houdan named Fortuna (You'll see why soon) that I...
  11. LilJoe

    LilJoe's Serama Thread!

    Welcome to this Serama thread! Please post pictures and talk about Seramas here!:) Follow ALL BYC Rules! PLEASE NO INAPPROPROPRIATE PICS!!! NO insulting about the conditions the birds are being held in. If you MUST say something say it in an appropriate and nice way. Otherwise please PM that...
  12. Lauren Kim

    Cute Names for Specific Chickens

    Hi, BYC community! I have come up with a long list of cute chicken names that are sorted by breeds. Orpingtons - French Toast - Lola - Garlic - Honey Plymouth Rock - Zebra(based on color) - Kwan - Adri(means "rock" in Indian) - Zia Speckled Speckled Sussex - Klaus - Curious - Spot - Apt(quick...
  13. MageofMist

    Do your chicken chicks do this too?

    Mine start whining when I give them treats, some sound like accordions and one even sounds like an eagle or old fashioned kettle. I got a vid of them doing it and it is quite adorable. I have searched for whining chickens on YT and never seen anything regarding this. :lau These birds make some...
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