1. R

    City dweller with free-range backyard micro flock

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I raised chickens in rural Connecticut in the late 1980s, but stopped when I moved back to Chicago. I restarted the chicken obsession in 2017 when one of my daughter's school friends had baby chicks but had no idea how to care for...
  2. G

    Are these Delawares?

    I'm thinking they are both cockerels Got them from Atwoods and they are 5 weeks old
  3. C

    Dont know what breed chicken this is. Help!

    So i have this chick 6 weeks old and As a week old chick it was yellow with a grey line on its head. I thought it would be a Delaware but it has alittle brown and grey on it. What breed is it?
  4. S

    2 Delaware Cockerels - zip 23236 Virginia

    2 Delaware cockerels- in need of a new coop. RICHMOND VIRGINIA AREA. White ones. Their Hatch date was around April 13 (7 weeks at pictures). Message me any questions. Since I am aware that they are endangered heritage breed, hopefully someone needs a roo to help continue the breed.
  5. JenniferBoileau


  6. TEaCup Acres

    2 week and 7 week chicks

    Hi! Selling our mixed breed backyard chicks. The boys are hoping for $5 each, but I’m open to offers. :) Mixed breeds, good egg layers, not show quality. Our roos are a Cochin, langshan, and Japanese bantam. Our hens are RIR, Black ameracauna, Plymouth Rock, Easter egger, Delaware, and...
  7. bockbockbecca

    Hen or Roo

    This is my 15 week old Delaware Peckahontas. Isn’t that a sickle feather? No crowing but her comb & wattles are bigger than my other pullets (no other Delawares to compare to). And she/he is slightly larger than the other pullets I got at the same time.
  8. TheChiggens

    Delaware~ CHAT Thread

    Thought I'd make a thread on Delewares knowing there a great breed! So talk away my enthusiasts! Also, I would like to see pics and hear from people trying to breed the purebred Deleware. I know for me I just have hatchery quality. But still find them AMAZING birds :love Here is Little...
  9. Wolfsbane

    Shaking rooster

    My rooster Iapetus was laying on the shelf under the perch this morning shaking like a leaf and unable to stand, he was on the opposite side of where he was sleeping last night. His symptoms: Full body shaking Weak legs he can't use them at all Louder breathing One eye has a little frothy foam...
  10. Katonk

    Epic search for real Delawares

    So I'm looking for large meat delawares and it's been a sad search so far. I was excited to be planning a purchase from Claborn Farms but he emailed back to let me know he had lost his flock to illness. Totally heartbreaking, his lines showed his love of the breed and years of hard careful work...
  11. Georgeschicks

    Thin Eggshells

    Hey! My two year old Delaware hen has been laying extremely weird eggs lately. I have found smashed eggs in the coop with other eggs untouched that are in the same box. The egg shells are super thin and break almost upon contact. I always make sure they have oyster shells and they have feed...
  12. Georgeschicks

    2 two and a half year old hens stopped laying

    hello! my two and a half year old bcm and delaware hens stopped laying recently. the bcm hasn’t been laying for a while but we didn’t realize that our delaware wasn’t laying until this week bc we had two other hens who layed similar eggs. the bcm i posted about previously and people told me she...
  13. R

    When to Move to Coop

    Hello, all! My family and I are new to chickens, and we're trying to figure out when to move them to the coop. We have three chickens that we got through a farm store, so while we know roughly how old they are, we don't know for sure. One (a Delaware) is quite large (possibly too large for the...
  14. Ra_

    The Florida

    This is a crossbreed project inspired by the Delaware breed. The Delaware were created from white sports that resulted from mating a Barred Rock rooster to a New Hampshire hen. I crossed my Barred Rock roo with Dixie Rainbow, which look similar to New Hampshire but instead of 5 to 6 pounds...
  15. Kathys Coop

    Delaware cockerel aggressive to other chicks

    I have total 26 - 10 week old chickens. I lost 2 early on unfortunately they were girls. I only wanted 2 roosters for my flock but the hatchery sent me the free chick...which i specifically said i didn't want. So i have 1 Black Australorp cockerel & 1 Delaware cockerel that seems to be doing...
  16. C

    What have you cross your CX with?

    Any pictures and stats, of the F1 cross, or first generation of the cross would be greatly appreciated. :wee Live and carscass :D
  17. aliciaplus3

    Treebeard's offspring

    Tree beard happens to be the name of a Large white roo that was given to me over a year ago.... here he is with one of his Nn girlfriends fall of 17. We did a rough weight on him and at 14 pounds he weighs more than some of my turkeys! We hatched out a batch from him and his Nn girlfriends...
  18. paloma1785

    Colombian Rock/Delaware/EE?

    I have a young hen that I acquired from my daughter's school and was told she was an Easter Egger. She is growing steady and well but I am not seeing that thick feathery neck I associate with EEs. I believe she is around 18 weeks. I was thinking she looks like a Delaware or maybe Columbian Rock?
  19. MomTooMany

    Barnvelder... doubtful and Deleware roo or hen?

    The "Barnie" is about 4 months old and I'm more sure it's female, but it sure doesn't look like a real Barnvelder. What is Phoenix? Rescued a Deleware from a feed store today... way overcrowded and just sad. Anyway, I asked him was he sure it's a hen and he said yes. In daylight (which the poor...
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