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  1. Z

    Dog kennel or electric poultry netting?

    Need to enclose the flock all the time for now because we’ve lost too many hens to predators. We do live in rural SoCal mountains and we have bobcats and coyotes here daily as well as hawks. Electro netting seems easy enough (though we’d need to work around trees and fences) but I can’t cover...
  2. E

    Converting dog lot into run

    So after months of looking at wonderful Pinterest designs and pricing sheds, my husband and I are scratching our ideas of either buying a new shed and make it into a coop nor are we converting one of the several old sheds we have on his family's old farm property due to way too much wear and...
  3. My new favorite brooder - Two level dog crate set up! (Picture included)

    My new favorite brooder - Two level dog crate set up! (Picture included)

    Hello Everyone! Having raised chickens in cardboard boxes for the first week, to large plastic storage bins, to dog crates and outdoor pop up screened tents prior to moving into the coop with the adults. I have to say out of all the dog crates we've used for when they're about 1 month old and...
  4. Eilsel

    Skirt on Chain Link for Run

    So! The chicks have moved to the coop and it's pretty much all set in there, with the exception of nest boxes which I'm not going to worry about for a while. My attention now has turned to the run. I have 50 linear feet of 6' tall chain link dog panels attached to a side of my coop, so my run...
  5. Tk421s Member Page

    Tk421s Member Page

    My Chicken Coop This 20 ft dog concrete paved dog run was the base for my new coop (May 2010): It has a full-sized chain-link door, a concrete foundation, a chain-link roof, and perfectly good supports. The dog kennel frame is made of steel angle iron with pre-drilled holes. Here's what I...
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