Skirt on Chain Link for Run

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    Dec 15, 2017
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    So! The chicks have moved to the coop and it's pretty much all set in there, with the exception of nest boxes which I'm not going to worry about for a while. My attention now has turned to the run.

    I have 50 linear feet of 6' tall chain link dog panels attached to a side of my coop, so my run is roughly 10' x 20'. I bought 100 ft. of 1" x 2" welded wire fencing that is 3' tall to make the lower portion of the chain link more secure.

    Here is my main question: Can I bend the wire fencing and put 2' of it on the run and a 1' skirt? For now I just want the run to be dog-proof during the day, the birds will be locked in the coop at night which is predator-proofed with 1/2" HW cloth.

    Eventually my goal will be for the run to be predator-proof as well so I can leave the pop door open, but that's a ways off. I am planning to cover the run as well, but still working out details on how/what to cover it with.
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    I did that on my quail pen, used a 1' apron and 2' up the sides to keep the little birds from getting through the chain link. Worked well, until they started flying up higher, then I had to continue up the walls. For chickens you wouldn't have that problem tho!
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  3. Cryss

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    Nov 12, 2017
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    Raccoon can reach through 1x2 wire. They do Come out in daylight. I have the same 10x6 panels. I put 1/2 inch hardware cloth up 4 ft. The 2 remaining ft I used the 1x2 wire and continued this across the top for hawk type protection. NOW my Easter Egger has started flying to the top of the henhouse roof to perch bringing her head to within maybe 2 inches of the roof wire! I'll be changing this to 1/2 inch hardware cloth! I will also be burying same hardware cloth 2 feet down. A mouse got through my 1x2 two foot apron.

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