My new favorite brooder - Two level dog crate set up! (Picture included)

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    Hello Everyone!

    Having raised chickens in cardboard boxes for the first week, to large plastic storage bins, to dog crates and outdoor pop up screened tents prior to moving into the coop with the adults.

    I have to say out of all the dog crates we've used for when they're about 1 month old and need to fly around and do stuff during the day while I'm at work - this one is the best! I'm sure there are many like this that have dividers and pull out trays, the key to the divider in this one is it has hooks on the ends so you can turn it and hook it on the sides to create a two storey kids coop!

    Top level I use a cardboard box to train them to go in there while they're young - when I take them outside they go in it with a towel when they get cold. I also use towels instead of newspaper which chicks tend to eat, I wash them with bleach and shake them out of dry poops prior to throwing them in the wash. So much easier than newspapers or shavings. Less messy too. I do need to put cardboard on the wire before putting the towels down because the chicks still don't like walking across the wide gaped divider fence.

    Bottom level we leave empty, put a large plastic waterer, and we use a kitty litter bin from the Dollar Store for food - this helps hold it in as they scratch, and when they do the pulling of food with their beaks it doesn't go anywhere. We pull the tray out and if it's not too bad wash it off in the shower, but if they've had a busy day, wash it off outside with a hose. We did put cardboard around the outside to help keep light out for at night when they go to sleep. On top of the crate we have a heat lamp as they're in our basement which is really cold and they're still shivery without it.

    We're loving this because they have room to jump up and down, it's less work to keep clean than the bins, and they really like having lots of room to practice being chickens :D
    Four Cuckoo Marans wondering what the heck I'm doing!
    Picture of our set up just cleaned obviously:cool:

    This crates specs (in no way a paid ad):
    Folding ProSelect - Professional Crates - Large with removable divider panel and bottom tray:

    We bought ours from someone on Craigslist for $40 which according to the price on Amazon for what we have is a steal!

    I hope this gives everyone ideas!

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