1. weavingpachtie

    Hello! Is my 2yo hen turning into a rooster?

    Hello! I have an enormous 2-year-old RI Red who lost a toe in her first summer, 5 Dominiques, and four 4-5 wk old chicks (2 Easter Eggers & 2 Wyandottes). I’ve gotten tips from this forum for a few years now(thanks!), but only recently made an account. I recently read somewhere something like...
  2. pattijoiner

    Dominique gender help

    I’m thinking this is a roo but it seems a little darker than most….. what ya think?
  3. PistolHollidayIV

    Barred rock,Dominique,cuckoo maran or something else?

    New members here!! So recently me and my girlfriend decided to get six chicks from our local orschlns that said four were barred rocks(other two rhode island reds) but after reading some on here I fear this may not be correct. I read barred rocks are supposed to have yellow legs but these are...
  4. Dominique Chick

    Dominique Chick

    A very fluffy baby chicken!
  5. Dominique Sees You

    Dominique Sees You

  6. arizona_chicken_noob

    3 months old... About when do they reach full size?

    I am totally new to chickens and my Dominiques are 3 months old now. I'm wondering, about when are they full grown and/or how large should I expect them to be? I know that Dominiques are slightly smaller than other breeds, and I know "five pounds" is a weight estimate, but I am clueless to the...
  7. J

    Mid December egg count.

    Kept a count of eggs from my layers this (Dec 12-18). All the birds are less than a year old. I have 2 breeds of ducks and 4 breeds of chickens. All my birds forage freely on my 5 acres during the day except my Rhode Island Reds who have a run. Best layers were my Welsh Harlequin ducks. I have...
  8. Jaime918

    In Search Of..... :)

    :frow:frow Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! I'm trying to plan ahead of time and figure out my game plan. So I'm searching early as I plan to acquire probably Feb.-Mar. '22. I've looked at hatcheries and either they don't have what I want in hatching eggs or after doing research, their...
  9. 7C66DF95-4573-40B4-B9ED-0D69BF939CF9.jpeg


    Pretty Pepper. ❤️
  10. 21746613-686B-47B9-BB63-0EDD860F96DB.jpeg


    Lovely Salt. She was so young!
  11. B

    When does a rooster start to crow?

    I have a Dominicker rooster that has yet to crow. We bought him in April and it looks like he’s full grown, being that he is only slightly smaller than my older girls, but he hasn’t crowed at all yet? Is it still too early? He had the feathering of a male bird. I’ll attach a photo that was...
  12. ChickenLeg

    ChickenLeg's Cup of Joe Thread

    Hey mates 🖐 I have a few random threads I update time to time, but thought it'd be nice to have a catch-all thread with no specific focus. I find myself checking BYC at work each morning.. so Good Morning BYC and welcome to my cup of joe ☕☕☕
  13. 3KillerBs

    Five POL Pullets in Central NC -- at least 2 are Now Laying!

    Update Nov. 11 -- Not POL, at least 2 are now Laying. From Ideal Hatchery's May 19th hatch so 18-weeks at the time I post this. 1 French Cuckoo Marans -- Fricasee 2 Dominiques -- Classic and Everroast 2 Large-Fowl Silver-Laced Cochins -- Nugget and Kebob All healthy and without any issues...
  14. L

    Dominique roo with pale comb can't lift head

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) Dominique cockerel, 7mo, healthy weight (last week at the fair he won best of breed, best of class, and best large fowl! he's my keeper!!) 2) What is the behavior, exactly. I found him...
  15. B

    Could my hen be a rooster?

    I have a Dominicker named Blueberry Michelle and recently I’ve noticed that her tail feathers have a curl or sickle shape to them. My mom says that some hens can have tail feathers like that and we hope she’s not a rooster cause we planned on only having chickens for eggs not breeding. If she is...
  16. M

    Broken leg? Injury healed crooked.

    So this curious girl went through the fence with our speckled Sussex and got hurt. The Sussex looked like she was in bad shape so I isolated and took care of the wounds. She’s fine now. This girl only looked like she had a tiny nick on her leg and scrape on her back. Those both healed quick and...
  17. Amazons

    Hatch along: Show Dominiques

    I have been raising Dominques for a couple years now and this year I am finally making some project selections to produce high quality show and meat birds as well as hatch a new line to add in a few birds to improve their comb details. So, as a hatch along, here is my first little incubator...
  18. gizzard73

    New and need help identifying sexes and breeds

    Hi all! I recently purchased seven chicks and its probably still a bit early to confirm sexes and breeds for sure but I'd appreciate any help you could provide on this! I know at least two chicks are not the breed we thought we bought, I now suspect they are Olive Eggers. The others I think...
  19. F

    4 wks old Roo or Hens?

    1 Turken, 2 Starlight Green Eggers, 3 Dominiques around 4 weeks of age. I posted these pics on a couple of Facebook Groups, as well. My husband and I are not allowed roo's where we live.
  20. mojomaniac

    When do combs turn pink/red? Dominique

    I have two 4 week old dominiques. They were sold to me as female, and all the signs have pointed to them being female (shadowing on legs and feet, getting feathers quickly, uniform spot on head). I have noticed that one of them has a comb that is slightly bigger and getting more red than her...
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