1. halefamily_flock

    Need someone who can read barred head spots like tea leaves- Cream Legbar x Dominque chicks

    I thought, after a couple of hatches of Dominique chicks and then some Dominique crosses, I would be able to read head spots by now. However, these littles have me stumped. They're one day old from a Cream Legbar rooster over a Dominique hen. They all look the same & don't look very "spotty" to...
  2. Kristina Kaufman

    Sexing my chicks

    I am having some trouble determining the sex of some of my 4 week old chicks. Can anyone help? I have a Dominique and Mille Fleur D’uccle (frizzled) that I’m unsure of. Seeing a lot of pink/red on the Dominique but it’s legs have a shadow grayish look to them so I’m unsure. My Mille’s cone is...
  3. zurmakin

    Dominique pullet or cockerel

    Hello all! I have a couple of 4-week old Dominique chicks. I got them from a local feed store that told me they were all sexed to be pullets. I noticed some differences between my two Dominiques from the beginning and they are becoming even more pronounced. I was hoping to gain some insight...
  4. LadyAchee

    LadyAchee's flock

    Pictures of my flock. I will flood this thread with pictures of my mixed flock. Red our RIR cockerel. Handsome boy great protector. Sally WL. Pretty sure she will be alpha female, bossy, curious, quick. Mango RIR. Very sweet, loves to perch high, loves me. Emily aka "Dodo" Rescue possible...
  5. Phantom_k9

    Need help to try and tame a rooster!

    Hi all! We got our first batch of chickens from a friend who hatches then for her first grade class. We had no idea what we were getting, and now we are sorta stuck with two hens, a Gold Laced Polish roo, and a Dominique roo. The Dominique is the problem child. Believe me, we didn't want to have...
  6. M

    Chicken Eye Problem? I think an injury?

    Hi all! The first two pictures are her right eye on day one and day two. The last picture is her other eye ( I snapped a picture when she was sleeping ). I have been researching and keep coming back to an injury, but both of her eyes have problems which leads me to think it's an other issue...
  7. Bcpayne

    Egg bound cull, bruising??

    Hey y'all! Had a real bad egg bind today, she was too far gone by the time I got to her and hadn't been acting peculiar the previous day. I ended up having to cull her after working with her all day. When I plucked her she had bruising between her legs underneath her vent. When I cleaned her it...
  8. sarah4hchickens

    Dominique hens

    I have 2 ten week old Dominique hens and I was wondering how can you tell them apart from barred rocks? I also have 4 ten week old barred rocks. They all look the same to me I’m just waiting for the tails to grow out more.
  9. itsbrittanypearl

    My little Pepper 🌶 🐤

    My little dominecker Pepper follows me around like a little puppy ❤ she's my little 11 week old love
  10. NxNEChick

    New to BYC

    I love my new chickens! Six hens — 3 Buff Orpington and 3 Dominique. A few of them just started laying. One of the Orpies lays beautiful green eggs which threw me for a loop! Was doing research and found this group which confirmed my suspicions about having an BOxEE. She also looks really...
  11. E

    Are these breeds personable?

    Hi everybody! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and happy holidays to all. I currently have bantams because my boyfriend loves the minis, but my dream is having big, fat chickens lol! These would be purely pets and I would like to hear anyone’s experiences with their temperaments. Ideally...
  12. Lake2day

    ISO reputable Heritage Dominique breeder

    Hi guys! I’m looking to add some Heritage Dominiques to my flock and would like to support a small heritage breeder. I’m in Alabama but will purchase mail order chicks or hatching eggs. Know anyone?
  13. TheChiggens

    Dominique/Barred Rock Thread

    Dominique~ Bird of the pilgrims! Primary Use: Meat and eggs Egg Production (annual): 230 Eggs Size: Large Temperament: Forager, docile, personable, hardy Egg Color: Brown Origin: U.S.
  14. LikeTurkeys

    Dominque crosses

    I just had 3 chicks hatch out, 2 Dominique x Buff Orpington and 1 Dominque x Easter Egger. The Dominique is the father. One of the Buff Orpington cross chicks is more yellow in the face and has a rose comb, the other is less so, smaller and has a single comb. I can't tell what kind of comb the...
  15. earth_toes

    GUYS! It happened! It finally happened!

    Our first EVER egg from our 'Tina' (Dominique)!! We thought it was our RIR, but we caught Tina in the act on Sunday giving us our second egg and singing. We are beside ourselves! 19 weeks and 6 days seems like eternity, but i tell you, this is by far the best feeling! My husband was working...
  16. ChickenLeg

    Cackle Hatchery 2019 Order Bantams Silkies OEGB Dominique

    Hey peps, Purchased 50 chicks from Cackle hatched April 1st. Received 57, 1 was lethargic but was 100% within an hour of being unboxed! 20 Splash and blue silkies SR, received 22 + 1 black 15 dominique bantams SR, received 18 5 barred rock male bantams, received 5 10 crele oegb SR, received 11...
  17. B

    Scared Chicken

    Hello everybody! We have a Dominique chicken, who is at the bottom of our pecking order of 9 guineas, 7 chickens and a rooster. We got her from a family with three times as many birds, and frankly she wasn't given any special care or attention and was in bad shape when we got her. Her health...
  18. Chiqualetta

    What to add to my flock? Opinions PLEASE!

    Hello! I currently have a flock with a mix of Rhode Island Reds, Dominique’s, one big Brahma rooster.. his lady unexpectedly passed.,Buff Orpington’s, gold laced Wyandotte’s and a handful of Easter Eggers. I keep going back-and-forth on what I want to add to my existing flock in the next couple...
  19. DzieChick

    WNY- 12 week old- 1 Dominique Cockeral and 1 Salmon Faverolle mix Cockeral

    Looking for homes for my handsome guys - the Dominique was from TSC and the Salmon fav/mixed I hatched on Sept 10th. They had a Salmon fav dad, not sure what the hens were, could have been salmons also but could be mixed, they were just a barnyard mix. I prefer to keep the darker one but could...
  20. CacklingRanch

    Cackling Ranch: Hatching Eggs Thread

    Current eggs available are out of my 2018** pullets: Older hens have stopped for the season.** Flock is PT/AI clean - NPIP has been sent off and is pending. Accidentally let it lapse. Fertility is guaranteed. Hatching is not. Once the eggs leave my property it is up to the post office to get...
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