1. Yonny

    Lot of magpie ducks Kansas City Mo, 64117

    Hi I am looking to sell 8 of my magpie ducks (4 drakes and 4 females) as a lot -$160 The silver/lavender colored one is a drake. (They are free ranged I just penned them to get the pics)
  2. R

    Drake being aggressive to my other drake...

    I have four pekin 2 male 2 female. Everyone gets along just fine and were raised together. Yesterday one of my my drakes was chasing the other drake around almost constant. Grabbing the back of his neck etc. I figured he was showing dominance and he would stop and it seemed towards the end of...
  3. Quacking ducks

    why are my ducks fighting with each other?

    Hi, 2 of my female ducks keep fighting with each other as well as a drake and female and also my 2 drakes. Does anyone know why they are all fighting? what should I do? Thank you
  4. Quacking ducks

    Is it ok to give my drakes layer feed?

    Hi, I have read some things that said that giving drake ducks layer pellets can give them kidney problems. Is that true? Do I need to get different feed for my 2 drakes? What should I get?
  5. H

    New flock member- mating/separation question

    I just acquired a new female Duck who is about 2 months younger than my existing flock. She hasn't reached mating age yet, my existing flock has been mating for quite a while now. My question is, do I need to keep her separated from my drakes, or is this something that I don't need to worry...
  6. D

    Which drake to keep?

    Hi there! We have two generations of khaki ducks, now all at mating age. In the flock, there are three females and three drakes so it’s time to cull and pick one to keep for future incubation. We have one drake who we got from a farm along with two other females, all of which are just over one...
  7. L

    6 ducks- mixed breeds, weights and sex

    Help! A bit of back story - We tried to hatch six Minature Silver Appleyards, we unfortunately only hatched one little duck which meant a quick panic trip to a local farm to buy some more ducklings to keep the little one company (who was only happy when being played youtube videos of other...
  8. ForestAlice

    Duckling Suddenly Scared of Us

    Hey everyone! Our duckling is nearing the 15 week mark and for the past couple of days his behavior has changed. He’s been abnormally skittish when we take him out of his cage making it very difficult for us to put him back in when we’re done cleaning and letting him stretch. It seems to all be...
  9. T

    Golden 300s

    So I've had my eye on one of our 4 golden 300s and one of our 4 white layers for a while. I suspected the golden was a male but once his first set of feathers came in I thought I must have been wrong because he looked like the ladies. Well..he has been getting his adult feathers in and tonight I...
  10. Yonny

    4 Magpie drakes for sale Kansas City, MO

    Hi, I ended up with way too many boys this season and was wondering if there were any other Magpie enthusiasts near me looking for decently marked (probably not show quality, but not quite pet quality) boys to join their flocks. 2 blue and 2 black. I’m thinking $20 ea. As you can see in the pics...
  11. B

    Hens and roosters

    I have 2 bantam roosters (which are very very small and were suppose to be hens) and I was wondering how many hens is the best amount for them. We already have 4 hens and want the smallest amount possible. Also we wanted 2 girl ducks but i think we have 1 drake. What is the smallest amount of...
  12. S


    Hi all! Newbie here! So, I've recently rehomed two drakes, they came as a pair so get on really well together and have been together since ducklings as far as i know. I'd like to add to the two of them. I'm not sure I have the space for girls as probably looking at having to get 10+ so they...
  13. Q

    Do I need to separate my drake from my ducks?

    We have one Muscovy drake and two Muscovy hens who have gone broody at the same time which dwindles the choices. 1 Cayuga hen, a mallard drake, they have been raised together since hatchlings and are definitely a pair. We added two straight run ducklings about 12 weeks ago. I'm pretty sure they...
  14. house.of.ducks

    Drakes for rehoming in Connecticut !! Urgent !!

    I have 3 drakes in desperate need of rehoming (I am located in CT). It’s not that I don’t have the time or resources to care for them, I just have WAY too many drakes and they are tearing one of my females apart. I don’t know why they single out my welshy, but they do and she now has an...
  15. A

    Need Some Input on Drakes PLEASE

    I have around 25 mallards and the 3 oldest drakes are around a year old. I noticed today 2 of them are biting and laying on the other one, it doesn't appear they are hurting him. Is this normal behavior or is there something wrong with the drake that is getting the attention? It has been going...
  16. AshleyNicole06


    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has seen this before? Its hanging out of his butt and at the end his penis I think. I thought he just froze his penis to ice, and when I went to bathe him in Epsom salt and warm water. I felt it, and it wasnt cold. Theres also blood? Hes a pekin. He seems to be...
  17. Megan_M

    Getting rid of mean drakes

    Just wondering what to do with my mean Rouen drake... I don’t necessarily want to kill him because of how beautiful he is, so any suggestions on what type of places would take him or find a need for him? Thanks!
  18. kirkyanne

    Buff orpington drake plumage

    Hello my buff ducks are almost 9 weeks old and fully feathered. Wondering when the male plumage comes through though? Drakes usually get dark heads like this: I vent sexed them young and was sure we had 4 girls and 3 boys, but they all still have similar colouring. Anyone know? This is my...
  19. SenpaiChickens

    Is it bad to put bigger duck breeds in with smaller breeds?

    I really want to put my Pekin hens and one drake in with my runner ducks. I’m a little worried that my big Pekin drake may drown the hens in the pond when trying to mate. Reminder- *Im not using kiddie pools I’ve got a small pond*
  20. C

    2 Indian Runner Drakes Free to Good Home

    My husband and I were dumb. Well, I was 8 months pregnant and he was most probably too afraid of angry hormones to talk me down but we brought home chickens and ducks from our beloved spring planting festival (we are avid gardeners) back in May. What can I say? Momma was in full blown nesting...
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