1. A

    Need Some Input on Drakes PLEASE

    I have around 25 mallards and the 3 oldest drakes are around a year old. I noticed today 2 of them are biting and laying on the other one, it doesn't appear they are hurting him. Is this normal behavior or is there something wrong with the drake that is getting the attention? It has been going...
  2. AshleyNicole06


    Hi! Just wondering if anyone has seen this before? Its hanging out of his butt and at the end his penis I think. I thought he just froze his penis to ice, and when I went to bathe him in Epsom salt and warm water. I felt it, and it wasnt cold. Theres also blood? Hes a pekin. He seems to be...
  3. Megan_M

    Getting rid of mean drakes

    Just wondering what to do with my mean Rouen drake... I don’t necessarily want to kill him because of how beautiful he is, so any suggestions on what type of places would take him or find a need for him? Thanks!
  4. kirkyanne

    Buff orpington drake plumage

    Hello my buff ducks are almost 9 weeks old and fully feathered. Wondering when the male plumage comes through though? Drakes usually get dark heads like this: I vent sexed them young and was sure we had 4 girls and 3 boys, but they all still have similar colouring. Anyone know? This is my...
  5. SenpaiChickens

    Is it bad to put bigger duck breeds in with smaller breeds?

    I really want to put my Pekin hens and one drake in with my runner ducks. I’m a little worried that my big Pekin drake may drown the hens in the pond when trying to mate. Reminder- *Im not using kiddie pools I’ve got a small pond*
  6. C

    2 Indian Runner Drakes Free to Good Home

    My husband and I were dumb. Well, I was 8 months pregnant and he was most probably too afraid of angry hormones to talk me down but we brought home chickens and ducks from our beloved spring planting festival (we are avid gardeners) back in May. What can I say? Momma was in full blown nesting...
  7. duck lover 27

    Drake to hen ratios

    Hey all! I'm a new duck momma of 2 Pekin drakes ( almost positive both are drakes ) they are I believe 10 weeks old. I'm ordering 10 Ducklings tomorrow to add to my flock! Breeds include Cayuga, Rouen, Welsh Harlequin, buff & black swedish..should all 10 be hens? That would make for a 1:5 Drake...
  8. J

    Pekin Duck Drakes

    We got ducks from Tractor Supply (novice mistake) and now we have way too many males. It's becoming an issue because we have a mix of Pekin, Mallard, a cayuga and two welsh harlequins and 5 of the pekins are male (we only ended up with 1 female.) The Pekin's are much too large to mate with our...
  9. J

    Help, too many boy ducks!!!

    We got ducks from Tractor Supply (novice mistake) and now we have way too many males. It's becoming an issue because we have a mix of Pekin, Mallard, a cayuga and two welsh harlequins and 5 of the pekins are male (we only ended up with 1 female.) The Pekin's are much too large to mate with out...
  10. Quacking ducks

    2 mallards or Rouen Drakes for sale.

    I have 2 mallard or Rouen drakes for sale. They are $5 each. They are a little over a year old. We have too many drakes and not enough hens in one duck house. They are missing some feathers from being pecked. We can sale them together or separate. If you buy both I would recommend either have...
  11. allergymama

    Ducks, ducks, everywhere-Michigan’s thumb

    We have become a repository for other people’s ducks and we have too many now and need to rehome some. We have 10 ducks to rehome, aged from 1-4 years, that are mostly laying females with a couple males. They are all mixed breed ducks (mostly pekin mixed with something else). A few are broody if...
  12. SansDuck

    Ancona Drakes for sale in the Ozark Missouri Area

    I have two Ancona drakes that are ready for a new home, they are currently four months nearing five months old. Both Drakes are beautiful and friendly, both have purple and green feathers mixed in with their black feathers. Raised together, would prefer if bought together. For pets or...
  13. awyman


    Has anyone ever had a group of drakes that weren’t rough with females? I have 4 drakes and 7 girls. I know that’s a terrible ratio. I really hate to rehome any of my drakes because I’ve grown so attached to them. I know I could always get more females but I hate to do that because I already have...
  14. alexxiscavender

    can i have one drake with only one female

    i got my ducks a few moths back, not being able to chose their genders, as they have gotten bigger i realized i have a drake (his name is goose lol) with only one duck ( her name is chicken), i know the drakes can be brutal and i was wondering if this is okay or should i get a few more ducks...
  15. awyman

    Ducks Enjoying Pond!

    Ducks enjoying their pond. We just built a temporary one for today. We’re working on a bigger one! :love
  16. veetown707

    Do Swedish Drakes ever sit on eggs?

    I have 2 Cayugas and 2 Swedish ducks. One Cayuga has gone broody. One of the Swedish ducks we are 90% sure is a male. It's larger than the other 3, specifically its head, and has a green sheen to its plumage on its head like they say the males do. It doesn't have a sex feather but I've heard...
  17. awyman

    Ratio of Females to Males?

    I’m a new duck owner and I have a total of 11 ducks. I think I ended up 4 girls and the rest are boys. I know this is not a good ratio. A lot of the sites I’ve read said sometimes if you have too many drakes, a lot of the time people butcher them. I won’t do that, so what should I do? Should I...
  18. D

    Drakes or females?? Ducklings

  19. Rammy

    Swedish Black-Three Drakes Free

    I have three drakes free to good home. Eight weeks old. In Adams, Tn.
  20. SniperGoose

    My new ducks!

    The other week my cousin contacted us saying that his buddy was getting rid of his ducks and wondered if we would take them. We've had so many ducks over the years, and love them, so we said yes! Though they never said what breed the ducks were or anything. So I was curious as to what they were...
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