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  1. R

    Sick duck?

    2 days ago my rouen started acting weird, it stopped being loud and it would gag. Now, it's starting to have seizure like movements, like falling down and then act like nothing happened seconds after. I read that it is possible that a duck does that when they have something stuck in their throat...
  2. R

    My juvenile khaki campbell fell while running away from me and now she can't stand up correctly

    This happened a few minutes ago, after letting them swim for a while it seemed too cold so I tried taking them back to the crate where I keep them. She suddenly started running and tripped, thankfully the floor didn't touch the neck but she fell on one of her paws. There's no blood, twists or...
  3. R

    What breed and gender could this duck be?

    I got him/her (the one in question, which I hope is a male) and a female khaki Campbell a few weeks ago from a popular breeder in my area. They were at least 1 week old when I bought them, and my guess is that they are about four weeks at the moment. He/her quacks harshly when separated from the...
  4. xanthea92

    A Duck & Chicken Hatched 1 set of Eggs. HELP!

    So I had my duck sit on Call Eggs and in the last week a broody hen joined the fun and started sitting. Today they hatched out and the ducklings are half under the hen and half under the duck. The duck is protective of both lots, as they are spending time under both of them. I am planning on...
  5. hobbyhomesteader

    Dirty vents and deceased birds

    We've got (or had) 5 hens housed with 3 ducks. A couple of our hens have had chronic dirty vents and some diarrhea. They're housed in a huge outdoor pen (with coop inside) so it's not easy to tell who is laying or what poo looks like in great detail, but it's clear that 2 of them had diarrhea...
  6. NorthernChick1

    Two coops - 1 flock. How does it work?

    Hi BYC! I have a flock of 19 hens and 2ducks right now and im saving 3 more this week (man lost 4 to the cold so i am taking his last 3 before they literally freeze to death) (going into quarantine tomorrow). One thing is my coop is only about 9'x10', theres is perfect room for the flock i have...
  7. Bettyboop7499

    No more eggs...& a couple of duck questions?

    Hello BYCM, I have four Plymouth Barred Rock hens approximately 10 months old, the days are short now and they seem to have all stopped laying. I believe I have a egg eating problem as well, my numbers were all over the place, 4,3,2,1,3,0...then one every other nothing. If they did...
  8. Aliamelody

    grow up! wow!

    @KikisGirls @Pugsabi Hello this is beautifull sunny day! i came back from yard now! i decided to send some photoes of my ducks :) they arent duckling now maybe you remember gerdoo didnt walk well and golab was so tiny still but now they both okay! i start! it was first day of coming golab and...
  9. thepinkcollie

    What breed of duck is this?

    What breed of duck is this?
  10. StarnesCoveFarm

    Hatching & Incubating Eggs Using Janoel 12 Incubator

    Hi, I purchased the Janoel 12 Incubator to use to hatch out some of my chicken eggs and my Pekin duck eggs. I tried to read the manual, looks like I need a NASA engineer degree to understand it!!!!! This will be my first time using an incubator and I would hate to lose any chicks or ducks over...
  11. S

    Chicken and Duck Eggs together?

    I set chicken eggs last week that are on day 6 or 7 today. Then my friend surprised me and brought me some fertilized duck eggs today. I'd really love to add them too since I'm doing this in my kindergarten classroom, and it would be so fun for them to see chicks and ducklings! But I know if I...
  12. L

    Chicken Bullying Duck?

    Hi all, Your neigbourhood noob looking for yet more advice. I've three chickens (two cream legbar, one sussex) and two khaki campbell ducks, nearly one year old. Until the last couple of week everything has been harmonious, they've about 2/3 of an acre to buck/quack about it so there's no...
  13. happychickies101

    Is this normal for a developing egg?

    I really don’t know what to think. I am really confused on what this is.. we have 8 duck eggs in the incubator and 6 or 7 of them have weird spots in them(some look different than others) they move as the embryo does. We are currently on day 19 and will attach images. I’d you’ve ever incubated...
  14. K

    Duck question.. will they ever be friends

    I am taking care of a Peking duck for my daughter because her Drake was mounting her every day and has sores no feathers on her neck. Anyway you get the picture, she needed to heal. Here's my question. I have 2 grown ducks both hens, small compared to her, the Peking follows them around and they...
  15. Explorr746

    Greetings from Central PA

    Hi everyone, I have 17 chickens and 10 ducks I just lost my lovely buff orpington Henny this past month (RIP ole girl :( ) so I now have 2 buff orpingtons, 2 barred rocks, 1 Columbian Wyandotte, 3 silver laced and 3 golden laced Wyandotte, and 6 Isa Browns. I have 5 Pekins, 2 blue Swedish, 1...
  16. L

    In need of Duck/Chicken Coop Ideas!!

    Hi everyone! I have been a member for a while, but I am in need of some help! We have a flock of 7 chickens (adding more in the spring) and a pair of female Rouen ducks. They are all going to be a year old this spring and are all in the same large coop. The coop is about 10ft by 10ft with a...
  17. Savanna Miller

    Help sudden chicken deaths!!!

    I've been losing chicken after chicken in the past few weeks I went from 7 chickens to 3 in about 5weeks. They're all americanas, and all being pecked mainly their butts. One had an egg stuck, but the other 3 just died suddenly. I also noticed that the 3 that died their vents were opened. I...
  18. 8Crazychickens

    Duck or chicken eggs?

    We have 8 chickens, 4 female ducks and 3 male ducks with only about 3 mo difference in age. They all like to sleep in the same coop with the ducks on the bottom. We found the 2 bigger eggs in the bottom, one with a duck feather on it. They are both about the same size and color but the shape...

    How to keep ducks out of the chicken coop?

    I have a chicken coop that's 4 feet off the ground. The ducks have their own house. But I have one very persistent duck that keeps getting into the coop and smashing and eating eggs. I've clipped their wings, and changed the solid ramp to a sloping ladder affair with spaces between the rungs. So...
  20. S

    How much scoops should feed an adult duck?

    Hello, how much should I feed an adult male khaki campbell duck? I feed him pellets/feeds 3x a day with four teaspoons per serving. How much is enough? I don’t have a gram scale or measuring cup so you might want to measure by scoops. Thanks
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