5 Years
Mar 25, 2018
Traverse City, MI
Hello BYCM, I have four Plymouth Barred Rock hens approximately 10 months old, the days are short now and they seem to have all stopped laying. I believe I have a egg eating problem as well, my numbers were all over the place, 4,3,2,1,3,0...then one every other nothing.

If they did start eating their eggs will they continue to do so when they start laying again? And, re: my younger chicks, Rhode Island's Red, Black Sex-Link Wyandottes, Black -Laced Wyandotte, Red Orpingtons, and three Pekin ducks, they were all purchased between Aug. 4th-7th of this year. Will they all start laying at the 5-6 month mark or will they wait until spring?

Question about my Pekings they are almost entirely yellow! I've read this can happen if they are house pets but mine are on the farm and outside everyday? They went from baby duckling yellow to Snow White then they gradually turned yellowish to straight up Pastel yellow!

Also, I'm in MI we now have snow on the ground...I noticed the older chicken don't come out of the coop, I just open the door and shut it at dark. It is a 12X12' shed type coop with two windows. I have 22 hens and four ducks, will they be ok if shut in the couple. I would only do this on really frigidly cold days. Or should I always Open the coop and let them decide.

Question regarding Pekin ducks, I have three that are in with my chickens in the pasture. I ran two electrical lines about 6-8" apart around the coop and brooder area giving an approximately 60x100' uncovered run. This was to keep the pigs out not the chickens in. And it doesn't, however it does keep the ducks in...I don't understand why? The lines are chicken and duck safe. Their feather are not affected, my chickens go over and under all the time. Does anyone have any advice, please. Thank you!
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