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  1. Horou

    About Egg Laying (Boba’s First Year?)

    Hi Backyard Chickens, earlier yesterday, we woke up to Boba’s first egg that she rolled to the front of the pen door and waited for us to pick up the “foreign object”. I’ve dubbed her eggs as “foreign object” only because when she was younger, I tried giving her plastic colour eggs, and she...
  2. K

    help! my duck is hatching infertile eggs

    hello! i have a female duck that has been laying an egg per day for almost 2 years but on May 8th she began making a nest and laying all of her eggs there… none of them are fertile since i don’t have a drake, but it’s been over a month and the last few days she’s been refusing to move so now i...
  3. Flutterbudget

    Fox attack, duck hasn’t pooped in over an hour?

    Hi all, This morning unfortunately we had a fox visit the garden but due to hearing it and my partner darting out, the fox dropped my precious poppet and scarpered. (5am). She has a puncture wound above her right wing and to her tummy. She’s had a bath, I’ve cleaned the wounds with vetericyn...
  4. HorseDad

    Duck hatching eggs for sale

    We have Pekins and Campbells here, and we have both pure Pekin hatching eggs and Pekin/Campbell cross hatching eggs (we know the difference due to the sizes). I've collected six of the pure Pekin fertile eggs so far, and we have hatched three crossbreed ducklings so far. We have a Pekin drake...
  5. P

    Code compliance help

    Hello I received a code compliance violation from the city of Jacksonville fl Duval county claiming. Unpermitted land use animals other than household pets as defined in 656.305(cy8) Which is talking about my Pekin Duck in my backyard that I have had for almost 2 years now. To my knowledge the...
  6. Flutterbudget

    Anyone able to help? Second opinion on Clyndamicin dosage!

    Hi all, I’ve just taken my male Pekin to the vets to get some antibiotics as he has bumblefoot (again😭). He was weighed at 2.7kg and the vet has prescribed him clindamycin 88mg. She’s put it down for him to have a tablet and a half twice a day, morning and night. Does this seem an excessive...
  7. Flutterbudget

    Is this water belly or is my Pekin just fat?

    Hi all! This is Missy and she’s around 2 years old. She seems to have almost gotten as big as her male! I’ve held her up and palpated her stomach it doesn’t feel tight or overly bloated at all it’s just nice and soft, I cannot feel an egg. I was just wondering if anyone thinks it’s just a fat...
  8. A

    New Member/Questions about a struggling duck

    Hi everyone, new member here from Pennsylvania. 1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? My girlfriend and I have two ducks. We got them in April 2023. Her family had chickens before, but we wanted to get ducks instead. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? We...
  9. S

    Pekin Duck Hurt Wing - Help

    We have a 1 year old Pekin Drake - we have no other birds. He sleeps in a chicken coop - two levels good size. We have noticed he will flap his wings in the coop while we are letting him out - but he never seemed injured. The last 5 days have been the same. He looks normal - no drooping wing...
  10. R

    Brown scab spots?

    I’ve been having issues with my pekin. She/he has a niacin deficiency that I have been treating with nutritional yeast and 1ml liquid b orally. It seems like her legs are getting really bad. Tonight while I was giving her the liquid b I found these two spots near her legs. I am fearful her legs...
  11. R

    Overlapping duck feet!

    Hello! I’m new to this website, but i’ve been reading on it a lot since i’ve gotten ducks and i’m looking for some help. I have a pekin duck (i think) named pablo from tractor supply. i got him in march along with 5 other ducks and some chickens. this is mine and my families first time with...
  12. Flutterbudget

    Sudden Pekin Death, Heartbroken

    My partner went to let the ducks out this morning and found my 4 year old female Pekin dead. Her neck is definitely not straight and she’s died with her legs flat out underneath her stomach. Nothing that I can see, one eye is closed the other is open, pupil seems to be dilated. Absolutely...
  13. awkwardkale

    New to ducks!

    Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself and my ducks on this forum! I already posted on the introduction forum, but hopefully it’s ok to say hi over here as well? I’m a young adult with a passion for animals. I have four Pekin ducks that are around seven weeks old. I’m brand new to duck keeping...
  14. D

    Please help! My duck is really sick and has been for awhile now, but we aren’t able to find out the exact problem and we can’t seem to find a solution

    We’ve been to the doctors, but they couldn’t find out what’s wrong with her even with the blood tests and all. We’ve tried putting her on antibiotics given by the doctors (Meloxicam) and it helped, but didn’t solve the problem. She’s had this problem for months and it’s getting worse. We’re...
  15. Duckwo

    Getting 2 pet ducks. Would it be okay to get different ones?

    I am getting 2 ducks as pets. I want to get 2 so one isn’t lonely, but I’ve been debating whether to get 2 Khaki Campbell ducks or 2 Pekin ducks, and was wondering if I could just get 1 of each? I’m not sure if they would get along together, and I’m not sure how to go about researching it
  16. Flutterbudget

    Duck limping, swollen foot, unknown cause

    Hi all, my pekin/Aylesbury developed a limp around 6 days ago and there is significant swelling to the middle of her toe and what I would presume is the ‘ankle joint’. On her outer toe she had a little mark which was a small piece of thorn I have removed and the swelling has gone down on that...
  17. D

    Please help! Where can I buy high quality laying duck feed in Canada?

    The place we usually buy the feed from won’t have it in stock anymore and nowhere else I’ve looked has it. Can someone please help? We have no idea what to feed her soon, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  18. J

    New here have a question about possible duck injury

    I just bought a house and the previous owner left his 3 pet ducks here. We’ve never owned ducks but I’m determined to learn all I can to properly care for them. It doesn’t seem he knew much about ducks either, they were for his kid but never handled just sorta there. The oldest duck, a Pekin...
  19. D

    Please help! My duck is vomiting food and constantly shaking her head!

    Earlier today, she was very unwell. Her beak went cold for awhile and she kept stumbling around. We were shocked and worried for her, so we gave her meloxadin oral suspension anti-inflammatory medication. She seemed to feel a little better after that, but shortly later, she was unable to eat and...
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