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  1. M

    Duck Seems to have Extreme Anxiety Weeks after Attack

    My two female ducks were attacked three weeks ago and both survived. They are fully healed and one seems to be back to normal. The other one seems to have extreme anxiety. She constantly quacks very loud and the quack sounds very stressed. She was very comfortable with me and people beforehand...
  2. F

    Broken toe?

    Hello all, could use some help treating my duckie. Noticed that she was limping a few days ago and her left foot was swollen. Both feet had scabs on the underside so I started Epsom salt soaks with iodine, cleaning with vetricyn, and wrapping it up with ichtammol thinking she had bumble foot...
  3. Lectrify67


  4. samandreacamp

    My Duck has a cut on her beak!

    Hi there! I have three pekin ducks (ages 2mo, 1 mo, 1mo), and the largest one has what looks like a cut through multiple layers of her beak, as well as a bubble on the side. So far I have cleaned out the cut and applied Vetericyn, but I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas. She is drinking...
  5. Cocoanut88

    Pekin Ducks for sale Orlando, FL NEED THEM GONE ASAP

    I have 2 hens and a drake, theyre 3 lovely spoiled brats and theyre spoiled rotten, asking $30 for all 3, they come with water bucket, healthy birds, hens lay double yolk eggs from time to time, quiet and adventurous theyll steal your heart
  6. M

    All Pekin Drakes, No Hens

    The goal of getting ducks was for duck eggs, however our first sojourn into duck keeping has resulted in all four of our ducks being males. The farm store we picked them up from couldn't sex them, but thought they probably were picking females. We naively thought we could get 4 ducks and the...
  7. P

    Pekin unable to walk??

    Hi, I purchased a couple pekin ducks from someone who was not able to care for them anymore and since day one one of the ducks has had trouble walking. They are about 10 weeks old and the one duck has slowly gotten worse and worse. He now cannot walk at all. He stumbles and drags himself with...
  8. Kitty_stuber

    Pekin Ducks vs Ancona Ducks

    I have always had chickens, but a few months ago I took over 6 Pekin ducks for a friend who got them for Easter (I did not think people were still irresponsible enough to do that) and didn't know what to do with them once they grew substantially in just 3 weeks. Turns out I have 3 hens and 3...
  9. hugitnotnugget

    Leg problems!!!

    Pekin drake about 4 years old!!! I’m sure no one is shocked that’s he’s having leg problems. Our female is too. She limps and has her legs close together so she steps on her own feet. But the drake is my first priority because he is so bad! It started in spring and has just gotten worse until...
  10. akarnick

    4 Pekin Ducks in need of a home!

    Hi there everyone! I have four loving pekin ducks in need of a new home! Where I am moving, I am unable to bring them with, which really breaks my heart, but I don't have any choice. So I am hoping someone will adopt them. 2 of them are three months old, 2 of them are five weeks old. They are...
  11. Maddog_photog

    Duck behavior

    Having heard from the internets that ducklings burrow into their mother’s plumage, my own Pekins have always nuzzled their wee lil bills into my plumage. I am currently holding my drake, Chowder, and he is doing this behavior as well as vibrating. Is this positive behavior for a happy and...
  12. Maddog_photog

    BooBoo on Waddles’ bill

    Hey y’all! My Pekin, Waddles, has what looks like a little red injury on her Bill. Is this something to feel concerned about? Or will it heal on its own?
  13. Maddog_photog

    Eye check

    Hey y’all ive been noticing around one of my 4-week old Pekin’s eye something new happening. I can’t tell if it’s normal for feather/down growth or if it’s something that needs to be seen by a medical professional. I will post photos of one eye from both my ducks for compare/contrast purposes.
  14. T

    Niacin Deficiency Recovery

    Hello all, I have a Pekin duck (about 10 weeks) who has been struggling with a niacin deficiency for a while. I had tried liquid B complex and brewers yeast and there was no improvement. Her legs remained very swollen, they were boeing, becoming pigeon toed and she was having a lot of trouble...
  15. ErinLeTourneau


    Hello, good day! If you didn't know, I've just ordered some pekin ducklings that are going to be arriving in the week of May the 11th. I have owned turkey poults and chicks in the past, but not ducks. Therefore, I do have a couple of questions. I also will put some things I've learned to make...
  16. Fiona H123

    Is my Peking/Kaki Campbell Cross Sex linked?

    I bred my ducklings for the first time, and noticed that when I breed my Peking’s and Kaki Campbell together the ducklings had 2 different patterns. I was wondering could the mix be an auto-sex breed. The duckling with the spot was a hen an the one with the stripes was male . Here is them...
  17. nm4e

    Voice Sexing 6 Week Old Ducklings

    I realize this is a question that has been asked many times before, and I've listened to a lot of videos, but I was hoping to get a few opinions. I'm fairly certain I have three little drakes, but as a new duck mom, I don't trust my own judgment. Forgive the video quality, I tried to get them...
  18. Selene uwu

    2020 ducks

    Can't believe my duck eggs are scheduled to hatch on the last day of school. My ducklings should begin their lives at the end of my high school career, man what a time to be alive.
  19. I

    Best crossbreeds for ducks?

    Hi I’m looking into many different breeds of ducks and really can’t decide on just one breed so are there any really cool cross breeds for egg production and beauty?
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