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  1. tayjamieson

    Pekin Ducks Chasing each other, pulling out neck feathers - normal?

    Hello! So I have a total of 12 pekin ducks, 5 of them are males. One of the males named Angel (named Angel because he unfortunately developed a mild case of angel wing & we did try wrapping but the other ducks always found a way to remove it for him, little stinkers). Angel chases the other...
  2. tayjamieson

    Eagle's and Hawks Landing in my backyard - going for my chickens & ducks

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been a able to get on but the past 2 days I've had to chase an eagle out of my backyard that was about to grab my pekin's and chickens. I am surrounded by farm lands/crops so my area always has eagles and hawks around. I've been pretty lucky to say they...
  3. Bellatudela

    Sick duck? Please help )-:

    So I’ve has my pekin duck for about 5 weeks now. First week I noticed him wheezing and sneezing called up the place I got them at, brought them in they said they were fine. Now a week ago one of them I believe now has foamy eye. I’ve treated it with contact solution and it has seem to come down...
  4. theinwardcold

    Duck Run Fence

    I'm trying to figure out how tall I need my fence for ducks and my goose. There isn't many predators around, and less that can be harmful to the adult birds. Just trying to figure out how tall it needs to be to contain my girls.
  5. hugitnotnugget

    Duck crossing legs when walking.

    I have a pekin drake that is 3 years old. Within the last month he started limping and now his legs cross when he walks. He is not walking much now. Any suggestions? Everyone else is well.
  6. O

    Home in St. Louis for pekin duck

    My daughter is in college in atchison kansas. Her two roommates and my daughter got ducks around 6 weeks ago. She has grow attached to Rudy, not sure if it’s a boy or girl and she brought it home during Easter break. It is the sweetest pekin and now we are trying to find a good home. If not I...
  7. SenpaiChickens

    Maybe Bumble Foot?

    It looked like bumble foot but it’s on top of his foot? Is it?
  8. W

    Not sure on gender of my ducks!

    Hello! I'm sure this is probably a pretty common question, but I am unsure on the sex of my 2 pekin ducks! They are approx 24 weeks old now and I was fairly convinced I had two females until yesterday when I saw them mating (or at least attempting to, it was all very clumsy!). Will maturing...
  9. DuckWhisperer06

    Need Help With Duck Vent (Mildly Grafic)

    I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but our Pekin Duck (roughly 30 weeks) has a somewhat ‘swollen’ looking vent. I’m starting to think it’s prolapsed vent(I think that’s what it’s called). She’s still been able to push out an egg about once a week but she just recently started laying so I...
  10. Csparling

    Salmonella-am I being paranoid??

    We just got Pekins yesterday at TSC and while I did research, I was honestly shocked at how much talk of salmonella being passed around with birds. We also have two dogs who we keep on a leash when we go out. I want to have the ducks as free range birds but now I’m afraid if the dogs come in...
  11. S

    looking for Female pekin ducks

    Hello! I am desperately looking for 2-3 female pekin ducks to keep my lonely drake company. I am based out of the Houston area. If you know of any farms or surrounding areas that sell adults I would be forever grateful. I have tried many places but all I am able to source out are drakes or...
  12. K

    Males aggression towards me and the females

    I have a male and a female pekin, and a male and a female indian runner (4 total) The little guy(indian runner) is just so pesky to my female pekin and has been pecking at her everytime she tries to eat or drink. He tries to mate with her but he’s so much smaller than her so he never achieves...
  13. J

    Duck Biting

    Daffy is our Pekin Duck we have had him since 2017 of easter and he was fine at first but than he started biting our Feet and Hands but only those parts, I've started to theorize that he thinks they are other animals or something idk I just need to get this fixed so he can be around children...
  14. FluffTheDuck

    Poop checks! (Poop pics included!)

    The poop checkers I know will decide if their healthy: @casportpony (tag people that you know that are “poop checkers”!) So I have two pekin ducks that will be a year (estimated) March 7. I want to start a thread where every week I will post pics of their poop, and the poop checkers tell me if...
  15. taekook7

    more duck information?

    hi everyone! so i was just wondering if all pekin ducks are white or is there any other color like brown or black? i’ve tried googling but i couldnt get answers Also does TSC sell ducks around this time? If so, do they give you a specific breed for the pekin ducklings or are they all unsexed. I...
  16. taekook7

    i need advice!

    hello everyone! so i am going to get 2 pekin ducklings in 4 days and i have absolutely nothing prepared! i don’t know what i need, i have no experience in raising ducklings and although i have done plenty of research on these ducks and the care they need, i still dont know what supplies i need...
  17. N

    Pekin vs. Rouen - Pros and Cons

    Hello! I have owned ducks before but am currently interested in raising some ducklings again! I have a feed supply near me that sells pekin and rouen ducklings and I am doing some research on which breed is more affectionate. Please give me some advice for which breed is more suitable as a pet...
  18. tayjamieson

    Pekin Duckling Born with Pinkish Ball on lower abdomen

    Hello, Hoping I can get answers regarding Pekin ducklings here - I apologize if I am not supposed to be posting this here, I'm new to BYC. Anyways - this morning around 2 am I had one of our Jumbo Pekin Ducklings hatch. The duckling incubated for almost 30 days and I could tell it was pretty...
  19. Bettyboop7499

    No more eggs...& a couple of duck questions?

    Hello BYCM, I have four Plymouth Barred Rock hens approximately 10 months old, the days are short now and they seem to have all stopped laying. I believe I have a egg eating problem as well, my numbers were all over the place, 4,3,2,1,3,0...then one every other nothing. If they did...
  20. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys, It’s been soo long since I have posted on here. I just want to give y’all an update on Jack, the duck I got back in April after my poor Gus got taken by a fox. I had searched everywhere for a grown pekin duck for sale near Richmond Va, and finally found one farm a couple hours away...
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