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  1. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys... sorry I have been quiet since my last post. If y’all saw my last post, then you know about my new duck, Jack. I never took him to the vet(which I feel terrible about) because the vet was on vacation, and then my vet switched work days to day that I’m always super busy. I had an...
  2. hlwoods

    Aggressive male Pekin- *need advice!*

    I NEED ADVICE! My flock consists of 6 ducks: 1 male pekin, 2 female pekins, 2 female Welsh Harlequins, and 1 female Buff Orpington. They were all raised together since they were 3 days old and then around 6 months of age, my male Pekin, Donald, decided he doesn't like the two Welsh Harlequin...
  3. EggertFarm

    ISO near Roaring River, NC

    We are trying to grow our little farm and would love to add cayuga or pekin ducks as well as guinea fowl. I willing to consider anything that needs a home if you can get it to me.
  4. DaisyDucky

    Pair of pekin ducks free to good home

    I have a pair of fully grown Pekin ducks that I need to relocate due to having to move. They were hand raised and have been free roam. One male and one female. The female usually gives at least 1 egg a day during the summer. Their names are Donald and Daisy and I need to find them a good...
  5. Zolamarie

    Trying to get a new duck for lonely pekin

    Hey guys. I’ve been trying to get another duck for my single duck. My other duck was taken by a fox 12 days ago. I found a place that would sell me a duck, and was going to drive over there tomorrow, but something came up and I won’t be able to go till March 6. That’s 15 days away... I feel so...
  6. NickiePA

    Vet says Gout & Bumble Foot. Second Opinions?

    I have NO CLUE how to post a question. I've tried in the past and it wasn't quite right... Hope someone sees this. To keep this an "easy read" I'll keep details to the point and short. *Deep breath in, and go!* Pekin Duck, 1/yo. * Presented with Bumblefoot and swollen leg (yes folks. ALL...
  7. Kgriffith0712

    5 week old pekin quickly fading

    Hello everybody, I typically read other people's post and this is the first time I'm posting. I have five five-week-old peeking ducklings. This evening, the ducks went swimming in a kiddy pool while their pen was being cleaned. I noticed one of them was lethargic not interested in drinking...
  8. Hamaarahof

    ** Alberta **

    Would love to find more people from our province. While we meet some at the poultry shows, this would be a cool way to connect more and share with people that do not get of the farm much;0) :frow
  9. GeoGreyWolf

    Duck genetics question..

    I have a Blue or Black Swedish drake (he kind of has black parts and blue parts on him) and a female Pekin. Wondering because of the genes if any ducklings once they breed would turn out to be a silver Swedish, or something completely different?
  10. Zolamarie

    First winter with ducks!

    Peggy and Gus ❤️ Hey guys! Ugh I totally haven't posted at all But here I am! My duck, Gus had a partial wing amputation a few weeks ago and just had his sutures removed. Finally back to normal! Last weekend it began to snow and ever since then it's been soo cold! Every morning I give them...
  11. DuckMochi

    Chicken suddenly attacked my duck???

    Hey there everyone so for the past 3-4 weeks we've been introducing a new pekin duckling to our flock. She was close to 3 weeks when we bought her so she's been a pretty decent size the entire time. We also own a mallard female and right now the pekin is currently larger than the mallard...
  12. lawson1986

    Breeding pair of Pekin Ducks for sale in Baltimore, MD

    Hello Ya'll! I have a beautiful breeding pair of Pekin Ducks available (one male, one female, obviously... Lol). They are a bonded pair. These ducks were born May of this year, 2017 and I get huge delicious eggs from this girl daily. When checking fertilization, there is a 98% fertility rate...
  13. Mickid50

    Hi, Mr. Duck here...

    I need a mate. My wife was taken by someones stupid dog and I'm very lonely. I will relocate if neccesary to find my true love. Or I will stay at my beloved home and accept a new mate here. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. I live on the canal in Hudson Florida, My owner takes very...
  14. GeoGreyWolf

    My Duck Story so far... Help Needed

    Hello all I am new to the site. Figured I would tell my luck on raising ducks. About three years ago, my wife and I got 2 Peking ducks to raise (she has raised ducks prior, me never). We had a success with them and let them free range in our backyard, one night something dug under the...
  15. msabney

    Newbie Needs a Feathered Friends for Dummies book! PeaMom and PekinMom

    Hello all! I'm mom to a peachick, Pekin and Swedish ducks. We started with a Pekin rescue and the others have been added along over the last few months. I think my feathered babies are easier to live with than my humans :D Thanks for having me here and for sharing your wealth of information!
  16. Mp_0105

    Help! The skin around my ducks bill is peeling?!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site and looking for some help. I believe I have a pekin duck, and it's four weeks old now. The area around its bill is starting to peel/scab. I'm not sure why and I don't know what to do. If anyone knows anything that can help, please share your knowledge here...
  17. M

    Duck pen -Safe Flooring

    Hi ya'll! I'm new to this group as well as a new Pekin Duck owner (adopted 3 from shelter). We bought a 10x10 chain link dog pen to keep them and covered the top with welded wire and the bottom with 2x3 inch PVC coated wire.The entire pen is set directly on the lawn. Is the PVC wire safe for...
  18. dehowery

    Pekin Duck not/maybe egg laying ?

    I have a Pekin duck that is an Easter baby so she should be laying. However I do not see any eggs in the coop. Now I understand they don't lay in the coop but while there out running free. I have almost an acre for the duck & 6 chickens to roam. I have not found anything that looks like a ducks...
  19. gingerviolinist

    Adding to my flock...

    I'm looking for opinions on adding to my flock. I have 4 9-week-old ducks, 2 pekin and 2 cayuga. I believe the 2 pekin are both female, based on voice sexing, but the 2 cayugas have been so quiet comparatively, I am starting to think neither of them will be female. I was hoping for 3 female and...
  20. littlemissmoon

    duck gender

    i know i know... its the age old question. BUT i suck at using forums... like... i really do. its kinda sad. as internet savy as i am i cant figure these things out. lol. soooo... i have a pekin thats about 5 weeks old. i got it from a terrible "back yard breeder" which i later found out from a...
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