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  1. K

    Will a bonded pair of ducks bond with a new duck they were just introduced to?

    Hi there! A few months ago a raccoon got into my coop and got all but one of my ducks. I just got two female adult ducks the give me solo surviving duck friends. They seem to be getting along but since the two ducks I got are bonded to eachother, I’m worried the they won’t want to bond to my...
  2. Anasenes

    Male Pekin Duck needs a new home (Northern Illinois area)

    I have a male Pekin duck that I need to rehome. I do not have any other ducks, and he isnt lonely right now, my fear is he will become lonely later on or when winter comes freeze (he mounted a hen so he free ranges during the day, then is locked up safely at night). He is nice, but a bit shy. If...
  3. Bettyboop7499

    Raising Ducklings with Chicks & Niacin...

    Hello BYC! I am raising four Pekin ducks with my 15 combination breed chicks. It has been going 'swimmingly', they all get along, groom, eat, drink, snuggle together. I've notice some bowing in one of the ducklings legs so I've just read they need ore niacin than chicks. I've been feeding them...
  4. AshleyNicole06

    Laying Eggs..

    My Pekin just started to lay eggs yesterday.. Do they normally lay in the Same spot??
  5. ANightPerson

    Duck Birth Mark?

    Several months ago I raised a Pekin duckling in my room. He's grown relatively normally (other than the fact that he is freakishly large,) but as soon as his feathers started coming in, I noticed a very strange group of feathers. On the top of his tail, there was a compact group of soft...
  6. J

    Free Female Pekin Duck (looking for a forever home)

    Hi everyone!! I can no longer take care of my Female Pekin Duck, she turned 1 year old this April, she’s very healthy and strong! She’s a free range duck. I’m looking if anyone wants to give her a loving home! If you have a duck flock and live in or near (Hockley, Texas) (Waller, Texas) (Katy...
  7. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys! I know it’s been foreever since I last posted about my new duck, Jack. I’ve had him about three months now! When I first got him, he was skinny, filthy, and has wet feather. Also since he had lived on a farm( which clearly wasn’t a nice one) he was terrified of people. He still does not...
  8. Morgan282

    Taking ducks to the vet

    Could someone who has experience with raising ducks message me? I have some ducks and I'm not quite sure what's wrong with them. I'm not sure if it's a deficiency, injured legs, or a neurogical problem. I also have questions about vet costs.
  9. Nicole473

    HELP! My male pekin duck attacked my other male

    So my both male Pekin ducks have been fighting lately and very aggressively. One of them injured the other eye. The first picture has like some foam coming out of it and then the other is when I spray water and the foam disappears. I don't know how I can cure it or what I can use. Can you help me?
  10. memandthebirds

    Unfriendly Birds

    I've owned my Pekin, Frand, for a little over a month now and she has yet to warm up to me. When I bought her she was a lot older than my Runner had been and clearly hadn't been handled much, but I thought that would go away. Is there anything I can do to gain her trust or at least make it...
  11. E

    2 beautiful yr old Pekín ducks need a new home

    Hello While I type this up, my heart breaks. I have 2 Pekín ducks that need a new home where they will be taken care of, not slaughtered or forgotten. They have been with me since they were 6 days old. All they know is my backyard and their coop. They are very loved and spoiled. The reason I...
  12. cajun41887

    Pekins: a pair or trio? Sexes? Many other questions and need advice and guidance

    Long story short, we were all set to have Welsh Harlequin ducks, but we live in Florida and everything except Pekins require a wildlife permit, so we’re getting Pekins. I’m wanting to order ASAP, but don’t know if I should get a pair (male and female) (female and female) or a trio (male and 2...
  13. Maddiejayne


    My pekin hen has had a swollen head for 3 days now. There are no hard spots on her, but there is a black spot on top of her head that feathers fell out of. I'm not sure if she got bit or stung? has anyone ever seen this happen to a duck? I haven't taken her to a vet yet because I have left over...
  14. bsides2007

    Updates & Questions (Gollum & Smeagol rescue ducks)

    Updates: Well, I'm sad to say that my little Smeagol did not make it :hitI tried to do all I could for her, but I think she just hatched "wrong." She ended up passing last Wednesday overnight, after having been "fine" for her situation. I don't know what happened but I suspect her little heart...
  15. Cherrier25

    Male or female? Can you tell?

    Just wondering if you cancan tell if my pekin is male or female based on this... It may not be enough to go off of but just curious. Trying to get some other sounds out of him/her or "it" lol. We'll go with Hayhei because that's his (*fingers crossed) name. Lol
  16. Maddiejayne

    Aggressive Pekin Drakes

    Last august I got 2 pekin hens, 2 pekin drakes, 5 chicken hens and 2 roosters. Almost everyone gets along fine (no problems with the 2 roosters) except my 2 male pekins have turned out to be evil. They chase the chickens around the yard (they all free range together) and are very aggressive with...
  17. Peyton3498

    Are our baby ducks OK?

    Hi, I am new to the community as we just got two baby ISA browns and two white pekin ducks. All between one and two weeks old, they are currently inside under a heat lamp. they have a constant supply of water and are being feed Purina start and grow feed. Whenever the ducks eat they shake there...
  18. G

    Pekin drake won’t open his wings

    Hi I am hoping to get some insight on this problem with my one year old Pekin drake (Goose). He use to open his wings to stretch and such and I have just recently noticed he isn’t opening his wings at all. I am very worried about him.
  19. Maryam.

    Have to say goodbye to my ducks:(

    I'm changing my house and my new landlords don't allow having animal or birds. And this is something i have probably never predicted, and i'm awfully sad these days. So After an amazing year with them i have to say goodbye to my ducks, although we're totally attached to eachother mutually. Also...
  20. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys... sorry I have been quiet since my last post. If y’all saw my last post, then you know about my new duck, Jack. I never took him to the vet(which I feel terrible about) because the vet was on vacation, and then my vet switched work days to day that I’m always super busy. I had an...
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