A frame coop for my ducks, good idea or not?


Jun 20, 2021
Posted this earlier, but I couldn’t get any replies. I’m thinking about building a bigger coop for my pekin ducks. I was thinking that it could be an a frame coop. I want to add a big enclosure to it using hardware cloth and a piece of wood over the wire on the one side. Obviously, the enclosure would be nailed to the coop. My parents think chicken wire would be fine, but as you know, that kind of wire doesn’t keep predators out. I will use hardware cloth instead. I was thinking of making an entrance tall and wide enough for the ducks and for me to get through when it needs to be cleaned out. I know it would need some ventilation and I was thinking about put 2 ventilation areas in the coop. One would be roof level high above the entrance and the other would be at the end of the coop roof level high. The enclosure would have one side that would be wood instead of wire. I want the enclosure to be big enough for the ducks to roam around in when I’m not home or when I can’t get outside. If possible, I want to build the coop low enough to reach the ground so the ducks wouldn’t have to use a ramp or anything bc I don’t want them slipping and hurting themselves on it. I would add some straw/hay in the coop. I would like to add a door to the enclosure too, but i’m not sure what I’d want it to look like, or what kind of lock to get for it. Construction hasn’t started yet. I have a picture in my mind of what I want the coop and enclosure to look like. I can’t really think of any other ideas. Would this be good for the ducks? My ducks are 9 weeks old now. I think their current coop is a little small for them now. They’re still growing and they need more room. However, I’m concerned about how i’m gonna keep the drakes away from my 2 hens when it’s time for them to mate. I also want them to have some warmth and shelter too bc fall is coming up next month and then winter will be here before we know it (i know they can tolerate cold weather). As of right now, I have no plans to get anymore ducks bc there’s not enough room.

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Oct 13, 2021
I posted this last night:

It's a mobile a-frame duck ark/coop with ventilation holes on the side, and a slot all the way across the top until the roof-bar for ventilation. It has a lockable hinged door that serves as a ramp. It also has a completely removable side (which can be swapped with a wire covered side when it's hot). The floor is just slightly recessed and has a piece of linoleum covered in shavings.

I also converted an old Soccer goal to an outdoor pen. Originally I'd planned on connecting the two, and might still someday, but for now they just remain separated. The converted soccer goal has a wood door on one side, and is covered up to about 4 feet with wire cloth and the rest is chicken wire. The pen can be moved, and sits on a wood frame that has a wire-cloth base so nothing can get at them from below.

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