My duckling keeps eating the carpet and dirt off the floor.


Jun 10, 2022
Hello! I am a brand new duck mom. I found an egg in a destroyed nest and incubated it for 28 days; about 4 days ago a baby duck came out! So I have her in her own little brooder for now, but when I play with her and she walks around, she keeps pecking at the floor and eating debris, dirt and plastic bits she finds. I'm trying really hard to vacuum properly but she finds little things, how can I get her to stop? I don't want her to get sick but I don't wanna keep her in a small area all day. Any advice would be great, thanks!
That’s normal behavior they root around looking for good things to eat with their bill. Anyway you can block off a larger area you know hasn’t anything on the floor. I did this with my ducklings and put puppy pea pads down for them to walk on
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