egg problems

  1. Z

    Chicken Salpingectomy:help!

    Hi all! My sweet hen has been having recurring problems with laying eggs and our vet recommended that she get a Salpingectomy(chicken hysterectomy). Unfortunately I don’t have the money($3500) to get this surgery for her right now:( I am posting on here because I wonder if maybe someone has had...
  2. MapleKehDucks

    Please Help, My Ducks Aren't Laying Eggs!

    Hello fellow feather-loving friends! Every since my ducks were laying-age, my family has enjoyed a VERY steady supply of duck eggs. My Pekins being the best layers, providing 1 egg every day (only taking a 5 day break a month). As of the first week of August 2019, my ducks began molting. There...
  3. poulet2016

    Slab-sided eggs? Odd shaped eggs from one of my girls..

    Hi there, For about a month or so now one of my chickens has been laying these really oddly shaped eggs. I wonder if they are slab-side eggs? They are flat on one side (sorry for all the photos but tying to really show the odd shapes!) and where you can see the lighter spot has been (not this...
  4. HeatherlyHash

    Multiple Slab Eggs

    Hi all! My first chickens are close to 9 months old now, and one of my hens has consistently been laying slab eggs. She is usually a daily layer, but for the past 2-3 weeks she has seemed to be skipping laying on some days and then laying 2 eggs the next day. I've gotten somewhere between 6 and...
  5. Iansbp

    Odd looking eggs

    I tried googling this problem but nothing came up and now I'm looking to you guys for help. One of my girls layed an odd looking egg. It has blue spots and a few chips in it. Has anybody seen this problem before?
  6. HappyFeetHens

    Weird egg?

    Today I got an egg I have never seen before. Some of my hens are molting and I believe this must have been laid by one who just came out of molt. If anyone could tell me what the problem might be, I would greatly appreciate it!
  7. Chickenunsernam

    My hen literally pooped an egg- Please help!

    Hi everyone: I have an 11 year old hen, part leghorn, who in her day laid a many eggs. In her old age she stopped laying egg which I understand. However, she recently (like two days ago) starting laying eggs again, going in the nest box. The first egg was long and thin and oddly shaped. The...
  8. jmonahan

    Odd deposits on egg- parasite?

    Does anyone know what these deposits are on my Blue Copper Marran egg? Just started today and they scratch off like little eggs. At first I thought they were calcium deposits...but they scratch off easily. None on the eggs of the other chickens in the same box. Any ideas??
  9. rgmarch_

    Mean Girls: Chicken Edition

    hey, y’all! Brand new chicken Mama here. My husband and I bought a new house in South Carolina and inherited chickens with the purchase of the house. For the first few weeks, we were getting 1-3 eggs per day from four hens. We decided to expand our flock and add four new chickens. We waited...
  10. WildCHILD400

    How fresh is my breakfast?

    i was just wondering how long are freshly layed chicken eggs are good for, how to store them, and how do I properly clean them?
  11. Kellers86

    Buff orp stopped laying - over 4 weeks now

    Hi there, this is my first time posting, but I've used lots of advice from the forums so far - so firstly, thank you for that! So, we got our first chickens on 9th June aged 37 weeks - 2 Brahmas and 2 Buff Orps. At the time we got them, 1 of the Brahmas was laying, and 1 of the BOs was laying -...
  12. SweetSesame

    Drop in Egg Production due to Rooster loss?

    I have recently re-homed the rooster of my 7 hen flock. He had been an all around miserable jerk to both my family and the hens. Offenses include attacking my mother and little sister on sight, relentlessly chasing hens to mount them, and stripping the backs and heads of almost all of the girls...
  13. A

    Duck eggs on day 28 with yellow patches on the inside of the egg, help please?!

    I have around 8 duck eggs being incubated by a hen and they are on day 28 and i have noticed yellow and grey marks appearing om the inside of 2 of them, are they dead???? Do they need rescued???!? I will post pictures in a short while.
  14. Tilly6

    My duck died

    one of my 1 year old black runner ducks died this morning. She didn't come out of the coop this morning, her breathing was heavy and she just stood by her nest. I looked up her symptoms, figured she was egg bound, called to see if the vet could give her a calcium injection. When I went out to...
  15. A

    Hatching Problems!

    Hi! I am having problems with my goose egg not sure breed think its a toulouse mix. At day 26 it started to chirp and move the egg around. At day 28 the air sack appeared to be gone when candling but it was still chirping and moving the egg. Now it is day 30 and it isn't chirping or moving the...
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