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  1. Jessicamtorres93

    Help with Duckling hatching stage. Early?

    Hi, I am new to this page and I have a crested duck and a domestic white duck that have been laying eggs and I incubated 3. I collected them on November 21st. They may have been sitting in the coop a day or two. but my duck was not sitting on them so I brought them in. I have a video and a few...
  2. S

    6 Indian Runner Duck Eggs in Janoel 12 - Day 28 and no Pips

    Hi there, I am on Day 28 with my 6 eggs, and see and hear nothing yet. We miscalculated by a day so the eggs went into lockdown a day later than they should have (Day 26) - so we didn't candle them as I didn't want to disturb them. Prior to that, all were moving and seemed to be growing fine on...
  3. C

    Wobbling eggs

    my sister is attempting to hatch eggs for the 3rd time and these ones seemed successful we’re on day 20 and they was moving and wobbling yesterday but they haven’t seemed to move at all day today? Is this normal? Could they have all died? How often did all your eggs move/wobble? tia 🐓 🐣
  4. P

    Emergency hatching no incubator

    Long story short, my first time broody abandoned her eggs at around 18-20 days (different egg age by up to few days). I have noted her out and about and not coming back to the nest anymore and not willing to sit despite my efforts. I am a first timer and very spontaneously decided her to let...
  5. First time silkie mum

    Where should my chicken hatch her eggs?!

    Hello! I have a lovely silkie sitting on 6 eggs, 10 days until they hatch! She has been sitting on her eggs in one of the boxes in the coop that has a ramp to get into the house . I’ve been worried that when the chicks hatch that they could fall off the ramp/out of the house so thought that...
  6. M

    Hi! Advice and help needed!

    Hi!, It's my first time incubating eggs and we hit day 22. Out of thirty eggs 11 have hatched and are currently in the brooder. We have only opened the incubator twice so far, once yesterday and once today to assist a hatch. That chick is in the incubator right now and is asleep and breathing...
  7. S

    3 days to hatch, air cell way too small. Should I pip?

    Hi all. 3-4 days til hatch. The air cell is way too small due to high humidity. I mean way too small. There is movement inside the two eggs (kicking and jerky movements) when candling. These are mandarin duck eggs. The air cell is probably half of what is should be, I know that the temp was...
  8. R

    First time mama HELP!

    Hey all! I have a first time broody who has been doing really well. Last night (5/27/20) we moved her into her own space in order to keep the other hens out of her nest since the hatching day is getting close. (three or 4 days to go) She was not at all happy and tried to go back to her old nest...
  9. TheSunflowerButterfly

    I’m so close to chicks!

    My eggs went on lockdown yesterday and it’s so dang hard to wait for them! Some of them candled really well, like this one. I have 35 eggs in. Hopefully I’ll get good odds and they’ll survive. 🤞🏻
  10. S

    Day 22

    Hey everyone we are at Day 22 of 6 eggs in the incubator. I candled them about 6-7 days in and saw development in all but one (because I couldn’t see through the dark, hard shell). Well here we are at day 22 and there is no pipping or anything going on. Temp and humidity are where they should be...
  11. S

    Help! Problem with my duck eggs and one has already pipped!

    Hi, this is my first time hatching duck eggs ( or any type of egg for that matter). My 9 Rouen duck eggs are on day 25 in the incubator ( Hova-Bator). What should the humidity and temperature be if one of them pipped last night? I can see the crack and a lot of movement and the other 8 are all...
  12. Marienobert

    Quail birds and eggs for sale

    Fertile Quail eggs and birds for sale place your orders now we post to any location contact with your post code for price see available quil breeds below Bob White Quail, Japanese Quail, Brown Quail, Californian Quail, King Quail, Painted Button, Quail, Red backed Button Quail, Jumbo...
  13. S

    Silkies showing no signs of life

    Help! We purchased some fertilised silkie eggs, we let them rest for 24 hours like you are meant to but we didn’t candle them (we are quite new to this). None have exploded or look like they have rotten so I think all is well there. But today is day 21 and silkies are meant to come early but...
  14. tifaus

    Help! I have a broody hen....

    Hello all! It's me.. again. Lol. I have a two year old bantam hen that has been sitting on 7 eggs that are due to hatch on October 2nd. However, where she decided to be a broody momma is less than ideal for her new babes. We moved her into our isolation coop this morning and she has not went...
  15. Thesweetbirdsflock

    Patty the (new mama) hen (an ongoing story)

    This has the structure of a role play, but anyone can join in. I’m gonna start the story and then anyone can just jump in and continue it. Here are the characters- Patty- Importance in story- main character Gender- hen Breed- Wyandotte Relations- Carey’s niece Personality- curious, likes to...
  16. C

    Chickens and Ducks co-raising?... help

    I have a varied flock, about 18 chickens (3 are roosters, yes, I know, I have too many roosters.) and I have 3 ducks. We had 4, one passed away, so now I have two drakes and one hen (two Rouens and a Blue Swedish male) (I also know I have too many male ducks!). Our female Rouen has been...
  17. K

    Sharpie on Eggs???

    Is it safe to mark X’s And O’s with a sharpie marker on quail eggs before incubation process??
  18. A little Daffy

    Got a wild egg but no brain to back it up

    It's my first post so bare with me. I'll try not to make it too long. I have Muscovies all around my house. About 2 years ago, Daisy developed what I believe to be bumble foot and struggled terribly so I made sure she was fed and taken care of. She since then has had 3 hatchings (not sure the...
  19. Meghan0315

    Help !! momma duck cracking her eggs

    My mother duck is going broody but when we have olny one week left till there due date and i find cracked open eggs in there water why? She dosnt eat them just kills them and drowned them ? Why ? We have a female white crested and a female khaki campbell mixed with not sure what but the khaki is...
  20. Ducks and geese7

    Goose eating eggs

    I've had a goose sitting on eggs for 35 days. The eggs were due to hatch. My other female goose decided to lay on them too. So both of my geese were laying on the eggs. Last night I went to check on them and saw a baby had pecked a hole in its egg and was ready to hatch. I left it alone. The...
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