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  1. M

    Incubating and hatching eggs

    I started hatching eggs for the first time ever and started off with 9 eggs and I lost two during early stages when I checked the eggs on day 18 they were all moving and doing well I put them into lockdown and on day 19 at around 9am I saw one had pipped, came back a few hours later and it was...
  2. Nicole Taber

    Scattered hatch date--can't stop turning eggs

    So a while ago I posted a thread about 6 eggs that I took from a broody hen that I didn't trust. OF the 6, 5 were fertile and they are all doing well. But my family decided that since we are using such a huge incubator, they wanted to add 12 more eggs. And then 3 more. And then 7 turkeys eggs...
  3. TheChickenHouse1234

    Are you new at Incubating? Read THIS for some special tips! (Short) ❤️🐔

    Sooooo... if you are a new to incubating, this might help to learn a little more about how it all works! I'm very new to incubating as well (in fact I am incubating RIGHT NOW), but I think I have learned a few things that others might need to know! If I am wrong about this, the pros can call me...
  4. R

    Hatching chick

    My husband and I are hatching our second batch of eggs so we are still pretty new to it. We had this chick pip and start the process of hatching last night and has been stuck at this point since 12 last night and it is now 8:30 in the morning. It has been crying and the egg has been moving, the...
  5. T


    I have a very small flock of chicken and one of them went broody so I decided I would get eggs for her because my incubator try was a fail. The eggs are going along greatly. Sadly we lost one towards the beginning but I ran into a problem about 2-3 days ago... my eggs are very close to hatching...
  6. Tmartin7711

    Hen hatching abandoned quail eggs

    My neighbors had ripped up some bushes and found quail eggs. They set them nearby but the were abandoned. I have a broody silkie so I ran and grabbed them. She has been sitting on them for about a day. The neighbors said they were sitting there for about a week, any chance they could hatch?
  7. T

    Inconsistent hatch times

    I have a flock of free range chickens and my family is pretty good at recording the date when our broody girls start sitting on eggs full time along with how many eggs they have. Since we’ve started this though we’ve noticed that usually it takes anywhere from 23-27 days before we start seeing...
  8. TwistyTW

    Put eggs into lockdown too early?

    Hello everyone. I have 5 eggs in the incubator currently, and all of them were developing nicely. It’s my first time incubating and hatching eggs, so I’m not sure what to expect. I ended up putting them all into lockdown one day early after getting my days wrong, and now I haven’t seen any signs...
  9. Quacking ducks

    Hatching big duck eggs

    Hi, I have eggs in the incubator and I have 1 really big duck egg in there too. I thought their would be twins in the big egg but there is only one duckling in it. They are supposed to hatch Friday but I’m not sure how it will be able to get out of the egg. Since it’s a big shell he’s only in...
  10. D

    Please help! the floor of my incubator is wet and egg is still hatching!

    Please help me, I have two baby chicks that have already hatched but one hatched in day 19 and the other 20. But the incubator floor got wet(I've added too much water for humidity) and my chicks are getting themselves wet! I would remove then to the brooder but there are other eggs and one has...
  11. I

    Day 24 of Incubating and no pips!

    Hi! I'm currently incubating 12 Plymouth Rock eggs in a Hova-Bator (model 2362e) incubator. It's currently day 24 and there are no signs of hatching. These eggs have been shipped to me and arrived a couple of days later than expected. My temperatures have been pretty consistent throughout the...
  12. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    A bit of warmth and sweetness for Valentines’ day

  13. C

    Broody not in lockdown, day 20

    My banty broody was off her nest today for awhile eating and drinking and it’s day 20! Does this mean she thinks the eggs aren’t viable? She got right back up on the nest when she was done but I’ve always read lockdown starts on day 18 and they stop getting up. It’s my first time with a broody...
  14. Aaron nassery

    I got a issue ladies and gents that I need your help with.

    I was looking at some incubators and I kept seeing the same ones over and over and I was wondering if any of you guys/girls had any experience with them and if you can possibly tell me your thoughts on them. Which on is worth it? Which one would you buy? How do they hold temperature/humidity ...
  15. Jessicamtorres93

    Help with Duckling hatching stage. Early?

    Hi, I am new to this page and I have a crested duck and a domestic white duck that have been laying eggs and I incubated 3. I collected them on November 21st. They may have been sitting in the coop a day or two. but my duck was not sitting on them so I brought them in. I have a video and a few...
  16. S

    6 Indian Runner Duck Eggs in Janoel 12 - Day 28 and no Pips

    Hi there, I am on Day 28 with my 6 eggs, and see and hear nothing yet. We miscalculated by a day so the eggs went into lockdown a day later than they should have (Day 26) - so we didn't candle them as I didn't want to disturb them. Prior to that, all were moving and seemed to be growing fine on...
  17. C

    Wobbling eggs

    my sister is attempting to hatch eggs for the 3rd time and these ones seemed successful we’re on day 20 and they was moving and wobbling yesterday but they haven’t seemed to move at all day today? Is this normal? Could they have all died? How often did all your eggs move/wobble? tia 🐓 🐣
  18. P

    Emergency hatching no incubator

    Long story short, my first time broody abandoned her eggs at around 18-20 days (different egg age by up to few days). I have noted her out and about and not coming back to the nest anymore and not willing to sit despite my efforts. I am a first timer and very spontaneously decided her to let...
  19. First time silkie mum

    Where should my chicken hatch her eggs?!

    Hello! I have a lovely silkie sitting on 6 eggs, 10 days until they hatch! She has been sitting on her eggs in one of the boxes in the coop that has a ramp to get into the house . I’ve been worried that when the chicks hatch that they could fall off the ramp/out of the house so thought that...
  20. M

    Hi! Advice and help needed!

    Hi!, It's my first time incubating eggs and we hit day 22. Out of thirty eggs 11 have hatched and are currently in the brooder. We have only opened the incubator twice so far, once yesterday and once today to assist a hatch. That chick is in the incubator right now and is asleep and breathing...
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