embryo development

  1. chickenbritt5908


    Day 13 for my incubation. This little one didn’t have any visible movement. My others did. I can’t tell if I’m seeing veins or a blood ring. Most likely I will wait till hatching day but curious to see what others think.
  2. Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling one of my mallard eggs at day 6.
  3. Sunflowerchickens

    3 day old embryo stuck to shell?

    Hi there! I recently purchased my first ever incubator, a Brinsea mini Advance ii. After putting eggs in, for the first two days, I did not realize that the automatic turner (which turns the eggs every 45 minutes), was not running long enough to completely rotate the top down to the bottom and...
  4. Hanna8

    Embryos stopped growing, but might still be alive

    First up, this question is actually about cockatiel eggs. I haven't been able to find any information that seems like a match, and the development process is similar enough that I think there's a good chance you'd be able to help me out. Cockatiel eggs take 18-21 days to hatch on average. I...
  5. Shezadandy

    Shell-less hatching video

    Hey all, I'm sure most of us have seen some version of a video and/or pictures of the shell-less egg experiments, especially the one with the news clip of Japanese students doing the experiment- this is a much clearer, much more methodical accounting of the process with great photography...
  6. D

    Duck embryo survived 118º temps in incubator, help?

    We recently had a huge tragedy with our home made incubator, it somehow managed to reach a temp of 118º and with my 5 pekin embryos in it I was sure they were all dead. Once I saw the temp that high I instantly brought them to door and sat them outside in the cold temp (30º) for a few minutes to...
  7. Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    This is an explanation of what is happening each day as a chicken embryo develops, complete with candling pictures. The egg I am using is a silver spangled spitzhauben. Definitions you may need: Vitteline membrane: The membrane that surrounds the yolk and separates it from the white...
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