feather damage

  1. I

    Feathers bitten off at half shaft

    3 of my 4 hens have this damage on tail feathers. I assumed this happened because for 2 days at sub zero temps I kept them locked up in the coop which led to boredom and pecking. However I wonder if this kind of damage is unusual- it is so symmetrical. Any thoughts?
  2. Spellbound4u

    Weird feathers???

    I dont know how else to put it. Lol one of my lavender orpingtons feathers aren't smooth and flat like the rest of them. She doesn't get picked on that i see and she seems perfectly healthy and happy. Any ideas?? She is about 14 weeks old. A picture for reference...
  3. X

    Bare backed and sun burned

    Hello ! I have chickens that am assuming have been over mounted by rooster. They have little to no feathers left on their backs. I bought them saddles to protect their backs and hopefully allow feathers to grow back .. accept it seems to have made it worse, now the feathers will not grow back...
  4. slashroot

    Whats the reason for feather loss

    Hi! I'm very new to quail, trying to figure out what is going on with them. They are eating, drinking and running around like the rest. What I have noticed is red skin and feather loss. In the beginning they were fine, then slowly starting to get worse. I had the following thoughts: 1. First...
  5. J

    Is she getting pecked to death?

    We had one RIR hybrid left (Girl) and recently introduced 3 golden laced Wyandotte into our “flock” I watched Girl with them at first and she pecked them and took charge. Now she has stopped laying and looks like the below. Are those three new ones pecking her? If so, what do I do?!?!
  6. filmcmahon

    diy anti-feather pecking spray/balm?

    hello! my girls have been very sassy with each other lately and have been pecking at the smallest 2 out of 6 hens. does anyone have a successful recipe for anti-pecking spray or cream, or know of a brand that makes, it available in Ontario? the only one i seem to find is from the UK:rant help!!!!
  7. Maine_chic

    29 wk old EE hen with repeated broken blood feathers—Cause?!

    Once again, I turn to the BYC community for much needed help!! My EE hen has a large area surrounding her vent that is bare. Last week she had a broken feather and I stopped the bleeding with cornstarch, got her cleaned up and used Blue Kote. She’s partridge colored and the blue kote did a great...
  8. scalci

    Help! Skin peeling on entire body and weird noises!!

    Hi, My girls have been struggling with scaly leg mites and lice for a few months now. I had two 7+ y/o hens die a few months ago and now I have two 3 y/o and a 8.5 y/o. One of the 3 y/o’s has had a bare inflamed butt for about a year now but other than that has been fine. I have treated the...
  9. TheCrazyBirdGuy

    Striations / striping of goose feathers

    I feel like sometime a while back I read somewhere on this forum about striations on bird feathers possibly being health indicators. A goose i care for, Flip-Flop, (mix Embden and Chinese) started getting these on a few of his feathers. It could just be damage from interacting with the other...
  10. Canadian Chickens

    Bully Central

    Hello, Very new to the chicken world. We started with 9 Rhode Island Reds. Unfortunately, lost one to a hawk in the spring. Now 8 remain. There must be bullying in our coop, but cannot find the culprits! Some look pretty rough with missing feathers and most have their tails snipped short. We...
  11. wrighthollya

    Broken feathers on sholders

    I have had both (2) of my hens for a little over a year (from babies). I have one rooster with them. I have not had any issues until lately with broken feathers on both shoulders on both hens in the same place. I thought maybe it was the Roos spurs doing it but they are less than a 1/2 inch...
  12. joannmartin

    HELP! Duck feathers look terrible!

    I am totally stumped trying to solve my ducks feather issues. I initially thought it was a wet feather and did a Dawn soap bath....checked her oil gland and it looked fine. Took her to the vet and they didn't see any mites. Kepted her in all winter because I didn't think she would be able to...
  13. Sundogz

    2yr old tom's beard cut short? Isolated feather damage as well

    Is it mites? For the past couple weeks my tom has been exhibiting tattered feathers on the left side of his breast and behind his neck (exclusively the left side) and I never thought much of it as I see certain hens pulling on his feathers every once in a while. Today, however, I was looking...
  14. JuneJ58732

    Is this a feather cyst or something else?

    Hello, this is my first time posting. One of my hens has this strange skin ball that is attached to her neck, I noticed it a few weeks ago. I've attached pictures but I couldn't really get up close or get many angles. It's red, like her skin, and yes she is missing some feathers on her neck...
  15. LemonyCatapult

    Seemingly healthy pullet but showing strange symptoms

    I have a 6 month old pullet with a strange backstory. So she hatched from my two Easter Eggers and was always quite small for her age. When she was 3.5 months old, her feet got severe frost bite and she lost all her toes. She has lived in our house since but has been showing weird symptoms since...
  16. E

    egg residue on feathers

    Our orpington somehow broke an egg under her, and the egg residue is now all over her belly feathers. I tried to clean it with a washcloth and water, but it is just not coming off, and the feathers are all gluey and gunky. I think some of the feathers may have fallen out already, and the skin...
  17. Angelita

    Black mold/mildew on tail feathers

    Hi, so I’m a little concerned about my girl, she’s a 5 month old buff Orpington and I’ve noticed she’s had little black mold-looking specs on a few of her tail feathers. She’s an indoor chicken and I clean her coop daily so it’s always clean and dry. I use cedar wood shavings now that she’s...
  18. ZorotheDuck

    severely damaged feathers from gander fight

    Hi everyone, We have a American Buff gander who got beat up by our Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. We found our Buff two mornings ago on the other side of their night-time partition with the ducks and our Toulouse-African goose and the Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. He was in the corner, looking like...
  19. Wee Timmy

    Muscovy molting patterns.

    Recently my Muscovy drake picked a fight with the gander and ended up losing ALL of his primary feathers on the left wing and about half of them on the right wing. The ducks fly a lot around the property and I feel pretty bad for him now that he’s flightless. He can’t get on the roost either. It...
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