1. T

    2 Chickens, 1 Rooster Free to a good home in Austin, TX

    2 Chickens and 1 Rooster free to a good home in Austin, TX. I inherited these guys and I am not sure really how to take care of them so I am looking to rehome them. I don't know too much about them, but I think the chickens are a breed of rumpless chicken, I am not sure if they are standard size...
  2. Squeak61

    3 free pullets

    Hello everyone! I have three 15 week old Spangled Hamburgs that I am trying to rehome. Two are the gold variation and one is silver. They are all definite hens and in perfect health. But they are a flighty breed, which freaks out the kids in my home. I'm located in Connecticut, so if you're...
  3. D

    Rooster at large in Los Angeles, Ca

    Hi, I live in Eagle Rock considered part of Los Angeles. A very handsome fellow came to our street last Monday and selected my yard to hang out whenever he’s not walking through the neighborhood crowing. The neighbors come by and take photos of him, however there are a few hostile neighbors...
  4. SilverQuail026

    Re-Homing Gambel's Quail - Tucson, Az

    I have 13 female Gambel's quail and 5 males who are in need of a new home. The females and three of the males are a little over a year old, and the females are still laying. (I'm getting about ten eggs a day, last time I checked) The last 2 Males hatched this spring and have yet to be integrated...
  5. W

    does anyone want runner ducklings (Saratoga, CA)

    Hi, I hatched some runner ducklings, and the families that were going to raise them have decided that they don't want them. So now I have black runner ducklings who have no home. Would anyone like them? We live in Saratoga, CA. Thank you, Wingra
  6. Sara Suits

    Free Rooster, Phoenix, AZ Welsummer 13wks

    Hi everyone! Trying to find a good new home for our Roo, he's 13 weeks old. will attach recent pics. Thanks for looking!
  7. CalBells

    2-6wk Welsh Harlequin drakes-free-Sf Bay Area

    Im not possitive, but based on voice, I think they're both drakes. No curly tail feathers yet. They were hatched by one of my broody ducks from Metzer fertile eggs, but we don't have room to keep them. We hand reared them, they'll eat out of your hand and they're very pretty. They're feathered...
  8. B

    D'uccle Mille Feuille Bantam Rooster needing new home.

    Hi I have a 3 month old rooster in need of a new home due to city ordinances. Would hope to trade for a young Bantam hen but would be happy just to find him a good home. He is very sweet and easy to handle. Can email or message pictures, site not letting me post. We live in Sonoma county,CA
  9. Sara Suits

    Rooster Free

    We have a 12 week old welsummer needing to be rehomed. Contact me at for pickup address. Thank you!
  10. kat salamon

    Khaki Campbell Male duck Pasadena CA

    Hi, My friend has a very frisky (wink wink) Khaki Campbell she needs to re-home. Local pick-up only. He is friendly when alone and with people, just can't leave the ladies alone! LOL. If you are interested I can get you a photo. He is about 3 years old. Thanks!
  11. ponytas

    free year old healthy brood hen

    I have a Silver Wyandotte healthy brood hen that I would like to find a good home for in the Raleigh-Wake Forest, NC area. She was born Feb. 1, 2016. I have no rooster. She was broody for 21 days in April, and she's broody now.
  12. jennkretz

    FREE! Four 12 Week Old RIR Roos - FREE TO GOOD HOME!

    FREE TO GOOD HOME - we have four 13 week old Rhode Island Red roosters... hoping they'll be kept as part of a small flock. Really don't want them to be eaten. Any and all leads very much appreciated. Message me for photos
  13. J

    Free Speckled Sussex Roosters

    I have 5 Speckled Sussex roosters approx. 20 weeks old in need of a home/flock. My family hatched them ourselves from our own chickens. I would like to find a home for them before offering them up to people to eat. Located in Bath, PA.
  14. J

    Free Speckled Sussex Roosters

    I have 5 Speckled Sussex roosters I'm trying to find homes for. My family hatched them from our chickens and we don't want all these roosters. I am trying to find a home/flock for them before I give them away to people that will eat them. Located in Bath, PA.
  15. blissed

    3 Ameraucana hens in Silicon Valley need new home(s)

    Girls just celebrated their fourth birthday and are laying as strong as ever, averaging 14 large eggs/week in summer, 4-6 in winter with supplemental light. One lays light green eggs, the other two light brown. Raised from chicks by my son, who is transitioning to a bantam flock – we don't have...
  16. Sierra Hughes

    Two month old roosters need forever home

    I got 4 Bantam chicks out of the assorted Bantam bin at Tractor Supply. 3 of the 4 turned out to be Roos. I don't have enough hens or enough room to have so many roosters. They are 2 months old and just started to crow. Golden sebright Bantams!
  17. CrispyTeacher

    14 Week old Chickens looking for a good home

    Hello! I have four chickens that I'm looking to rehome. I believe that they are all Roosters and I'm not allowed to have them. They are all just beautiful in color and the pictures do not do them justice. These chickens were incubated, hatched, and raised in a kindergarten classroom. They have...
  18. nickz

    4 RIR roosters Rir

    Trying to see if anyone wants 1 to 4 RIR roosters. My first hatch of 6 eggs gave me 5 lol. What luck! I am in Elkton Maryland. Local only, will entertain bringing myself if within 10 miles of my residence. Also looking for Silver wyandotte hens, even old lol. Trying to breed my one remaining...
  19. DzieChick

    WNY- white silkie & 2 Buff orp Roos

    Looking for homes for my boys that will let them live before I turn to butchering them, especially the silkie. They're all about 14 weeks old. Silkie is a lover, always greets me at the door, likes being held.
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