1. A

    Free Bantam Roosters San Diego Area

    Free bantam roosters to good home! 5 available. All are silkie x belgian d'uccle and came from a black silkie rooster and belgian d'uccle hen (my bad luck all roosters!). 3 months old. Fully grown, but still very small. They have been kept together in their own flock and handled frequently, so...
  2. GhogKilla

    In PA, need home for Muscovy’s

    Hello fellow duck lovers!! I have 4-5 Muscovys I need to find loving homes for. I don’t want them eaten because I love them. I’m in Gettysburg, PA. Free! This picture has Dad, “Blue” and mom “LuLu” !
  3. K

    6 Baby Chicks Need new Home

    My husband’s dumbass friends purchased 6 baby chicks last week for a prank. Long story short, we now have those chicks. They’re young, and in desperate need of a good home. Please help.
  4. Bgstoelb

    Olympia, WA RIR/red sex-linked rooster

    Free 11 month old RIR/red sex-linked rooster. Downsizing flock. great protector of hens. Respectful of people. He has jumped at me a few times , but he’s still young.
  5. J

    Bantam Rooster Needs a New Home

    I have an awesome bantam rooster who needs a great home. We're not zoned for roos or else I'd love to keep him. He's friendly and has been handled well by kids and adults. He's 15 weeks old now. Located in Saginaw/Fort Worth, Texas.
  6. PeriwinkleChickens

    Polish Rooster(s) in need of a great home (WA State)

    Hello Everyone, I have (2) beautiful polish roosters that are in need of a great home! They are both 15 weeks old; one is a white polish and the other a golden polish. I was hoping that they where both hens, but then they began to crow, oops! We already have a full-grown, 3 year old white...
  7. rosaroca

    Oklahoma City Lemon Blue bantams FREE

    I have a week long horse show starting sept 9th and need to place a group of my pretty Lemon Blues My handicapped sister can’t get easily to the pen where they’re kept and I’m afraid she’ll fall if she tries. One LB rooster and 4 or 5 hens all need to find a new home immediately. They’re...
  8. B

    Button Quail - Gloucester, VA 23061

    Hello, I have 3 beautiful male button quail pets that need a new home. They were hatched in June. Free to a good home. Go to my YouTube Channel to see them in action. Button Quail Unbuttoned at
  9. P

    Free cockrals in MD

    Hello, I have two Cockrals that I need to part ways with. My wife suggested we try to rehome them. A few pics are attched. One looks like a barred rock and the other is a frizzle. They are definitely cross breeds as I had gotten eggs from a friend for a broody hen whom hatched these two (plus a...
  10. gowinej11

    Free Silkie Starter Flock (Southern Ohio)

    I have three white silkies to re-home. A 5 month old cockerel, a 5 month old pullet, and a 1 yr old hen(got separately - not the mama hen). Attached are some photos with the larger bird being the cockerel. I am located in southern Ohio. If interested, please feel free to message any questions...
  11. J

    Free Roosters Commerce Michigan area.

    I have 4 sweet roosters I need to find a home that will keep them and not turn them into dinner. They are mix breeds but hand raised by 3 kids that are eager to hear they find a home and not a dinner table. We are in Commerce Michigan. They born in May.
  12. RosyChickens

    Hot Weather

    I have free range chickens - should I be concerned about heat? it's 90 and even a bit over 100 here in Oregon lately. Being free range they have access to shade and my gardens are sprinkled and they seem to like that damp dirt. They are panting and have here wings out - but how can I tell if...
  13. sokeefe28

    Hand raised bantams roosters available

    I have 4 stunning hand raised young roosters (under a year old) looking for their forever homes. PET ONLY not for food! 1 mottled Cochin bantam 1 white Cochin bantam frizzle (proven breeder) 1 calico Cochin/silkie cross bantam 1 blue splash Cochin/silkie cross bantam Please private message me...
  14. C

    3 month old rooster needs a home asap!

    Hi! We live in Florence, MA, and I'm willing to drive a bit to help this sweet guys find a home. We hatched eggs for the first time and ended up with several hens and a beautiful rooster, which we are not allowed to keep. Thanks! He's free =) I'm not totally sure of his breed. He has 5...
  15. TJ

    Buff Brahma Rooster, 1 Year Old, Free, Warrenton, Mo.

    Free 1 year old buff Brahma rooster Sadly he has turned mean Please bring pen to take him home in Located near Warrenton, Mo. area (60 miles west of STL) Thank you!
  16. J

    FREE Young Adult Hens (4) and Rooster (1)

    I am looking for someone who would be willing to take on and care for 4 young adult hens, as well as 1 young adult rooster. My family and I have cared for them for a little over a year now, and with the kids off to college and elderly folk at home in need of care, we unfortunately can't manage...
  17. Liagan0

    Silkie needs new home brevard fl

    Almost 5 month old White silkie needs new, good home...probably a rooster. He doesn’t get along with our female duck who bullies him and I hate keeping him in the coop alone while the other chickens get to wander around. He’s a sweetie and sits there while I put up his poof so he can see:)...
  18. ame087192

    Free to good home Fresno, CA

    Hi there! I have 4 bantam chickens in need of a forever home. They were raised by a hen, so they are hardy outdoor and ranging birds. One is a bantam barred rock or Plymouth (rooster), and the other three appear to be Japanese bantams. I am in Clovis ca but happy to bring them to a surrounding...
  19. sixlittlechickens

    Sweet Silkie Mix Roo Needs a Home in NH!

    Hello, Unfortunately, we have ended up with too many roosters and need to rehome some before they start fighting. Eggy (short for Eggplant) is a 13 week old silkie/black star mix. He's very sweet and pretty and would be a great protector. Please let me know if you or someone you know is looking...
  20. BuffyOrpha

    Free: 3 hens need a new home (NYC)

    I love my hens, but I have a pain in the behind neighbor, am tired of her complaining that they make too much noise, meanwhile she has 2 dogs that bark all the time. If someone in the new york city area would like 3 beautiful hens... 2 of them are one year old and 1 of them is 6 yrs old... they...
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