1. C

    Blue Cochin rooster needs a new home

    We ended up with one rooster too many! He’s 20+ weeks old and in great condition. I’d happily deliver him to anyone within an hour of Hillsborough NC. A really beautiful bird and well behaved. He doesn’t love being handled but he’s socialized well with our human family. Mostly now he’s all...
  2. K

    Roosters need homes!

    Hi! We have 4 ISA Brown roosters that need homes (we got a mix of 10 unsexed chicks and it ended up being a 50/50 split). Greater New Orleans area. 3 months old.
  3. beau4sammy

    Male Blue Swedish Duck FREE to a good home

    A male Blue Swedish duck has taken up residence in our pond and needs to find a forever home. Mason, as we call him, wandered into our yard from our new neighbors after their dogs relentlessly chased him. So, once he found our pond, he hasn't left... his bonus was that he also stumbled upon...
  4. M

    2 silkie roosters up for grabs. Free, need them rehomed as we have to many roosters

    I have 2 silkie roosters, almost 17 weeks. One white, one splash. Both great with kids, but the splash is a little more timid. We just have too many roosters currently and need to get rid of them asap. For some reason I can get pics to upload on here but hit me up and I can send pics. Located in...
  5. Sprucehen

    2 Black Silkie Cockerels need home asap (Portland Oregon area)

    My straight run silkies produced 2 beautiful cockerels. I thought I would be able to keep them, but they are louder than expected and the large alpha (named Mayor and pictured below) is much too cocky and rough for my backyard flock. Can be picked up, good with poeple. Technically they are not...
  6. sokeefe28

    Satins and silkie juveniles available

    Beautiful hand raised super friendly satins and silkies available. Free to good homes. Gorgeous 3 month old satin cockerel, 3 month old satin pullet, 8 week old black silkie cockerel, 8 week old satin pullets. Please pm me if interested. Located in wappingers falls. Pics below are the 3 month...
  7. mrsaubrey

    Amberlink Rooster Needs Home

    I have a beautiful Amberlink rooster who needs a new home. We want to keep him, but can't due to laws that only allow hens in town. He was sexed as a female, but clearly is not. He is a beautiful, healthy bird. I walk into the enclosure every day, multiple times a day to give treats and keep...
  8. Syd_thechickentender

    Help re-home roosters (FREE)

    I live in florida in a city that goes by the name of North Port. However, there is a problem with my flock. I own two roosters, and the city does not allow roosters. Been on the search for about a couple weeks now to see if anyone would be willing to take them. I am not looking for a price, just...
  9. M

    Medina, OH 4mo Cockerel

    We wound up with too many roos. We had planned on keeping Void so we all got attached. Unfortunately we only wound up with 11 hens, so we can't keep Void. We already have a roo. We really can't stand the thought of putting Void in the freezer, but if I can't find him a home soon, I won't...
  10. quackquackmeow

    2 Pekins Availble in Shelby, NC

    Meet Ollie and Simon, Two young 11wk old drakes in need of a new home. I promised my daughter's they'd be friends not food so you'd have to agree to that stipulation. (◔ ‿ ◔) They've been well fed on non-medicated feed, free range are great guys. We live in Shelby, NC and are always around...
  11. TheTexasChickenGirl

    2 Chickens Need Home-Austin, TX

    I have two chickens, a Partridge Cochin and a Cuckoo Maran in need of a home. Cochin is 4 years old and still laying, but going through a molt right now. Her name is Coco, and she is super sweet and quiet. Coco is the sweetest chicken ever, she loves to be pet and held! I believe she would...
  12. Miss Kristy

    Richmond, VA: gentle teenage roosters need good homes

    I've got two white leghorn boys and a Rhode Island red. They are wonderful boys, well mannered, but maybe a little spoiled. (They expect you to have treats whenever you come say hi). Hand-raised TSC babies. I'd like them to go to good forever homes.
  13. Alex R

    Delaware Cockrell

    Although I'd like to keep him, I have a mixed flock and am not allowed to have roo's within city limits. Hes around 3 months old. He was also supposed to be a hen but accidents happen, lol. Located in Killeen, Tx. Not a common breed so I hope someone picks him up quickly.
  14. VioletsMom73

    Free Mulch is the Best Mulch

    So its been a rainy June so far, and my chickens of course have killed the grass in their run as expected. This led to some stinky mud of course, despite my best efforts. So I knew I needed a lot of mulch so I started looking online to see what I could find at a discount. I stumbled across...
  15. H

    Free Houdan Cockerel (Vancouver, WA)

    We have an 8-week old Houdan Cockerel, sold to us as a Polish however is a polydactyl and greatly resembles a Houdan. He is free to a good home. He began to crow today and we sadly cannot have Roosters where we live. So unfortunately this beautiful guy is needing a new home.
  16. chicksonline

    3 cockerels in bristol/south good UK

    anyone willing to take some cockerels from me? they are free to collectors if you want them to for a home but if you’d like them for meat a £5 donation would be great as i have bred them
  17. J

    Free chicken coop

    Newish Chicken Coop comes with heat lamp can no longer keep because parents do not wish to have Birds anymore. For those of you that live in or near the chicago-area in illinois Will be on curb at st.charles south 18th street. No shipping
  18. J

    Free chicken coop comes with a heat lamp

    Newish Chicken Coop comes with heat lamp can no longer keep because parents do not wish to have Birds anymore. For those of you that live in or near the chicago-area in illinois Will be on curb at st.charles south 18th street.
  19. T

    White Leghorn Rooster - Mesa Arizona

    Long time lurker, first time posting - If I'm in the wrong thread, I apologize in advance. We have a small flock of 5 birds in Mesa Arizona and one of our chicks ended up being a rooster. He's about 6 months old and has started crowing constantly and it may become an issue for our neighbors...
  20. Silkielove1944

    Last Hope (Roleplay)

    -------- Other:- Post characters on the thread or questions: I'll be happy to answer any! Don't be I'll add the character and chat thread in the future. Notes~ Word count-1,105 words-on the forum. Notes: Enjoy! There's no required word count!
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