1. J

    Johnston County, NC - looking for a good home for two roosters

    My husband is ready to cull two of our three boys but I am desperate for another option. I have a one year old barnyard mix rooster and a six month old Easter Egger that would make wonderful additions to a flock in need. Please help me find them a refuge so I don't have to reluctantly make...
  2. S

    Free $1400 Omlet Chicken Coop & 2 Hens - Southern California

    I am in Southern California. We have an Omlet chicken chicken coop we bought a year and a half ago with an electric door. We paid $1,400 for it and we want to give it away as long as you can take our 2 chickens and give them a good home. Our daughters will be so sad about this, but we are not...
  3. braxvang

    Rehoming (free) Muscovy Drake in Suffolk, VA

    I have a male Muscovy duck who is about 19 months old. He is too big for my female ducks and i'm considering rehoming him. I am in Suffolk, VA. He's pretty socialized to people, follows me around all over the place, i'm just tired of him being way too rough with my small female ducks (I have...
  4. Nikidust

    2 Serama Roosters in Kansas City, Missouri

    I've got a couple young serama cockerels needing a new flock in Kansas City. Free to a good home. Seramas are not cold hardy below 40 degrees and will need to be kept out of the cold over winter. I have them set up in my garage in a flock but I've got too many roosters for my 6 hens. These guys...
  5. J

    Free Easter Eager rooster 12 wks- Portland, OR

    Our rooster needs re-homing! He’s a beautiful Easter Eager which means his future chicks (attached photos of him as a chick) will be sweet with humans and great egg layers. He has a great pattern (white w/ black one in the photos). His tail is an emerald color. He is very good with humans and is...
  6. jinpark8282

    Free pullets Bergen County 07640

    I have too many chickens. They are 8 weeks old and all pullets. 1 orpington 2 road island reds Please let me know if you are interested.
  7. blackbox

    (Simi Valley, Ventura County, CA) Urgent re-home needed, two dumped Khaki Campbell ducklings

    Looking for a permanent home!! Simi Valley, CA. These two Khaki Campbell ducklings were dumped today in the middle of a park, near a busy street. They were captured ASAP, and put in an experienced foster home. If you can provide an excellent permanent home, please reach out. They require fresh...
  8. A

    Free 7 month old Silkie Rooster (Southern Colorado)

    Hello! I purchased quite a few baby chicks in February, all were supposed to be female, but my one silkie decided to start crowing in July. In my community, we are not allowed to have roosters, and as much as I love him, even with a crow collar, he will not shut up! He is a wonderful rooster, I...
  9. N

    Blue Easter Egger Rooster Looking for a New Flock, Boise ID

    Jalapeño is a lovely bird, but he found his voice and I can’t have a rooster in my area. I hatched him in April, he’s really pretty with shiny blue grey feathers. I wish I could keep him.
  10. S

    EasterEgger young Rooster needs re-homing

    We have a gentleman EasterEgger Rooster that needs re-homing - anywhere in the Bay Area - South, North, East! Will deliver! He was hand raised accompanied with 7other female-sexed chicks and has been very healthy living with his flock of soon to be laying hens! He was born last Spring and was...
  11. C

    Looking to re-home 2 newly laying hens

    I have 2 young hens (23 weeks old) that I’m hoping to rehome. A Buff Orpington and an Easter Egger. Together they lay 7-8 eggs a week. They are sweet, healthy girls who give me no trouble, but the coop dynamic changed when we had to take back our accidental rooster and I don’t have the space I...
  12. C

    Free 10-Week-Old Rooster in Murrieta, CA

    Basically the title. My neighbors are too close, and this guy can sometimes be noisy, so unfortunately we have to let him go. Hoping he can go to a great home!
  13. N

    Brahma/Easter egger mix rooster, 1 yr old, central FL

    looking to rehome my rooster, I have too many. I live in central florida i am willing to deliver within a certain mile radius, just ask! He is strong, healthy, & parasite free.
  14. B

    Denver, CO - Five friendly, young laying chickens! Need a new home.

    Five beautiful, healthy and friendly chickens looking for a new home. We are moving and sadly can't take our girls. We have 2 grey Orpingtons, 1 black Orpington, 1 light Brahma and 1 partridge Cochin. They were all born in April of last year and are the sweetest things! They will eat from your...
  15. B

    1 or 2 Roosters for Free in Batavia IL

    We got 6 'sexed' baby chicks in April and 2 turned out to be roos.. They are both smaller than all the hens that were in the group and I have included photos... If anyone is interested in 1 or 2 happy to meet you somewhere... They seems gentle so far but have also not turned into large birds...
  16. aryucrazy

    Silkie cockerels - Wisconsin - free

    I've got 8 week old silkies, and out of the 8 I hatched most are cockerels. I'll be keeping 3-4 of the cockerels. The rest of the cockerels will be available for free. We're in south central Wisconsin. I've included a picture of the first cockerel to rehome. He has started crowing already.
  17. N

    Buff Orpington roosters free to new home (Colorado Springs)

    We got a straight run of chickens mid February, but have a few too many roosters. We have two buff Orpington roosters that are coming into their own, and would be great for a their own flock. They are too nice of a roosters for eating, and would be great free range roosters. Protective of their...
  18. P

    salmon faverolle rooster

    I wanted to try a rooster but it doesn't seem to be the best fit for our family. It's a shame because he's super gentle. He's never once attacked our anyone. We've held him often from the day we brought him home. Unfortunately, the coops too close to our home and he's quite a singer in the...
  19. pgriese

    Lavender Orpington male 8 weeks old Chanhassen MN

    I have a lovely lavender Orpington rooster and I cannot keep him due to city ordinance. Very friendly and loves to be held/pet. I would love for him to go to a good home- we are located in Chanhassen MN
  20. J

    4 Free Roosters- 5 weeks old- Bielefelder Mix - Beaumont. TX

    I have 4 little cockerels, as pictured, that will be free! Dad is a pure bred Bielefelder and possible moms are Barred Rock, RIR, Sexlinks, and Easter Eggers. The dad is huge, very gentle with adults & children, and takes excellent care of the ladies. See attached photo of him. I am located...
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