1. VioletsMom73

    Free Mulch is the Best Mulch

    So its been a rainy June so far, and my chickens of course have killed the grass in their run as expected. This led to some stinky mud of course, despite my best efforts. So I knew I needed a lot of mulch so I started looking online to see what I could find at a discount. I stumbled across...
  2. H

    Free Houdan Cockerel (Vancouver, WA)

    We have an 8-week old Houdan Cockerel, sold to us as a Polish however is a polydactyl and greatly resembles a Houdan. He is free to a good home. He began to crow today and we sadly cannot have Roosters where we live. So unfortunately this beautiful guy is needing a new home.
  3. chicksonline

    3 cockerels in bristol/south good UK

    anyone willing to take some cockerels from me? they are free to collectors if you want them to for a home but if you’d like them for meat a £5 donation would be great as i have bred them
  4. J

    Free chicken coop

    Newish Chicken Coop comes with heat lamp can no longer keep because parents do not wish to have Birds anymore. For those of you that live in or near the chicago-area in illinois Will be on curb at st.charles south 18th street. No shipping
  5. J

    Free chicken coop comes with a heat lamp

    Newish Chicken Coop comes with heat lamp can no longer keep because parents do not wish to have Birds anymore. For those of you that live in or near the chicago-area in illinois Will be on curb at st.charles south 18th street.
  6. T

    White Leghorn Rooster - Mesa Arizona

    Long time lurker, first time posting - If I'm in the wrong thread, I apologize in advance. We have a small flock of 5 birds in Mesa Arizona and one of our chicks ended up being a rooster. He's about 6 months old and has started crowing constantly and it may become an issue for our neighbors...
  7. Silkielove1944

    Last Hope (Roleplay)

    -------- Other:- Post characters on the thread or questions: I'll be happy to answer any! Don't be I'll add the character and chat thread in the future. Notes~ Word count-1,105 words-on the forum. Notes: Enjoy! There's no required word count!
  8. AltonaAcres

    Anyone want an amazing Naked Neck rooster?

    Hi there! I just bought a gorgeous Chocolate Orpington rooster, and my current roo, a black and white Naked Neck, is not too thrilled. His name is Caelo (Latin for sky/heaven), pronounced Kai-low. He is the best rooster I have ever had. Mellow, good protector, amazing fertility (I have 20+ of...
  9. Bcpayne

    Silver laced Wyandottes, 2 cockerels FREE

    Hey guys, I have two SLW cockerels hatched Sept 6th 2019 who need a home or homes. If you take both you're welcome to have the pullet as well (also SLW). They free range daily, eat high protein food, and are really beautiful birds - we just aren't interested in having roosters since we have a...
  10. Ojwilli18

    Easter Egger Rooster

    I am located in Saginaw Michigan, and I need to re home my 3 month old rooster. I got 4 chicks from tractor supply that were supposed to all be hens, but this one turned out to be a rooster! He has not started crowing yet, and started to show some mild human aggression by pecking my hands when I...
  11. McGoo

    Free - Barred Rock Orpington Rooster NY state

    Free Barred Orpington. New York State. He is 9 mos old (cockrel), father and grandfather are a good sign :) Willing to bring him to you if reasonable distance.
  12. Alejolive

    Free white Silkie Bantam in Austin Texas

    I live in Austin Texas 78750. I got my 10 silkies Bantam 5 months ago. I'm getting rid of one of the roosters because I already got 2 more. Text me if you are interested.
  13. C

    6 healthy, 1 year old layer hens need a good home, SF Bay Area

    We love our ladies, but we are blessed to be having a second child and it's turned out to be too much work for us to handle our next transition! Beautiful hens, healthy, all good layers, fed all organic feed since we raised them from chicks. Pickup or delivery if you're close. We live just...
  14. T

    Free Cochin Rooster

    I bought some cochin chicks in April and one ended up being a Roo. He is beautiful with iridescent dark feathers, and seems to be pretty docile. I can't keep a rooster in our backyard as we are only on a half acre in Los Altos Hills...and he just started crowing today...I think the neighbors...
  15. WizardsUnited

    Orange County CA Newly crowing cockerel needs a new home

    Scrappy just let out his first crow, dissolving my denial once and for all. He is one of seven in my backyard flock, and I am unsure of his breed— I suspect a RIR. He is 22 weeks old, and has lived in Orange county his whole life, so he has had no known exposure to that disease that has our...
  16. C

    2 Indian Runner Drakes Free to Good Home

    My husband and I were dumb. Well, I was 8 months pregnant and he was most probably too afraid of angry hormones to talk me down but we brought home chickens and ducks from our beloved spring planting festival (we are avid gardeners) back in May. What can I say? Momma was in full blown nesting...
  17. BestDiscoMan13

    How do I make a chicken coop?

    How do I make a chicken coop? Does anyone have any ideas how to make a simple or cheap chicken coop? I’m looking for cheap or homemade chicken coop ideas. I have 4 chickens currently I’m planning to get more in the future so if anyone has nice ideas please let me know. Thanks for reading.
  18. DiYMama540

    Anyone open to trade??

    It will soon be time for me to divide and conquer some things in my garden this fall. Was wondering if anyone would like to trade a few plants?? I will have several different varieties of hostas, solomans seal, asiatic lilies, calla lilies, canna lillies, banana trees, elephant ear...
  19. Clucking_Caramel

    3 Young Budgies To a Good Home (Pennsylvania)

    I have 3 budgies - oldest (Amazon) is four and the youngest (Super Nova) is two. I had to move and now have little to no space in my new house and they need more space. You get the cage, perches, toys and food. ((Name key: blue (Male) - Super Nova; green (Male) - Amazon; albino (Female -...
  20. Anime2lover

    Pekin and campbell ducks need new home

    We hatched ducks this year and ended up with too many males. So we are getting rid of our male pekin and campbell ducks. They must go together. If we cant find a home for them,we may have to make them dinner and id rather not do that. We are on the rhode island conneticut line. Cannot drop...
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