1. Anime2lover

    Pekin and campbell ducks need new home

    We hatched ducks this year and ended up with too many males. So we are getting rid of our male pekin and campbell ducks. They must go together. If we cant find a home for them,we may have to make them dinner and id rather not do that. We are on the rhode island conneticut line. Cannot drop...
  2. velocityoflove

    Free polish roosters in georgia to a good home

    I have a white laced polish and a white crested blue polish rooster. I just now have too many roosters and these were accidental. Free to a good home. They're great roosters, I just have too many. I live in winder, ga.
  3. BethyLeigh

    Handsome Blue Splash Ameraucana Roo

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  4. AmyAvenues

    Shelbyville, Indiana - 3 laying hens need new home

    I have three wonderful little weirdos who have been laying for months now very regularly. But one of my dogs have started terrorizing them and I don't feel like I can give them enough time and space for free ranging without predators around. Reese, Nemo, and Pipi (Silver laced wyandotte and...
  5. mlmaxson

    NH-Khaki Campbell Ducks and assorted hens

    I have 2 free drakes who need a new home. Both are 5 months old. 6 assorted hens about 2 years old. Hens are laying and extremely friendly, raised with children. I need to downsize my flock because I’m leaving for the winter and my S.O. will be left to care for the animals. I need to make...
  6. Anime2lover

    Brown khaki campbell drake duck needs a new home.

    (Rhode island, conneticut border) We hatched ducks this year and got to many, so we gave them away. Now we have one brown khaki campbell drake that needs a home. We cannot do any sort of drop off, so it has to be a pick up. Will post a picture soon.
  7. M

    Quail to good home in Baltimore

    I have three Texas a&m quail ready to go to a good home. I love birds but can’t commit to a cockatoo yet so I raised a few smaller birds as a side project. They were born on July 4th. I’m not familiar with sexing birds but according to the YouTube video they are all female. I would really prefer...
  8. rascal66

    How to help prevent eagle attacks on free ranging chickens?

    We have just begun free ranging the chickens. They're so happy and eating up all the yummy grass and bugs as they please. The area they range is limited, but it's about 1 acre they have to roam. I have the main run, which is fairly large on its own and safe from arial strikes. I have a small...
  9. L

    Two free Asian Black roosters in Pittsburgh area

    I have two 4 month old beautiful well mannered Asian Black roosters that need a new home:( We brought 8 chicks home hoping for all layers and got two boys in the mix. Our borough does not allow for roosters and boy do they sing now. They will eat from your hand and come when you call them and...
  10. S

    Roosters in Western Massachusetts in need of homes

    Hi folks, I am new here. I am having a rooster dilemma at my house. I agreed to adopt the chicks of a relative who incubated a bunch of eggs as a project, but lives in an area that doesn't allow chickens. Naturally, some have turned out to be roosters. At least two so far, and possibly a third...
  11. Farmgirl1878

    Year-Old Wyandotte Hens and Young Cockerels in Piketon, Ohio

    Okay, here’s the story... I wrecked the side-by-side last week and broke my coccyx (yes, I literally broke my butt!), so now I need to get rid of some of my girls to make life easier for my DH. He’s been very good about taking care of the flock while I’m stuck in the house, but we do have too...
  12. Momma_Tillie

    Three Copper Moran Cockriels

    I have two Black Copper Moran and one Blue Copper Moran Cockriels in need of new homes. They hatched out on 5/1 and are beautiful. Problem is that I can not have Roosters. I live in Snellville,Ga. These guys are very beautiful and I would love for them to go to new homes where they can be the...
  13. E

    Need to re-home young rooster ASAP

    Hello all! So one of our four female chicks has grown into a lovely young light Brahma rooster (about 16weeks now). We are not allowed to have roosters in town, so off he must go. Please contact me if interested. Near Charlotte NC.
  14. M

    Rooster in need of Rehoming - San Francisco CA Bay Area

    I need to rehome my 4 month old Buff Orpington Rooster. He is very social and healthy, but was incorrectly sexed by the My Pet Chicken Hatchery to be a hen for my hen only flock. I am willing to transport him a reasonable distance to a good home. Mark (707-738-9707)
  15. BoiseWiseguy

    Eight Free chickens for a New Home Boise Idaho

    We have 8 chickens needing new home. 4 Black Sex Link, 4 Brown Sex Link. Wonderful chickens, three years old. Need to lessen the number of chickens that I have, so looking for a good home for them. Please contact me, David Wise, via email at Thank you! BYC is not...
  16. allergymama

    Ducks, ducks, everywhere-Michigan’s thumb

    We have become a repository for other people’s ducks and we have too many now and need to rehome some. We have 10 ducks to rehome, aged from 1-4 years, that are mostly laying females with a couple males. They are all mixed breed ducks (mostly pekin mixed with something else). A few are broody if...
  17. CaeVee

    Belgian bantam rooster (2 months) SUTTON, SURREY

    I have a 2 month old Belgian bantam rooster who I urgently need to re home. He's lovely and inquisitive, but he's started crowing in the morning and my parents are worried the neighbours will start complaining. If anyone in or around Surrey (UK) can give him a home I'd be so grateful Here's...
  18. Jamiebertone

    Cockerels - Old English Game Bantam, English Orpington, Silkie

    I have several cockerels available. $5 each. Covington Georgia. Willing to travel up to an hour for $10 per bird. Blue Splash English Orpington- 3 months Black Silkie - 3 months Lemon Blue Old English Game Bantam - month and a half Lemon Blue Spangled Old English Game Bantam - month and a half
  19. Jamiebertone

    Cockerels Available- English Orpington, Old English Game Bantam, and Silkie

    I have several cockerels available. $5 each. Covington Georgia. Willing to travel up to an hour for $10 per bird. Blue Splash English Orpington- 3 months Black Silkie - 3 months Lemon Blue Old English Game Bantam - month and a half Lemon Blue Spangled Old English Game Bantam - month and a half
  20. Clevelcj

    Light Brahma Mixed Cockerel

    Free Light Brahma/RIR Cockerels to anyone near Lynchburg VA. They have coloring the Brahma and are fairly large in size. Have 3 total to give away.
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