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  1. BantyChooks

    Offical 2020 BYC Halloween Hatch-Along

    # Contest Name Host 1 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Egg Decorating Contest! @TwoCrows 2 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Pumpkin Carving @CluckNDoodle 3 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Fall on the Farm Photo Contest @jolenesdad 4 Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL Poultry Pumpkin Eating...
  2. rascal66

    First incubation for 2020!

    I feel like I'm addicted to chickens...!!!:love Anyways, just this past Sunday I popped 72 eggs into the incubator! I'm using a Brinsea Ovaeasy 100. This thing has been amazing and I'm almost always at a high hatch/success rate. The last round i did only had 2 eggs out of 54 that didn't...
  3. 20191228_201657


    Evangeline taking a nap
  4. Pennys Mama

    Heinz Variety Hatch-Along

    I just now set 56 of my own quail eggs, plus 10 guinea eggs, and in a week I'll add 11 +/- LARGE breed chicken eggs to hatch-along with the guineas. I've also got 3 turkey eggs that go in lockdown Sunday for a planned CHRISTMAS hatch!!! :bun:jumpy:yesss: :fl Edited: 59 quailies & 12 guineas...
  5. Pennys Mama

    Fertile, developing, scrambled, or dud? Chicken, quail & turkey eggs!

    I'm looking to y'alls expertise to help me eliminate some of these eggs, & clean out the incubators so I don't have any explosions along the way. @Kiki @muddy75 @FortCluck @Nabiki @R2elk @007Sean @BantyChooks @KDOGG331 & all BYC candling experts!
  6. Quail_Kid

    Quail Hatch-A-Long

    Time For A Quail Hatch-A-Long! 1. Put your eggs in the incubator on Tuesday 10/29/19 2. If you have any other species (chickens,ducks,turkeys,etc.) then put them in the incubator to match up with Sunday 11/17/19 (the hatch day) 3. Have fun!!!:thumbsup see the notes...
  7. Muscovy Wunda

    October-hatch-along 2019

    Hey all! So I can't believe no ones started this thread yet so I thought I would! I know the northern hemispheres heading into Autumn/fall/winter so things are getting quiter on the hatch front, but there's surely plenty of us southerners heading into spring to hatch!
  8. heavenzeyes

    Slow Hatchlings

    I have a mixed breed incubation goin on, it's now day 22.5, almost 48hrs ago my 1st chic hatched & is practically dry. 6hrs ago I had another hatch & is still wet. I have 3 that have pipped and are showing small signs of starting the zip process. Can I remove the dry chic to the brooder now...
  9. B

    Help, I hear the chick inside of the egg but it won't externally pip

    So yesterday at about dinner time i heard the egg chipring ever so slightly. I thought wow it's finally hatching! There is no external pip yet, but it sounds strong (It's been 14 hours since i first heard it). I dont now what to do so if anybody knows what to do, or if this is normal?
  10. Justy0

    Quail Spring Hatch a long!

    I just put 6 of my Coturnix quail's eggs into the bator today. Last year I tried with 24 shipped eggs and only got 1 hatch. But this year I am pretty excited to have my own quails laying fertile eggs!!! Not sure how high the fertility rates are but we shall find out! I also have a friend who...
  11. Farmer Connie

    HAL HAL Contest #3: Autumn Poultry Photo Contest

    Autumn Poultry Photo Contest Halloween Hatch-a-Long 2018 Images by autumnhearth Is photography your thing? Do you have some beautiful autumn scenery to show off? Start flipping through those picture albums and show us some of your best pictures of poultry that have a sense of fall about...
  12. Farmer Connie

    Halloween Hatch-A-Long 2018

    IT'S OCTOBER! IT'S TIME FOR THE ANNUAL HALLOWEEN HATCH-A-LONG! GET READY BOY'S & GIRL'S! Please reference this First Post periodically for updates & contest announcement etc. Prepare for two things! Be ready to set Chicken Eggs by the 10th or no later than the 11th. Other types (dates)...
  13. Ms Biddy

    October Hatch-A-Long?

    Will anyone be hatching eggs in October? I have a local breeder collecting some Hmong eggs for me this week, I'm collecting a few F1 Olive Egger eggs from my own flock, and then I "accidentally" won some Bresse eggs at auction and I've never incubated shipped eggs before. So, basically I'm...
  14. JBerman21

    Hatch a thon 2018

    We have had the best luck with hatching shipped eggs this year! Anyone else still going? We have our White Breese and Blue black splash maran hatching today! We also had coturnix quail hatch 2 days a go and 5 days a go naked necks and mottled orpingtons
  15. AshleyNicole06

    Has anyone tried this incubator?

    Im looking at incubators to try to hatch a few eggs... Has anyone tried this one??
  16. C

    AirSac Trouble HELP!

    I recently bought 7 fert eggs for my broody hen and when i went to candle them on day 4, my Super Blue egg layer egg's air sac was detached and covering the fetus later that day my hen smashed that egg( Shes a new momma) aswell as two other eggs( both unfertile). On day 8, today, i checked one...
  17. Knighstar679

    From eggs to ducklings

    Welcome to a journal of my Welsh Harlequin eggs. I will take photos of some of the eggs as they grow and go along but not all of them as I set 32. That's just too many to put on here. So I will pick a few eggs when I candle and put them all up. It is important to note that these will be my...
  18. Orpingtons43

    From eggs to Adults

    Hello guys I’m going to be incubating 12 Standard sized Easter Egger eggs I recieved in the mail! I’m also POSSIBLY going to hatch 3 EE bantam mixed eggs (from my own flock) too! I thought it’d be fun to show you guys the development of all the eggs! I will be putting them in the incubator...
  19. Clucklandia


    :yaHello everyone! Thank you for looking at this thread. I had so much trouble with my last 4 incubations. Never hatched once.:hit I found out my incubator was TERRIBLE. Giving wrong temps, and humidity, broken thermometer, and a power shortage. I now got a new, custom incubator! (Read my last...
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