1. Sacri

    what to do with the babies??

    We have a broody chicken so I got some fertilized eggs for her to sit on. Since she will be hatching these and they are not coming out of an incubator can I leave them in the coop/pasture with her or do I need to separate? If I need to separate do I bring momma with? Also, They are up in a...
  2. Paintgirl427

    Let’s see those BABY PICS ❤️❤️

    Woke up to this new little bean in the bator this morning ❤️ . Let’s see your babies !!!! 😍😍😍
  3. 20191228_201657


    Evangeline taking a nap
  4. isabellaaddison

    FOUND 8 Muscovy duck eggs! 2 are turning dark need advice please.

    My favorite muscovy duck was killed by a raccoon close to my front yard. I was thinking about it, wondering why she was always hanging out by the front of my house and not by the water. I thought maybe she had a nest. Sure enough, I took a look around and found her nest. I recovered 8 eggs in...
  5. PincoPoultry

    Lavender Guinea Hen keets for sale (Brooksville Florida)

    I have 4 Lavendar Guinea hen keets available hatched 6/21/19. Asking $5.00 a baby. Located in Brooksville Florida.
  6. Chickycammy

    Vinegar water in the incubator: update post

    So I did it! I took my cousin's advice and used a cap full of white vinegar in my incubator. I put 7 eggs in for a test run and I'm happy to say I've had better hatching results then with purified water. 5 out of my 7 hatched! 3 of those chicks were from my 4 year old golden comet that hasn't...
  7. BeccaV

    Protect mother and ducklings?

    Hi everyone. I'm going to try and sum this up quickly. I'm fairly new to this and any advice would be extremely helpful. We live next to the neighborhood pond in a one street subdivision. Its in the middle of a bunch of canefields and woods. So there are coyotes and raccoons etc. Over the years...
  8. aliciaFarmer

    When to remove the "bad eggs"

    I had previously posted that my 5 month old Buff Orpington went broody just a few weeks after she started laying. I ended up purchasing 3 fertile eggs because my boys aren't old enough to facilitate such things just yet and received four eggs. I was pretty sure two were not viable but don't have...
  9. M

    Is it alright to hold new babies, with a protective mother?

    My female duck just recently hatched some ducklings. She has been extremely broody during the whole process, and isn’t that fond of interaction with people as it is. I would like to hold the ducklings and get them used to being around people, so that they are a bit friendlier than she is once...
  10. DawsonsPeep

    Looking for Olive Egger Hatchlings, Marans - Ship or in Northern COLORADO

    I'm looking for a reputable breeder to purchase 2 Olive Egger, a dark egg producing Marans, and either an Isbar or a blue EE HEN hatchlings. I'm only looking for layers. So far, I haven't had much luck thru Google or Craigslist. Local would be better but I may pay to ship if they have what I'm...
  11. Englishable

    First duck hatch!

    After two years with chickens and guineas, we added ducks and geese last year. We have 5 female Rouens, two males, and a breeding pair of French Toulouse geese. About a month ago, 4 of the five Rouens and our female goose went broody and they've been sitting consistently on their eggs since. I...
  12. K

    Probiotics for chickens?

    Getting my first chicks this weekend. I'm a little concerned though because I will like to avoid medicated chick feed. I'm not sure how to proceed. Looked into apple cider vinegar. And I found this site www.flockvitality.com Does anyone have experience with it? Any help would be appreciated...
  13. WolfGirlMagic

    Anyone in Arizona with young ducklings, maybe even chicks?

    I had a very difficult hatch, with only one surviving duckling. She is a day old. Anyone near Prescott, have young ducklings or chicks and are willing to part with one or two? She is very lonely, and it feels so cruel having her alone!:hit
  14. Willie84

    Having issues hatching under hens

    so lately I have had problems getting my broody hens to hatch eggs. I'm now thinking it's me not the birds. I have had 3 hatch out of 24 eggs. With two different hens. Are there any tips that someone can share to ensure I get a better hatch rate
  15. jabowery

    How Does One Package Hatchlings For Delivery Service

    I want to send some hatchlings to some friends. What is the best way to package them and what service is best?
  16. forfelyx

    Chabo Silkie Cross

    Hiya! I'm excited to announce that my dear silkie hen Malf has successfully hatched four beautiful chicks. The father is a young Chabo (Japanese Bantam) roo we call Solaire. The little crosses all appear healthy and happy, but I had a question. The first three eggs all hatched right on time, all...
  17. M

    Is the baby duck OK outside?

    Hello! I just had my first duckling hatch ever after having ducks for years, its a Peking / khaki Campbell mix, and only one out of the whole nest hatched today. The mom is a khaki and she's been very good at sitting on the nest all month and it seems like she's taking good care of the baby, but...
  18. tomwinfl

    (Somewhat) unexpected hatchlings

    Our broody hen has some hatchlings! They're a cross from a Rhode Island Red rooster and Golden Comet hens. We're not sure what to do; they're in a nesting box 4 feet off the ground, and there are several more eggs to hatch yet. Should we try to move mom, eggs and chicks to an empty coop, or to...
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