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  1. Kimmyh51

    Respiratory symptoms video attached anyone had ducklings/chicks like this?

    Video (please ensure sound is up) Sorry you can’t see much,it would have disturbed them to shine a torch on them to light up the ducklings more (my lights are on inside but their container is in shadows) but to be isnt there isn’t much to see, it’s what you can hear. The duckling is in the...
  2. hhouck514

    How can I encourage broodiness quick?

    I know this is the opposite of what most people would want, but I need a broody hen soon...Let me explain: At our county Fair, there are some awesome chicken hatching eggs that someone has offered to me. It will be too late to order an incubator, so I need a broody hen. How long can I leave the...
  3. N

    Chicken ill - help!!

    One of my Reds has a slightly swollen eye and is keeping it closed. She wants to be by herself, is losing her appetite, has developed a mild twitch, and is very lethargic. Can anyone offer help.
  4. Clucklandia


    :yaHello everyone! Thank you for looking at this thread. I had so much trouble with my last 4 incubations. Never hatched once.:hit I found out my incubator was TERRIBLE. Giving wrong temps, and humidity, broken thermometer, and a power shortage. I now got a new, custom incubator! (Read my last...
  5. N

    New member who needs help

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am new to chicks and I got them four weeks ago from baystate Pet and Garden Supply. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 8 babys of all different breeds. (3) What breeds do you have? A silver laced wyandotte A Road...
  6. GeoGreyWolf

    My Duck Story so far... Help Needed

    Hello all I am new to the site. Figured I would tell my luck on raising ducks. About three years ago, my wife and I got 2 Peking ducks to raise (she has raised ducks prior, me never). We had a success with them and let them free range in our backyard, one night something dug under the...
  7. Mazooky


    My button quail chick is three days old now, he can't walk he just lies there on the floor sometimes he'd kick his legs but he just won't walk. help!!!
  8. IslaBean


    I am in desperaate nead of help. I recently found my six month old easter egger pullet with a cracked and bleeding beak. The past week she had been acting very timid of people. I'm not sure if this is at all related to the beak. I think this just happened because I would have had to notice her...
  9. SweetE

    Being hen pecked!

    my girl is just laying down letting them peck her! Why doesn't she get tough and fight back?! I don't know why she's at the bottom but she's been bald for months now. What should I do? I want her to be pretty again and left alone. Otherwise she's healthy and a good layer. Any ideas why her skins...
  10. mEGGieS

    What Breed?

    Hello, So I purchased a mix batch of standard and heritage poultry from Rochester Hatchery (AB, Canada) ... now I don't know what some of them are. I know there are some RIR, but I'm having a hard time differentiating them from the Red Sussex X. I have marked the ones I know for sure I do or...
  11. J.D

    Buff Orps and mud...

    Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice. I've been hoping to add some buff Orpington's to my little flock, but I'm a little concerned about the typical British weather. I have quite a big hen pen but when it rains it can get a little boggy in places. Would this be an issue with Orps? There is...
  12. Farmer In Training


    Okay so, I have this silkie hen and this silkie serama rooster. I just bought the silkie hen, and she is separated from my other large chicken flock and by herself. She just started laying eggs and stays in the brooder box with no heat lamp but it moved every evening to the duck pen right...
  13. WillGriffin03

    Chicken with one eye closed

    Hi, My Cream legbar keeps having her eye closed, it's been like this for 24 hours and I don't know what to do, do I take her to the vet? Keep her in solitary? Eye drops? How on earth did she get this? I'm really worried as I need to breed with her! Please help ASAP!
  14. CourtCalee

    Baby Cayuga's Dying Off

    Hi All, I am desperately looking for help. We have (had) three Cayuga Ducklings, about 4 months old now. We recently moved them outside with some older but not mature ducks of ours and they were doing great. Well, we went outside Saturday morning to find one of them all but dead, she wouldn't...
  15. Farmer In Training

    Dry Hatch Or Normal Hatch?

    Dry Hatch Or Normal Hatch?????? *HELP!* Okay. So I have heard a lot about hatching and incubating, and I am going to start incubating my own chickens eggs after doing a fertile test with five and seeing that all five are fertile. Anyways, I have a magicfly mini with automatic turner, (It can...
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